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  1. It is very lovely and the image is convincingly natural. I thought aliasing on the eos m only exist on line skipping video? Wondered about the use of variable nd on cctv lens (especially the pentax 6mm f1.2), does the whole element spin during focus? The footage is really nice and I can't see the effects of rolling shutter.
  2. very nice video! I think the highlight is a bit 'hot'?
  3. yes, and it is a full hdmi out lol, it however, when connected, will disable the screen on the eos m the hdmi out displays ML menus too. superb!
  4. I am happily using eos m with ML and a c mount lens ( originally for super 8 ), with RAW rercording in 4:3 ratio, 18fps, the live view works great with the correct ratio, frame rate. So it should work fine with 3x crop. Only the 4k/2.5k seems to have unusable liveview for me.
  5. The lens finally came by, doesnt seems to be parfocal (adapter seems great), but there is a knob behind the aperture ring where you can adjust the glass elements... Tried different positions but it just doesnt seems to work as a parfocal ...
  6. Sounds great! Will definitly try it! However, i do want to mention that movie crop mode has to be activated everytime upon turning the camera on... Does anyonw know the fix to this?
  7. thankyou very much! I will post my results here soon
  8. can you take a photo of your lens back? I want to compare it .... isn't this a c mount?
  9. Thanks for a swift reply! So helpful and such a nice video with the synth music. Can you tell me about the handling and experience with the lens? i.e. is it extremely big and bulky? What mount is it? did you said it was a leica R mount? And will the back part of the lens make it unusable? thanks again!!! https://www.foto-markt.de/bilder/2017/June/9ieli1a-DSC_0004.JPG It just seems impossible to mount.... isn't it?
  10. Thanks for everyone's useful information and sharing. I am looking to purchase a second-hand EOS M as a digital super8 that shoot vintage-looking footage (I can't afford shooting films!) I want to shoot in a maximum bitrate as possible and doesn't mind a 3x/5x crop/even in 720p as can use super8/super16 lenses for it (I won't shoot RAW video as it seems relatively unstable) However, I don't understand what exactly is the crop for the current ML update for EOS M max bitrate video recording, can someone please help? therefore I am struggling to choose a lens for this setup. I really wanted a vintage looking, manual zoom lens that is parfocal and relatively fast and can be mounted on the Eos M. Considering to mimic the super 8 film look, I am not looking for crazy reach or superior sharpness. @cantsin's Schneider Variogon 6-66mm/f1.8 Leica M mount lens & C mount Angenieux 8-64mm/f1.9 seems to be a great fit but I can't seems to find it, and I am not sure if the newer version ML can still shoot in the 5x crop with maximum bitrate/significant crop. Can someone using ML please tell me the crop in video and recommend some lens for me? are super 8/ super 16 lens good for the crop of ML new update? I am currently considering these lenses but I am not sure if it can be mounted/ the image circle can be used without a significant crop in post. SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON 7.5 - 37.5mm F1.8 CINE ZOOM LENS Pentax TV Zoom Lens 8-48mm 1:1.0 Auto-Iris TV Lens - C Mount Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon 1.8/9-30mm Schneider Objektiv Optivaron 6-66 Macro 1:1,8 Filmkamera 8mm Please correct me if I am wrong and I appreciate everybody's help and opinion!!! Thanks for everyone reading this!!!
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