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  1. Isn't the problem with more than one exposure the inability to use it with any sort of movement in the frame? If your subject doesn't move or change, you already can do multiple exposures. The obvious solution is better dynamic range so you can capture better pictures in demanding constrasty situations.
  2. https://youtu.be/cE0_JhLsgPQ @fuzzynormal You mean this?
  3. Yet you are defending him like no other. Are you defending republican values? Conservative values? Or Trump values? Because they can intersect but are vastly different.
  4. Trump is the least Jesus like politician in the last decades.
  5. I doubt they will implement clog 2 or 3. Clog is good but doesn't have a lot of Dr.
  6. Or just... People anywhere with plenty of money in the bank.
  7. A new model just for better af video? Seems quiet a rumor.
  8. I'm not saying that everything Trump did was wrong simply because I don't agree with it. There are factual wrong decisions about climate change, about the coal industry, about the economic war with china and others that I don't agree with but don't benefit the majority of americans and the world. That's not a difference of opinion. And sure, we all disagree on several topics, but that's part of a democratic society. Yes, I believe that race was an important aspect about the disagreements with Obama but not all of it. He was elected two times. But the birth certificate proof and the argument of Obama being a muslim and that "he doesn't love our country" retoric is pretty dificult to defend. I agree with you that the us vs them attitude is moronic. I consider myself "agnostic" when it comes to politics and the lack of ability to join both sides and come to an agreement or compromise seems to be going away, which is undemocratic.
  9. I'm seeing a few good deals of smallhd monitors and Sigma art lenses but unfortunately it's not for me right now.
  10. Yes, there is a bias that looks at Trump and only sees what he does wrong, which is a lot! But do you remember the Obama years and Fox News? Everything was a tragedy from the "different" socialist communist tyrant president. It's both sides, it's not a left thing. And give me break, the U.S. doesn't have a left side of politics. It has a far right and right.
  11. Please, let's not turn this into a dick measuring contest between liberalism and conservativism in America. Different choices were made, let's hope for the best and stay safe everyone. No good will come from this bickering on Trump or "fake news".
  12. 5.5k or 8k raw. Hows that practical? Only for rich productions or people with plenty of time to deal with those files.
  13. Looks great. How's the s1 in shooting vlog in low light? I'm still on the a7s ii and shoot slog2 in low light but i always overexpose to get a clean image. Is that necessary on the s1 or you can expose how you want for the final image?
  14. 8k in a prosumer photography camera should give us heavily compressed files very easy for our computers to edit...
  15. I hate to be the bearer of negativity but it will be hard to focus on what is important when our society is stopping to a mandatory quarantine and the majority of our society will face a big economic challenge in the next months.
  16. I have no idea. Better contact atomos. Via instagram or facebook they're usually fast to respond. By email not so much.
  17. Also... Worst day of the stock market since 1987. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/12/business/stock-market-today.html
  18. Lol, you seriously believe this? The only country? You americans trully live in another world. Your president just had dinner with an infected minister from Brazil. Good luck.
  19. I'm already feeling the blow. First job cancelled that was due next week. Pretty much every job I had planned is now delayed or cancelled. Basic corporate stuff.
  20. Had a plustek film scanner and while it delivered great IQ, it was just too slow. I ended up selling it and sticking with digital for now. For 35mm I'm perfectly happy with digital.
  21. I'm not saying that. My experience is with commercials, where most dp's I worked with had their own easyrig, monitor and filters. Everything else they rent on case by case basis. No, they're not always with the easyrig. No even close. But some jobs, when handheld is the aesthetic, they use their own thing. That's it. And I said young dp's in my first post.
  22. That usually comes with the job or are tools to get it. I never seen people charging specifically for that. It's part of the application to have a moodboard, text explaining your ideas and other ways you find usefull, in order to get to the production part of it. The storyboard comes when you get the gig, in my experience. It's just something you need to do in order to get the job. Sometimes you don't and that sucks.
  23. They will often rent their gear ( easyrig, monitors, filters, etc ) to the production for a better price. As those are tools that are used regularly. It's familiar to the dp who can get more money with the gear and it's cheaper for the production. win win.
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