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  1. On 2/15/2019 at 1:22 AM, Andrew Reid said:

    Huge by what standards? Tiny by video standards. Smaller than even an FS5.

    For something that sits between the Panasonic GH5 and 1D X Mark II in size and weight terms it's not "HUGE"!

    Sigma will release their ART lenses for L-mount and there will also be an EF adapter.

    Problem solved.

    L-mount makes for a very adaptable system as I am finding with my Leica SL which I enjoy immensely and I don't own a single full frame Leica SL lens (just the small 23mm F2 APS-C).

    The Panasonic lenses are expensive because they are pro lenses. Canon, Sony, same pricing.

    Yes it would be nice to have some more affordable primes and better AF - for sure.

    On the S1R the 4K/60p is full frame.

    On the S1 it's a 1:1 readout Super 35mm. Nobody complains the 4K/60p on the X-T3 is "only" Super 35mm! (Actually a bit more cropped, around 1.7x).

    I admit this is the main area for improvement, but there's a lot of cinema shot in manual focus, to say the least... Maybe we are just being lazy, demanding AF all the time for video.

    I found it pretty organic looking, with superb colour. I still have the original 4K files on my card. Maybe I should show them in a follow-up post. Also the low-light performance was outstanding.

    You show me the perfect camera!!

    Well if you are comparing to the gh5s, it looks worse, better then sony, but would be lovely if the colors and highlight roll off are up to the gh5s level, and if panasonic can give us 400mbps all i and turn off the in camera noise reduction, it will be pretty great. and yes, WE WOULD LOVE AN FOLLOW UP POST WITH MORE FOOTAGE, most people shot in cinelike d with horrible colors, so it would be great to see some more footage shot in standard color profile or natural color profile.

  2. 15 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    They won't be, it will be capped at 150Mbit 10bit internal and 60p will be external only, as you can see from your WEX info.

    NOO!!! c'mon can you please tell panasonic into releasing 400mbpbs all I codec for the v log updtae? that codec is so good for editing and color grading, it will be a shame if they don't include that codec. The 150mbps codec is going to be so compressed.

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