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Andrew Reid

All aboard the Juice Train, an anamorphic train journey from Florida to New York

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Check out more of Andrew Wonder's work here

Here director, cinematographer and DSLR user Andrew Wonder talks to EOSHD about his latest anamorphic spot for G.E.

The technology behind the shoot is rather interesting. Two Sony F3 cameras mounted on the front of the train, remotely controlled and recording to e-sata drives in the control carriage, kitted out with Joe Dunton / Panavision anamorphic lenses from London.

Joe Dunton is a British Bafta winning camera equipment guy who has always held a great fascination with anamorphic lenses, and was one of Stanley Kubrick's closest collaborators after A Clockwork Orange in the 70's and provided Kubrick with his lenses on Eyes Wide Shut.

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I've never understood this project. Wonder says that he wanted to use a scale not available to the everyday shooter and thusly chose anamorphic lenses on f3's, yet this "scale " is all but completely destroyed by an overly complicated graphical overlay, and time-mapping done in way that made it feel like a cheap gimmick. It's mentioned that a goal of the piece was to show the scale of this iconic train, yet the blurbs displayed are of such a cursory and superficial nature - they are also next to impossible to read amid the visual clutter.

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