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ISCORAMA 42 MC For Sale..


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After long deliberations with myself I decided to let my ISCORAMA 42 MC go, because freelance life can get a bit tough in winter months, especially with the tax payments here in UK.

The lens is in near new condition, probably one of the best you’ll ever come across. Body has almost no signs of use. Focus ring and all the markings have no visible wear.

There are NO scratches, marks, haze or fungus outside or inside the optics. As with every vintage lens there are a few tiny dust specs inside. They won’t affect the image quality in the any way and most people wouldn’t even mention them, but I want to be as honest as possible.

Focusing ring is super smooth, feels like new. Many ISCORAMAs 42 do not have the rubber grip on the alignment ring. This one has and it also has no visible wear.

The lens comes with front and back caps, 82mm skylight filter (which was protecting the front element from scratches) and 82mm to 77mm step-down ring.

I’ve recently added a seamless “compression fit” follow focus gear to this lens (I've added a few updated pics), which will also be including as part of the sale.

I’m looking to get £2500 for this lens. I’m hoping to sell it locally (London, UK) but will considering sending it anywhere. Shipping and paypal/currency conversion fees to be paid by the buyer.

Another one of these was sold for a similar price on ebay just a few days ago and it wasn’t in such conditions, so I believe I’m offering it at quite a good price.

I absolutely love this lens and will be posting my review online soon, but I do not want to do it just yet because I don’t people to think I’m being biased just to sell the lens.

I know that I'm a newbie on this forum, but I've been a long time reader and I'm quite active online in general, so people like Tito and hopefully a few others could certainly vouch for me.

Oh and here are 2 test videos I shot with this lens so far.




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