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5D Mark 3 Raw in 2016?

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Well the A7S colour weaknesses are sadly all too clear in that clip. Noisy, compressed, inaccurate, thin and dreadful on the Rec.709 conversion, only the custom LUT (with a lot of expertise efforts) c

Yesterday i took my 5d3 to the airfield to test the recently added new S16 crop feature. Correct framing and fluid live view (two the most important improvements) are just essential to shoot fast movi

Never lost a frame.

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3 minutes ago, Mattias Burling said:

Never seen it, but if its fixed no prob.

Yeah, it was a weird one, didn't appear to affect everybody's 5D's. a1ex didn't have a problem with his. He probably thought we were on acid :heart_eyes:

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21 hours ago, jase said:

Sorry for digging, but which resolution allows continuous recording in 50/60p currently with ML? I have seen quite some recent progress with the desquashed pixels, but I am not involved deeply enough to understand it completely...

Everything is here : https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=6215.0

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1 minute ago, jase said:

Ty, wasnt sure if this table is still up to date, especially with those recent achievements. so 1920x672 continous, without desquashing pixels. This camera is so tempting.

If you think data is not relevant, you can add comment to help others modify it ;) (The data is still relevant for my 50D, but i don't know about the other cameras)

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