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  1. Has anyone tried the Fotodiox ND throttle adapter? I've only seen stuff for the Sony version. I'm not super interested in a speed booster but having a "built in ND" would be amazing. I'm really hoping Kipon releases a drop in ND adapter like they did for Sony E mount. That would super ideal to have electronic controls and the ability to remove the ND.
  2. I have already switched to FCPX. Absolutely love it. I haven't tried Affinity for my photos yet, but I'm tempted. I think that might be my next move. I'll just echo everyone and say we still need a good After Effect replacement. Honestly my After Effects work (mostly motion graphics and some VFX) is my big income. I'll have to look into what Main Frame is doing I guess.
  3. I love seeing this stuff. I've been waiting for some one to come up with a Canon EF – micro 4/3 variable ND adapter with electronics installed. That would be a game changer for me. A GH5 with "internal" ND.
  4. This is incredible, mate. Would be really incredible for Panasonic cameras, etc. I love this!
  5. Thanks for input and help @webrunner5 I am going to see what I can when I get State side. Leaving Thailand in about 20 hours so I'll pack it up and see what I can once I get there.
  6. Would a stretched cable require us to purchase an entirely new grip?
  7. Still getting nothing. I'm concerned I need to replace the grip. What are the chances of that? The organization I work for just purchased it last August, we take good care of it I can't imagine it already needing to be replaced, but I am at a loss. I currently live in Northern Thailand doing field work for my organization but I'm going to visit family in the States this month— maybe I can take it get serviced if needed?
  8. I did check the menu options and the REC button is enabled on both grip and body. Super bizarre.
  9. Hey folks, Like the title says my record trigger stopped working on my grip. The wheel and joystick still function properly just the record button won't work. Any ideas? The connection looks secure to me. It was working just a few days ago, then I took off the hand grip to pack it up and travel and now it's not working. Help!
  10. I just bought a GH5. I think it will still be a beast of a camera for quite some time, even if/when the GH6 comes out this would be a great b-cam I'm sure.
  11. Super interesting the option for micro 4/3 mount on it. Ala LS300 I'm assuming?
  12. A small body with all the things we want but a changing mount (L-Mount, EF, Micro 4/3) ala LS300
  13. Sent you a PM. Would you be interested in a trade? Not sure if that's allowed on here.
  14. Super bummed to hear it's L-Mount. I could care less for full frame, Micro 4/3 is spectacular especially for the small form factor. Super 35 is perfect for bigger productions. Full frame doesnt hold a place in my book.
  15. That footage is crispy. Very surprised. Looks great.
  16. I'm trying not to get my hopes up with the rumors about Panasonic dropping something May 31. But man, it would be awesome if they did.
  17. Not nearly as beautiful as that Patagonia piece. But we just got back from a weekend trip to Vietnam. Filmed on XT-3 F-Log, used the Eterna LUT. Canon 17-55 f/2.8 with Fringer adapter and a super cheap and ugly variable ND.
  18. @currensheldon I would 100% buy/pre-order do whatever to get a Fuji video camera. XLR inputs, internal NDs, timecode out, fat batteries.
  19. I feel like many of you would have the spec knowledge to answer my question; Would it be physically possible to fit a drop in ND filter on say a Fringer EF-X adapter? I know the Fringer works well with EF-S lenses and I know they have a longer back end then the regular EF lenses, so I wasn't sure if there would be physically enough space to add that. I love the Kipon drop in filter adapter for Sony, but man it would be so ideal to get the Fringer's electronics with a drop in filter.
  20. Honestly, this is pretty awesome. Definitely willing to drop some money for this.
  21. I personally shoot on a XT-3 and at work they have a C200. In the past I have shot on a GH5, A6300, and GX7. I've loved every camera. I've been tempted to get a EOS-R quite a few times– even over my XT-3. That EF-R variable ND adapter is so tempting. It seems like it does great at what it's capable of– definitely not the most spec'd out camera and maybe not even the most well designed camera, but I honestly think it can be a pretty useful tool. For me though, I'm sticking with the XT-3 for now. Would be pretty cool if they got external RAW on the EOS-R, would be even better if it came to the XT-3 (darn sensor).
  22. I love the adapter with the 18-35. It works fantastic. I haven't run into any major issues with it. AF is good, aperture control works, its great honestly. If it had IS in the lens it would never leave my camera.
  23. The most recent Fringer update that @thephoenix posted about, is honestly great. I am using my XT-3 with a Sigma 24-70 f2.8 OS and it's fantastic. The smooth video auto focus is amazing. Truly a dream set up.
  24. I have the EF-FX Adapter. Absolutely love it. However; I don't have the Tamron 24-70, I use the Canon 17-55 and the IS works great. Maybe it needs an update? I have heard that some of the Tamron glass doesn't interact well with it though.
  25. It looks like he is flying a GH5 possibly. Definitely has an Olympus lens on there, maybe the 12-40? EDIT: Or more likely the 7-14mm f/2.8...
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