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ML Raw Workflow Suggestions


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Hey Guys,


Wondering if anyone who still shoots ML RAW would like to discuss and give suggestions on their workflow?  I've been shooting RAW on my 5d2 with a VAF for a while now, mainly for personal projects.  It's so much work but it's fun for me because there's so much more to play with.  It's intimidating, but that's why I only use it for my own projects, not for any of the freelance work I do.  Right now, I've been using MLRawViewer to view files, and cr2hdr to export to .dng files.  I don't use Resolve, so my workflow is importing each sequence into AE where I grade/apply LUTs, export to ProRes and edit in Premiere.  It's a pain, because once I start sequencing together I notice the subtle differences in the grades.  Then I have to go back to the clips in AE and re-export.  Is there any way to speed this process up?  I tried using dynamic link to edit my first test below, but playback in Premiere with a ton of linked sequences was almost impossible.  Also, what LUTs would you guys recommend?  I've been using visioncolor and they seem to be pretty nice.  I just have a hard time being consistent with my grade when I have to go back to ACR and make subtle tweaks (not knowing what the result will be once the LUT is applied).


Thanks for any help!


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what i do :


- MLRAWviewer to convert MLV into CDNG or Prores. Be careful to adjust the color temperature when doing Prores

- Then almost do the entire job in Resolve. I used to do almost the same workflow than yours before knowing Resolve.... But you know what, Resolve is kicking ass !!! You can pretty do all that you want into it. But the most interesting thing you have into it is to edit in 32 bits... And it is fast !!! Faster than AE with lightoom etc... I love waveforms in Resolve 12, with parade you can adjust the picture as you want. it is not really complicated to learn. Some basis and the picture is ok. Qualifying then, a bit harder but nothing too harsh...

- Deliver the files uncompressed 10 bits with resolve

- Make the post effects in AE : stabilisation, keying, denoise, compositing... as i don't have a full version of Resolve. Maybe there is a way to stabilise with Resolve...

- Deliver the final project.


This is what i do. Maybe not the best method, but this is the one that fits me well.

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Resolve is pretty much the daddy for the heavy lifting of raw, now it is a much more capable editor too. Also I highly recommend Assimilate Scratch Play - for reviewing MLV/raw rushes in real time, it's a great way to minimize transcodes, as you can quickly flag the takes that you want to discard rather than send a card load of files to batch convert: http://www.assimilateinc.com/products/scratch-play/

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MLraw Viewer, Export to Pro Res Flat, edit in premiere, color in looks or resolve, export. 

The files converted to Pro Res still absolutely destroy the H264. The added work flow doesn't really seem needed for most projects. It is nice to be able to view and store the footage in an easy and convenient way...

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Much Resolve love!  I might have to give it a try.  The thing is, I have a hackintosh that I can't update past 10.7.4 (I'm scared to touch the thing, because if I mess something up I most likely won't be able to fix it).  Can I use an older version of Resolve that will work with the specs below?  Maybe Resolve 9, will that be good enough?

Also, I originally planned on exporting to ProRes, but when I use MlRaw Viewer I get these nasty highlights that I don't get when using crd2hdr.  Am I doing something wrong?


Thanks again guys!




Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.53.03 PM.png

+1 for using Resolve!

There is also this program called MLVFS which "virtually" encodes your MLV files into cDNG.
This way you don't even need to convert the MLV files and can thus save some harddisk space.
Here is a how to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr2pT5mrn8Q


I looked into this!  I can install it fine, but unfortunately it won't run?  I think it's because of that fact that at I'm on 10.7.4

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You know what i tried Resolve 9 and 11 by the past and didn't like it at all... In the 12th version, don't know why, i can use it flawless... Everything is clear, waveforms and parade by the hand in a second, UI perfectly clear and simple.

And the editor is just at least as good as premiere (from what i can remember...). After a long period doing everything in AE (editing, compositing and grading) i switched to Resolve 12 and wow...

Give it a try, just watch some simple tutos just to get in mind the main features and i think you'll love it. With RAW files from 5D serie, it's beautiful hot the DNG are easy to work with. And the export is just simple too, clear and simple. EFFICIENCY !!!!!

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