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  1. 6 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

    Great test video by the way, excellent job. Is it me, or the skin color of the Fuji is way off? I do not believe I am saying that, but color seems better on the Sony, skin tones especially. 

    Does the A7iii have the same color science as the A7Riii? Are they much better than the A7 mk II series cameras? I will be working with Sony a lot this summer.

    Ibis, RS and codec goes to Fuji though.

    Make sure you check the article as well, it has tons of comparison images and information.

  2. 3 hours ago, Inazuma said:

    Just received mine yesterday. I have the Samyang 35mm f2.8. Sony FE 50mm f1.8 and Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 have been ordered too. Let me know if you guys have any questions

    Do you still have the X-T2? I'd love to see a skintone comparison.

  3. 30 minutes ago, Walter H said:

    Curious if the slow-mo aliasing issues of the X-H1 show up in the X-T2 post-firmware update - in the 60p as well.

    Unfortunately 100/120p has the same aliasing issues as the X-H1. 50/60p looks fine, I'm not seeing a change there.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Inazuma said:

    @Attila Bakos Could you please apply the technique to 5:05 of the video? That's where I see a lot of blotchiness

    The example I showed earlier was possible because the video has a few seconds of unprocessed S-Log2/S-Gamut footage. The closeup at 5:05 is already processed, and it doesn't look like his S-Log2 grade, so it's possible that he used some other picture profile there.

  5. 15 minutes ago, Inazuma said:

    Hmm this camera definitely has a skintone issue, particularly with brown-ish people. Lot of orange going on and splotchy colour.

    I believe it's user error, and a common one unfortunately, even among people who actually teach log grading. He shot many clips in S-Log2/S-Gamut, and forgot to convert color space during color correction.

    This a screenshot from his video:


    Here it is corrected with the color space transform plugin in Resolve, I only added a bit of contrast:


    Now if I skip color space transformation and only apply contrast and saturation, see what happens:


    And finally this is the uploaders grade:



    So it's pretty clear what's happening here, it's not the camera's fault.

  6. 23 minutes ago, mkabi said:

    I'm confused by this statement... so say you have 5 min. left in your battery, and you say.... ok guys.... cut.... lets take a break so I can swap out batteries. So you stop recording and instead of taking out the battery you just put on the grip with the additional batteries, its going to turn off the camera after 5 min of use?

    The camera eats the batteries one by one, the one in the body comes first, then it switches to the ones in the grip. When this switch happens, recording stops. The camera won't turn off, you just have to press record again. It's easy to forget, and because the screen is on, it's easy to remain under the impression that your recording is on. Then comes the surprise, and blood pressure rises to 200 in like 1 second.

  7. The problem with the grip is that the body can't switch batteries while recording. This is rarely mentioned even though it can be a real pain in the ass. Imagine you have 5 mins left in the battery inside the body and two fully charged batteries in the grip. You will still be limited to 5 mins of continuous recording, as the recording stops when the currently used battery dies. So you have to keep an eye on that, and in this case remove the battery if you plan a shot longer than 5 mins.

  8. It seems those blinking pixels mentioned in this thread will be fixed with the new 1.01 firmware, which is already downloadable:

    • Resolves an issue where blinking pixels may appear at bottom edge of the camera setting and with certain lenses, especially during XAVC S 4K (PAL 25p) recording
    • Resolves a rare issue where the touch panel cannot be operated
    • Improves overall stability of the camera
  9. 2 minutes ago, Walter H said:

    Can you give me a shot list to shoot in both Eterna and FLog that I  can shoot I've the weekend? Various conditions? What do you need?

    That's not that easy unfortunately. I created my own method and software to do these conversions. I take about 15000 reference points from each profile to build the conversion LUTs. So basicly I need to have the body for a few days, I can't give away my method and tools.

  10. 3 minutes ago, Prandi said:

    hello attila,
    you are not alone here from Europe, I am from Austria ..also neighbors :-)
    and I have the X-t2 and the x-h1.
    I like to read with you .. very little because my english is very bad. gr. Franz

    Hello, that's nice to know :) Und ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen :)

  11. 21 minutes ago, Walter H said:

    As another C100mk2 shooter, totally agree.

    @everyone   Here is something interesting - http://colorizer.net/

    I will contact them about possibly creating an Eterna LUT. Would be great if others did as well. Regardless, really hits the mark of having a film sim LUT without the heavy contrast curve I dislike in the official Eterna LUT. I am certainly buying them a coffee.

    That's actually my site :) I believe I could easily create a flatter Eterna LUT, but I don't have the X-H1, and I don't know anyone in my area (Hungary, Europe) who has one.
    (If you try my LUTs, make sure to switch the clip to video levels.)

  12. 1 hour ago, Walter H said:

    I DISLIKE the amount of additional aliasing I am seeing in the X-H1 footage. We all know about the 120 slow-mo but I see it in the 60p in circumstances where the X-T2 has none.

    Unfortunately not a lot of people speak about the problem in 1080p60 because it's not that obvious, I wonder if it will be fixed at all. Seeing the new upgrades I kinda wish I hadn't sold my X-T2.

  13. 1 hour ago, kidzrevil said:

    Was it supposed to be ? Sheesh. You asked for an anti aliasing and I lead you to the feature. If the 120p isn’t good enough for resolves anti aliasing then Im afraid you either have to look for an alternative or avoid the 120p feature altogether. Every camera has its flaws.

    Yes it all started with a comparison I made, where I tried to do anti-aliasing on a heavily aliased X-H1 120p footage. I did it in avisynth since Resolve has nothing that can help here. The feature you recommended does nothing when you post your 1080p120 footage to an 1080p timeline. It only helps when your footage's resolution does not match timeline resolution, that whole section in the project settings page is for scaling only.

  14. 17 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

    LoL that would be a understatement from Hell.  :grimace:

    Seems to me on some shots it does look better and some the same. But yeah it is an improvement, and you can't take sort of bad footage look perfect. You deserve a Big thumbs up just for knowing how to Use avisynth! I gave up pretty quick. I would be dead from old age before I figured it out.

    Haha thanks, but it's a pain for me too, it would be so much easier if there was an anti-aliasing plugin for Resolve or Premiere. I couldn't find any, but I noticed that the avisynth community has some very skilled developers, and it's all free.

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