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  1. Is it still worth buying a GH5 right now (~€1300) or is it better to wait for the GH6?
  2. The EOS M doesn't have any added hotshoe contact (data) pins, so either won't work.
  3. Have already had sd cards fail on me (SanDisk extreme pro). Most of the time just some corrupted images but also a whole card. For wedding I would always use dual cards. Other less critical events, things you can reshoot or backup on site, one card is fine. Never had a camera generating corrupt files on both cards (unless a single battery dies). Does not frequently happen (at least with Canon) I think.
  4. Are you sure you can record with HDMI for longer than 30min? With the M50, the sleep timer has a max setting of 30min, so no unlimited recording!
  5. Are you sure it's 10-bit? People online are saying 8-bit 4:2:2. That would be the same as the M50, but with clean hdmi added. Indeed strange about the 24p 1080p. At least the M50 still has that in NTSC (in PAL already removed). Somehow with SL3/250D PAL has 24p completely removed and only 25p in 4k and 1080p. Guess the chipset can only handle 25fps 4k max? But why remove the 1080p modes? Maybe Magic Lantern to the rescue some day...
  6. The VILTROX EF-M2 is cheaper, but it will be optically not as good as the Metabones. And since quality control is lacking, you might even get a really bad one. You can also buy the VILTROX EF-M1, which is the same but without the focal reducer. Let's you control the aperture and do AF without loss in optical quality.
  7. They discharge at the same time as they are just connected in series to get the 14,4V needed (2x7,4V). You should change them at the same time and only use equally charged (and same capacity) batteries together. Guess the only advantage is that F970 batteries are cheaper than V-mount batteries and some people might have already lots of them.
  8. Have one and works fine, but the F970 batteries are not hot swappable as they are internally connected in series. Disconnect one and the rig loses power.
  9. Bought a used 5D3 with low shutter count (<40k) for €899 incl tax with 1 year warranty in a dutch camera shop. So it is possible to find a 5D3 below $1000 if you are patiently. Still looking for a workhorse camera for wedding video around max $1500 with a digital film look. Unfortunately a used C100 (ii) is still too expensive. Maybe a GH5, but worry about AF and low-light performance for wedding. Anyone an idea for a good wedding video camera around this budget?
  10. New screen needs new drivers in firmware. If you would downgrade a new screen bmpcc4k to older firmware the screen would stop functioning. Therefore they block firmware downgrade?
  11. My guess is he took the screen from the BMPCC4K out of the casing and it's still connected with it's ribbon cable to the main pcb. Nice mod by the way! Looking really professional.
  12. That would be just as illegal as downloading it from a torrent. The torrent at least is free if you're going the illegal way.
  13. Magic Lantern will unlock the M50's true (RAW) power and it and all EF-M lenses will get a second life
  14. If you want to switch from Adobe, here is my list. Lightroom -> On1 Photo Raw, Luminar, Capture One Photoshop -> Affinitiy Photo Premiere Pro -> Davinci Resolve Illustrator -> Affinity Designer InDesign -> Affinity Publisher (beta)
  15. Indeed. Big, heavy and expensive lenses and only small & light amateur body. They better had released some lighter and cheaper lenses first.
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