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  1. 9 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

    The earliest initial impression I had of the EOS R was the rolling shutter. The earliest impressions I had of the Z7 was that it was nicer than my Sony A7R III in the hand, and in terms of the image, and the rolling shutter didn't stand out as anything abnormal, unlike on the EOS R. It just wasn't an issue for me. Ditto on the D850. It wasn't immediately obvious from the get go, the minute I opened the box.

    So we're 10 minutes into Kai's video, out of 13 minutes and yes it seems there's a 2 second mention. So I should probably give him the benefit of the doubt. But when I watched it the first time just after release as a subscriber to his channel, I am pretty sure it wasn't in. There are such a thing as ninja edits and re-uploads. But let's be clear, I've nothing personal with Kai, he could be a nice guy, but he doesn't help our cause as customers - he doesn't give the problem any gravitas. He's not even a proper reviewer. He's an entertainer. He turns it into a positive in those few seconds of a mention, which are just soft pawing out claims to the effect of the 1080p "has an advantage" because it has less rolling shutter than 4K, 'just like that wonderful best selling 5D IV you all bought'. That's how it comes across to me. It may technically be a 'mention of rolling shutter' but it's not a mention in the sense I meant it in my article - a mention of just how BAD the rolling shutter is on this camera. He just sweeps it under the rug in less than 5 seconds in a 13 minute video and doesn't really criticise it. That's the broad point I was making in the article - that none of them mentioned the rolling shutter being amongst the worst on the market in 2018.

    So whilst @jonpais is calling EOSHD "fake news" and telling me how to run the site, perhaps he should realise one thing. I am a bit disappointed by his remarks. All the squabbling on the forums over the past few months from him and the obvious Sony endorsements in every subject, treating some threads like his own private inbox for chats and arguments, all leave a bitter taste in the mouth. As a long-time member, he seems to have gone from productive posting in the early days of the forum about Panasonic, up through being rewarded by being promoted to a mod, back down to being a non-mod due to bad behaviour, and now he's cruising for a bruising or even a ban. I just find that incredibly rude.

    I've had this thought for awhile now, and I've kind of held off, because...well, it's your site and you can do and say as you please.  With this and all of the BM stuff, you come across as independent, but not necessarily objective.  It kind of begs the question, what is the value of independence without objectivity?  You and others may disagree with that assessment, but that is pretty much how I read you these days.  I'm probably not alone.  As with any media being consumed, at least part of the onus is on the consumer to filter and analyze the information.

    Reveling in the praise of a guy who is a known copyright violator is not a great look either.

  2. Think in terms of risk analysis:
    -How severe is the risk? Would it stop your shoot or worse?
    -How likely is the risk?
    and then you may add:
    -How much cost/weight/convenience am I willing to sacrifice to mitigate the risk?

    And of course it really depends on your system and how you work.  Third party chargers are cheap, card readers are cheap, but you could possibly also mitigate the risk by carrying a camera charging/data cable.  If you're traveling with 2 or more cameras, you may already have a backup charger.  On that note, another risk may be lack of power for an extended period of time, so a power bank or two may be worth carrying.  For me it really depends on the shoot, whether it's a wedding or corporate shoot or month long sightseeing trip, the answers will generally be different.

  3. These questions are causing me existential grief.  I used to feel safe and happy in EF land, but now that I switched to Sony, the world is a big unknown place.

    On 10/3/2018 at 9:56 AM, kye said:

    What lens would you choose to use for the rest of your life?

    What is your favorite lens?

    What is the lens you would most like to own?

    With the announcement of various new lens mounts what lenses would tempt you to change systems?

    1) I really like the 24L II on Canon...hoping I'm going to love the 24 GM on Sony.  But a 24 as an only lens?  I don't think I could get by with just one, tbh.
    2) As far as lenses that I've used extensively, I would say the 135L.  It's just effortless to get a good shot, renders nicely, AF is great, MF ring is nice.
    3) I would really like to try the Batis 135.  Looks like a great lens.  I'm hoping to eventually have the 24 GM (pre-ordered), Sony 55 1.8 (own it), and Batis 135 (eventually)
    4) I'm really happy with Sony and where they seem to be going with lenses for the E mount (even with the Sony "limitations").  I stayed with Canon for a long time, and I don't see myself switching again any time soon.  Also, there are so many things that can be adapted to E mount, it's a nice place to be.

  4. 1 minute ago, Yurolov said:

    I personally wouldn't go adapted as the performance isn't there. If you are spending so much on a camera why cripple it. 

    But yes the problem with Fuji is that you are tied to that system. 

