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  1. Oh man, I have been hunting for one of these (as I'm sure other folks have)
  2. I assume this sold? Can't tell if you ended the ebay sale or if it actually sold. Let me know!
  3. One of the better bits of GH4 footage I've seen. Well done. - Andy
  4. Alright- That's helpful to hear. I've been debating hard about selling my 5D3 and getting the GH4 once the EF Speedbooster arrives. This hardware hack rumor has been getting in my head, though. Of course, keeping both is an attractive option, too. I'm looking forward to shooting with the GH4 in a couple weeks and trying out some filtration to see what effect I can get with close ups on actors. I love the sharpness, but am worried about too much detail on close ups. GH4 seems like one of the best nature-shooting cams I've seen. I'm about to start a project that's all nature footage and I can't imagine a better cam. 5D3 for timelapse of stars, GH4 for giant redwood and ocean vistas... Mmmmm....
  5. My two guesses about June 3rd are: 1) Speedbooster allowing EF lenses. This seems realistic, but I do have one other thing I want to hear about... 2) The mysterious 5D Mark III Hardware Hack that was rumored a while back. This is almost certainly not the case, but a fella can dream! http://www.slrlounge.com/latest-canon-rumors-tease-5d-mark-iii-hardware-hacks-dual-iso-af-7d-mark-ii
  6. www.filmandy.com

  7.   I would love to see solid coverage of this. I am a working DP and have been shooting mostly with the Epic over the last couple of years, but I own a 7D and having a RAW output on a Super-35 sensor seems tremendously exciting to me. The Mark III is obviously the king of the Magic Lantern hacks, but having a sensor this size makes me excited for handheld dialogue work (pulling focus on moving actors with full frame is a nightmare).   That's my 2 cents.  - Andy
  8.   This is the combo I'm salivating for. There isn't enough Kineraw footage out there for me to have strong feelings and the stuff that is out there always seems to have a strong green cast on it. That being said, this camera (like the Black Magic) is threatening to really change some things.    - Andy   _________________ www.filmandy.com
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