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  1. You sure.....https://www.repaire.net/forums/articles/sony-alpha-7s-iii-dual-iso-pas-vraiment.1081/
  2. I think Fuji uses a Sony sensor, so it uses the same technology as that of the Aptina patent acquired by Sony. It's a dual gain as explained here : . https://www.photonstophotos.net/Aptina/DR-Pix_WhitePaper.pdf
  3. Yes ...In the case of a native dual ISO (Panasonic), the dynamics offered via each of the two native ISO concerned, is exactly the same ( "X" stops above the medium gray, "Y" stops below) I d'ont know ...
  4. Hello no dual ISO for the A7SIII ... a lot of wrong interpretation. Sony A7SIII is Dual ISO ? ... No surely ! https://www.photonstophotos.net/GeneralTopics/Sensors_&_Raw/Sony_A7S_DR-Pix_Read_Noise.htm
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