    Nature photography is kind of down the list on priorities for me.  I'm mostly a wide/normal prime user on FF (hence, I but FF lenses), and I tend to shoot performing arts, events, people, etc.  It makes a lot more sense to me to adapt a lens that I already have to a camera that serves multiple purposes for a pursuit that I occasionally enjoy.  I keep the 80D around specifically to use with the 300/f4L.  It would make a lot of sense to me to move over to a Sony APS-C and find a lens that's workable.

    1) I'd gain an APS-C backup to my A7III
    2) I'd gain APS-C equivalents for my primes at what will likely be 20+ mp
    3) I gain some reach on my longer lenses when I want it
    4) I gain a usable second camera for video work that I can (theoretically) seamlessly cut with the A7III

    The current A6xxx line isn't super attractive to me, because it's not a great form factor to put a long lens on and on top of that I'm left handed and that viewfinder on the corner just does not appeal to me.



  5. 9 hours ago, Yurolov said:

    Which lenses will you use if you are using canon for birding? Full frame emount are prohibitively expensive to be used on a crop sensor camera.  

    Probably an adapted lens like a Sigma 150-600 or Canon 400/5.6L.  I currently have the 300/4L, but it doesn't play well at all with Sony (I've heard the 400 is decent)  The goal would be to pick up a Sony100-400 at some point. But yes, I would love to see Sony release some quality longer/affordable primes like Canon has.

    Part of my reasoning is that I moved over to a A73 from a 5D3, and I liked having both APS-C and FF with Canon.  It would be nice to have that again with Sony.  Fuji doesn't really interest me, because I don't want to get into a dedicated APS-C system.

  6. 52 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

    Hang on...I have remembered something that I saw that caught my eye.

    Phil Bloom has a very fetching wooden case for his Macbook.

    Here he is calmly dealing with some bark/sap related issue that caused the audio from it not to work in his very well attended live demo. 





    This should pair nicely with the Philip Bloom woodgrain Pocket Dolly from a few years back.  Really helps you get those organic tones as they say.

  7. 29 minutes ago, Robert Collins said:

    Well sort of. But we do now have 20 different live mounts selling a total of a total of just 10m ILCs.

    As Thom Hogan says 'I see dead mounts....'


    I wasn't suggesting good or bad...just wow!  I think we've all seen these changes as being on the horizon for awhile now, it's just surprising to me that it's all hitting so close to the same time, esp considering all of these moves would have had to have some significant development lead time.

  8. 5 minutes ago, heart0less said:

    Well, Sony released only two compact and affordable lenses: 50/1.8 and 85/1.8

    That's it, nothing more. 


    The newest 24/1.4 GM may seem not that expensive (compared to the other GMs), but it can't be called a basic, affordable lens. 


    The 28/2 is definitely in the compact/affordable category.

    The line up of shorter primes is kind of a mess though, just not a lot of consistency and overlapping lines all over the place.

  9. 24 minutes ago, Christof Haberle said:

    I kickstarted the Compagnon explorer+, and really quite love it, mostly. I am out in the mountains often (have completed the Mountain Leader Training) and always felt that most camera bags just don't live up to mountaineering backpacks in terms of comfort. I REALLY like the Deuter backpack on the Compagnon explorer. It can hold a decent amount of photography gear, but might just be too small for more video-centric setups. For anything longer than just a short trip I'll also still need something that can hold more volume to fit all my camping gear and clothes in (not necessary weight).

    I wish the Compagnon would have straps to tie the one or the other bit to the bottom of it, if necessary. I wish they'd take that bag and make it even larger, volume wise. But by and large I am really happy - even carrying a pretty heavy and big tripod attached to the side is fine for several hours hiking.

    That looks like a nice bag.  Similar concept to the PRVKE, but it looks like the volume distribution is tilted about 2/3 for gear.  The PRVKE is around 50% gear and 50% "stuff" in the top compartment.  Really dig this style of bag.  My only complaint with the PRVKE is gear access is a little fussy.  Side access works well enough, but accessing multiple lenses is a little big of a chore.  Could be a little more accommodating for a prime shooter like myself.

  10. I have several different bags that I use for different purposes, and would classify myself as a hobbyist DLSR/mirrorless shooter.  I'm more of a photographer, but I've worked a few docs/projects as a camera operator.

    Domke F6 (little big smaller) shoulder bag:  I've had this bag for over a decade and use it primarily for light photo shooting.  It's my go-to concert photography bag.  Easy to work out of, small and unobtrusive.  

    Lowepro Video Fastpack 250:  I've had this bag forever, and I love it for small shoots. I can stick my camera and a couple of lenses in the bottom, and I can carry a lav setup, headphones, etc in the top.  Great little run and gun bag...super functional for what I'm often doing.

