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  1. 14 minutes ago, Sid said:

    @ thephoenix, generally on a forum, surely a person should behave as if they are in the living room of the host, especially with a non-corporate site like this one ?  Where is any satire in your attached video since this seems the actual tone of the post anyway ?  I mostly see people helping each other, so am genuinely confused by this.   :confused:

    Does It mean you can't tell him he's wrong to threat  people of beeing banned just because someone made a remark that wasn't even dissrespectfull ?

  2. i think i do contribute, i think nobody has to complain about me except you. feel free to check my numbers has you have access to all the datas. obviously you didn't.

    you just act like a cheap king on his small kingdom, your ego is really something. you're the kind of person that never admits he is wrong.

    keep threatening members of beeing expelled because they do not agree with your threats just like i did and you'll end up with only a few active members.

    i don't count so many active members on threads always the same 10 or 15 members, i guess that's enough for you being the king of a shrinking land.

    sorry not beeing a member of the cult that worships you, i am not a religious guy what can i say...

    you probably didn't even noticed people liked my answers to you when nobody liked yours... you should think about it, but obviously you can't.

    i won't be missed anyway this i know, and i also know i don't give a damn of your threats, i can live without this "forum" just as well as it can live without me

    this is you place, this is your kingdom, ok, keep threatening people like you did yesterday just for a simple sentence that wasn't that agressive if you think you're right.


    you're just a kid looking for fame and groupies that explains having "by andrew reid" everywhere here.

    so ban me, it's the best thing you can do to prove me right.

    in fact you're just losing it

  3. 25 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

    It is quite reasonable to wait until a camera is actually finished before wanting to see the footage from it. In terms of the specs, full frame 12bit Cinema DNG RAW in a very small stills camera is a revolution as far as I'm concerned and you should be welcoming Sigma for the first time to the video market. Another innovative manufacturer has joined the area of imaging you are most interested in, and all you can do is moan about not having any footage yet from a pre-beta firmware version.

    I put up with stupidity like this daily for 8 years. I am entitled to ask you to shut up. It's my forum. I also put up with almost daily hostile feelings from people who feel cross, one way or another. If you are complaining constantly it saps my energy and makes me want to do something else.

    I don't get to control when the footage gets published, it is quite reasonable for a camera company to decide that, not me.


    i'm not questionning your article but your answer.

    if you come to a point of saying to people "it's my forum" like a kid would say and thinking you are right to tell people to shut up because they don't share your point of view then maybe it's time to move on yes. same if you call them stupid for that. did i dare to call you stupid ??

    you should take a step back and think about what you would think if someone would answer the same way to you on another place just because you didn't share his point of view. if these are the human values you stand for then i feel sorry for you.

    i guess you're a bit worned out by these 8 years and this i can understand, the rest of your speach i just can't.


  4. 18 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    I'll tell you exactly why

    Sigma had the camera there with only the second firmware ever developed, pre-beta... More like an alpha copy of it. The image quality is far from final, and they dictate when they want to release the images, not me.

    Do you know when your driver's license gets full of points because you're reckless and have annoyed other road users - that's your forum license @DBounce - definitely one of the more annoying, rude and biased users I have to respond too on here. So be careful, as bad drivers get banned.

    does it mean we have to say amen to every word you say or every feedback you give ?

    because it sounds like it and that's a bit scary.

    you think this camera is good ? none have seen a footage and from what i see from the specs it is far from beeing a revolution from my point of view.

    it's a bit of a "terror" feeling here, don't agree with me and get banned ? sad if it is your thinking, but maybe the way you said it was just awkward.

    webrunner was a pain and was rude to many here, i don't recall you threatening him of a ban in the last monthes. maybe because he wasn't rude to you ? (well he banned himself since).

    you act a bit like red with you, tell things i don't like and i'll sue you. well...

    i don't find his question to be disrespectfull.

  5. 10 hours ago, keessie65 said:

    Is the free version good enough? do you use this? .. sorry to ask, newby about Resolve.

    free version is dope.

    i quit premiere a few monthes ago and don't regret it.

    you're finding more and more tuts on yt and more and more transitions packs (that was the weak point so far compared to premiere)

    only thing you won't be able to do is:

    import h265 files, i use shutterencoder to transcode them

    denoise and a few effects are for the paid version.

    let's say the free is 90% of the paid.

  6. hi

    i am looking for a story board app and software

    i am using android / win10

    would like to have the ability to work on story boards with my pc but beeing also able to edit them on my phone and of course print the boards

    some templates is a plus.

    does this exists ?

  7. 11 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

    8-16-24-26 and 31!

    Previous ones were so niche and sold so little that is a safe bet. As when I predicted that P6K thread will be a lot smaller than the P4K one, and it does..

    i miss one number, but if i win i'll buy you the fp ;)


  8. what lenses ?

    8 hours ago, BrunoCH said:

    @chadandreo I don’t do a lot. Just put input color space on FLog, and go back down highlights if they are too high with a curve or the log wheels or a ofx tone mapping and adjust the contrast and the WB. The picture is beautiful with beautiful skintone and blue sky and green vegetation and other colors too. You can still add a mood if you want.

    To understand how the RCM works, you have to read that https://www.provideocoalition.com/solutions-to-resolve-5-taming-color-management-part-1/

    About ND filters I use one or two ND 16 digital Hoya Pro filters.

    add this video that explains the advantage of rcm pretty well too


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