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Film Convert Is Dead!

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It also works great with camera like the Sony a7 or the T3i which have issues like moire and aliasing, the grain often helps hide those issues in my experience.

To each their own really. But there are some technical benefits to adding grain, like how it can sometimes help prevent blockiness and banding from youtube/vimeo compression

Film grain is best when used after denoising an image. Anytime I use Neat Video to reduce noise I'll add a layer of grain. Otherwise it looks like plastic. Noise/grain at low ISO's are fine but when y

Personally, I've stopped using Film Grain & especially if i'm uploading to Vimeo or YouTube - you've got to layer it so heavy, for those platforms, that in the end it kinda looks worse than if you left it alone. But, there is a time and a place to use it, and it can look really nice, but not really on V or YT.

It's an interesting topic because recently there's a guy over at BMCuser that is designing his own film grain. My only problem with this guy's efforts is that he's using the BM Pocket & to my eye, when you lift under exposed footage from it, the pocket produces very nice organic grain type noise. So i've been experimenting with doing exactly that, but the only problem comes when shooting in daylight/brightly lit scenarios - it's hard to get a consistant noise that will match dark scenarios. And so the experiment continues.....

To use or not use, it's totally your choice in the end. BUT if you're using an 8-bit codec, you really need to stop using c-log or whatever & try to get as much right in-camera as possible - then you'll only need to do minor CC & your image won't fall apart like a soppy burger on a friday night.....

One last thing: Film Convert is amazing for everything else, especially how it renders highlight/shadow roll off

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