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  1. this lens is a beast, shame that nx system die and u there no exist options to adapt to others mounts with diaf control or ibis.
  2. i think you have to explaind more about the project. The first things you can do is watch good documentaries, watch some docs from chris marker, herzog and others documentalist. other things you can do is to start filming sketch, get your camera to the locations to do a "camera block"(idk how it is on english but is basically just try shoots on the location). do your homework and investigate, do preview interviews to the characters from your interview before you shot.
  3. Hi, someone know about a cheap alternative for hdmi wireless transmitter with zero latency? I need it for a second monitor for focus assist and a 1000$-2000$ solution is not an option. Have you experience with cheap transmitters like j tech?
  4. what are the codec, bit, and bitrate options to shot with the xt-3 at 120fps? is possible to shot 120fps with h265 All intra 400mbps and 10bit? can you use an hdmi monitor with 30fps preview but record at 120fps?
  5. yea i used optimized media, but i got like 8% of my cpu, well i think for now there are no codec that use the gpu so effeclty
  6. Hi, i want to know what codecs are playback by gpu on premiere or resolve. i have to work with too mutch tracks and clips and i get lagged with my cpu at 100% and my gpus practically do nothing lol. i got an rx 570 8gb and a ryzen 5 1600, 16gb ram ddr4 and ssd storage for the cache and the files. any codec will increase performance and use the gpu would be apreciate.
  7. that book is the best you can get, it have a lot of technical info about screen, rooms, color gamut, profiles, ambient, hardware and more to set up a pro color grading workspace and how to work with it. the theorical info is really nice too, so for start in color is the best way to go. but, this book is aimed for multiple software, that its not bad. but i suggest you to buy this book, and then get an online courses for your software from scratch. if you go for davinci, check it out too for the manual, and certificed online training centers. then, i suggest to visit the liftgamagrain forum, and facebook colorist group to get fast answers to your questions. reverse eingenieer is a good practice if you want to training your eyes and skills. Do color grading to random shots, and then save and look in weeks- months after to see how your color knowledge has been grown and your "clinical eye" start to get more precisian. that are my advice to get into color grading, sorry for my english too, hope it was useful info for you.
  8. daaamn thats its just beautiful that is the kind of cinematography that inspire to me and im very happy that it could can be done with 1300-2000$ cameras. We are living in a good time for cinematography, specially for whos work with a low budget.
  9. i have to say bye bye to my h265 120fps workflow :cc the 4x crop is insane, i will need a 10mm ff lens attach to a xl speedboster to get a 40mm on ff :cccc well 4k60p 3:1 raw doesnt look a bad option
  10. i updated at davinci resolve studio 15 on win 10 and now h265 nx500 4k and 720p 120 fps footage work perfectly!
  11. nicee! i would start looking, here in my country sell t5 has double of the price, so the sdd and enclosure would be awesome. my only concern its maybe bus powered is a requeriment for record on bmpcc4k and if enclosoure will power it up.
  12. well i think we have just to wait until release :c
  13. try to triplicate your footage and play with color dodge, i have do it years ago with 2 strip colorama with red and blue channels, i dont remember how exactly i do it but apply the luts you want(in my case asome high constrast luma and colour lut) and then play with mix channels. the best way you can get it is learning how the 3 strip technicolor tech work, and then reverse eingeneer that with post vfx.
  14. Hi, im getting ready to get my bmpcc4k ready for the launch, and im decided that usb-c ssd would be my best alternative for record. now i got a chance to record with alexa mini, and some red cameras but one of the requeriments is i have is to had 1 ssd at least. so i was thinking in get some ssd and buy a case to usb-c 3.1 to have the option to use te same ssd for work with the red and alexa cameras and my bmpcc4k. so, https://www.amazon.com/Satechi-Aluminum-2-5-inch-Enclosure-Interface/dp/B01FWT2N4E this case can do the work? its there any other requeriment on bmpcc4k for use usb-c ssd? Bye!
  15. what about davinci 15? still get that color drift?
  16. aps-c mirrorless with speedboster, nx500, a6000, a6300, eos-m
  17. be carefull with adobe media enconder and miraizon v2 pro res. i have transcode h265 to prores proxy and just unsync all the audio of the files like 3 seconds.
  18. i practice a lot recording my nephew, he is 4 yr old and he moves like crazy so its a good actor to practice xD. i really love to go handleed with manual focus, i think it if you practice a lot handleed you will improve your skills in different skills. and handleed let you to play with a freedom and framing without limitations like tripods, steady, 3axis stab etc... i also practice a lot recording local shows.
  19. i will explain better know as i could on english: i think the best way to get a cinematographic piece is thinking what you want to tell on your video, what you want to narrate, and then think about your resources to achieve that. there is where the shutter, exposure, color grading, compositing shot(or framing), the editing, speed, music, sound and use it to create the atmosphere and the narrative you wanna create.
  20. what i do: flat profile, vintage slr lens, low depth of field, composing a cinematography shot(the most important thing for me, how i do that? well for my, a cinematographic shot is when your shot are telling a story or with the composition, looks out of frame, overshoulders on dialogue, camera movements, pan focus, etc, take care of what you want to tell with your video, and translate that to your shots, define what resources help for that, color, camera movements, dop etc..) final 24fps, maybe 1/50 or 1/48 shutter speed, but i shoot alot at 1/250 an still look cinematographic. for color correction, film stock like Film from redgiant and filmconverter work amazing, specially on the blur that add help to avoid the digital sharpness. chose a film curve that you like, and well, thats is i think. of course, the editing is important too.
  21. i always use my fd vivitar 28mm f2 on my nx500, but if i have a ff camera iwould use an 35mm
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