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A7SII battery issue


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when my a7sII is shut off, the battery goes down not so slowly : i've measured 13% off every 24 hours... Shut OFF... I mean without using it... It was 100% yesterday... And it is 87% today at the same hour one day after...


this is not the first time i check this phenomenon with the a7sII... But this time i've officialy measured it...


am i the only one with this major issue ? This is insane !!!! Firmware is the last to date. Only sony genuine batteries.

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Just now, norliss said:

I've noticed the a6000 also seems to drain pretty fast when not in use. I've turned off the wifi but not sure what else I can do to stop it. This surely can't be normal/acceptable?

Take the battery out of the camera when storing it?

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Just now, Nicolas MAILLET said:

This is not normal... The consumption is very high (when it is shut off... lol...) Of course i can get it out when not shooting... But this is totally crazy...

Is Sony aware of this problem ? Do we have to ask them in person ?

Maybe it's doing something using the battery - maintanance or something less desirable, calling home perhaps - or maybe you've put it through a few shallow cycles and the computer is getting confused, but assuming the worst (for your battery's health) and it is being drained, then you should not store your battery in the camera because being left drained is a killer for those expensive official sony batteries. It might be that your camera is smart and trying to maximise the life of your batteries by draining them to 60% and holding them there.

Try the following - store it for 24h with 60% charge, see if it drains then, store it for 24h with no access to any wifi networks, see if it drains then, store it for 24h with the battery out of the camera, see if it still drains, run it through four or five full discharge cycles, then store it in the camera at 60%, see if it still drains. If after all those tests, it is still coming up as undesirable behaviour from the camera, then you already have the solution - take the 5 seconds or so to remove the battery before storage, and the 5 seconds to put it back when you retrieve your camera. Store the battery on top of the camera so you literally can't forget it.

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I have noticed this same issue with the a7Sii... a bit annoying (I honestly refuse to remove a battery every time or put it back in every time I want to use a camera; wouldn't call that a solution)

But what I have just noticed today is that after being stored for maybe a month without use and the batteries NOT in the camera, the Sony batteries were at about 80% charge while the "off brand" Watson batteries (B-4228) were at 100%. They were all fully charged when put away. I have not done a test to see if the Watson batteries a.) discharge more slowly while in the camera and camera is off or b.) last the same amount of time or less time with continuous usage (although Watson are said to be 1100mAh and Sony 1020 mAh... slightly different voltages)

Will try to see if the Watson batteries drain less in camera than the Sonys...

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Heard about this issue prior to buying the a7sii but considered it the lesser of numerous issues that had been reported concerning this camera (and Sony mirrorless cameras in general). Yes, they do discharge but not a biggie if you buy enough spare batteries to cover whatever kind of filming you do. 

Sad that I, and others, just shrug our shoulders and part with thousands in the process but Sony are infamous for their disdain for customers - from the PlayStation hack years back to the appalling customer service as per Matt Granger's parting salvo.

Still a cracking camera though :)

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