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Monitors for 2x and 1.5x stretch preview


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Just want to update about the the NEWAY CL76HO-X. Although it has custom aspect ratio settings, but the settings are very limited and couldn't enable 2x desqueezed images.


I have the Zacuto EVF Pro which is great but the screen is too small for anamorphic viewing :/

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I see, well in my case I want to see that it works as advertised, and as it shows in the menu. I spent a good chunk of money on this evf, and I expect it to function as needed. 


I'm beginning to wonder if the DP4 would do me better. Only issue is that I'll have to get an HDMI-SDI converter to run this with my BMCC. But I don't want to have to go this route.

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Have any other options become available since the last posts? I'm still using my AC7 which is great, but it's huge on my 5D3 and goes through my batteries pretty fast.


I can also confirm that there is no anamorphic monitoring on the Ninja Blade. I've emailed them to see if they could include this in the next firmware update.


EDIT: Atomos just responded:


I'm not aware of any plans to implement this feature, but I can definitely pass it on as a feature request. I can definitely see how this would be useful... I'll log it and we'll discuss it in our next meeting.

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  • 7 months later...

Unfortunately the GH4 as of the new update doesn't export out through the HDMI in the Anamorphic mode.    I hope they fix this in the next firmware and add V-log 


You must set the camera to 10bit to enable 4:3 over HDMI whitch disables internal recording.

At the moment Atomos Shogun is the only way to go with the GH4.

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