    Langly Multi Pack:  This is my "kitchen sink" aka "bucket of gear bag"  Reasonably functional, can haul a lot of gear, looks pretty nice. Weighs around 30 lbs fully loaded.

    Wandrd PRVKE 31: Bought this when I switched to the A7III and those little tiny Sony 1.8 primes.  It's sort of a fancier and way more expensive Lowepro Video fastpack.  This is a great bag when you want to combine a minimalist kit with a daypack/laptop hauler.  Great daypack, great travel bag.  

    If I need more gear than these can handle, then it's hard rolling cases.  Love the Pelican 1510 (and similar), but I'm just using hand me down hard cases from work.

  11. 35 minutes ago, wolf33d said:

    100% agree with @Andrew Reid article.This camera is a rip off as is Canon. 
    I disagree with people who disagree. It should not remain silent and in 2018 consumers should not allow such a brand to perform like this. 
    Can't believe someone can buy an Eos R. You like stills, buy a Z7 with way better IQ and specs. You want video, get a Nikon, Sony or Panasonic. Canon is far behind in 95% of stuff. They got AF that's all and it's not like Z7 and A7III AF is bad... Stop saying you have Canon lenses you can adapt so an Eos R can be useful. That's how the company got your balls secured, selling you the lens then for 10 years you buy their absolute shit cameras one after the other, like if you were in jail. Just sell those god damn lens and be done with this scam company .... How can one even make a choice based on the fact he has lens, who told you not to sell them. I changed 5 times camera systems in the last couple of years, didn't have any issue with that at all. 

    This has been Canon's modus operandi since the DSLR started to become a mature product category...and Nikon has a pedigree of this too (once refusing to jump into the FF market at all, their marketing from that era is hilarious).  But Nikon kind of got off of their asses.  Just go back to 2008 and look at the 5DII vs the D700.  The D700 was a far more advanced stills camera.  5DII used essentially the same AF system as the original 5D and added a 21mp sensor that tended to show pattern noise in the blacks.  The D700 had a whopping 51 AF points, better weather sealing, a great auto ISO implementation (would take Canon years to replicate that), an arguably better performing sensor.  Oh, the 5DII could shoot video...and the rest is history.  But the point is, Canon has been performing like this for at least a decade.  They just happen to make good enough cameras and have an outstanding EF lens ecosystem.

    12 minutes ago, shorty15 said:

    Why are people so pissed off about this camera? This is a photography camera. Its designed to take stills. Video is and should be an afterthought. Why are people using mirrorless cameras for video work? The form factor sucks. It's like using a Porsche to haul stuff from Home Depot. It sorta works but its way more trouble than its worth. I still can't wrap my head around it. I used to shoot on a DSLR before moving on to a C200. I can't imagine going back to a mirrorless for video work. 

    I don't know why people want a prosumer all-around camera vs multiple purpose specific cameras that cost thousands of dollars. I can't figure it out.

  12. 2 hours ago, joshhr said:

    Hi Guys,

    Loving the look of the camera settings, i shoot mostly real estate and i sometimes come across really dark and poorly lit rooms with gross orange/yellow lighting, would using either of the pro colour profiles help me? From what i can gather it will give me great colours straight out of the camera which would be awesome so i don't have to spend a lot of time grading, if any at all.

    Also, will the Pro LOG settings work for an A7iii? or are they for older A series cameras.



    Pro Color doesn't really improve bad lighting, it just gives a relatively (subjectively) pleasing look out of the camera.  Imho, it works reasonably well in low light with tungsten or high CRI LED lighting, but it is definitely recommended that you use manual white balance.  There is a certain point where you just need more or higher quality lighting.  Also, if you're talking about sodium lighting, well, there's very little that can be done about that other than embrace the look or bring your own light.

    Afaik, there is a version of Pro Log in the works for A7III and A7RIII, but the current one was developed for older A series cameras.

  13. 1 hour ago, Phil Parkinson said:

    Did you manage to solve this issue?

    It's sort of confusing.  I've read a couple things that seem to suggest it's a video card issue (I'm on a 2015 Macbook Pro), but then Resolve handles the footage just fine.  

    It was stated above that the data is all there in FCPX, so you can just correct or LUT it back to where it should be, but personally I'm just running HLG stuff through Resolve.

  14. 5 minutes ago, Django said:

    I am so hyped for this camera. Even just D850 video specs with IBIS would probably be enough to win me over.

    I don't need all the picture customization of sony's. Dare i say i wouldn't even need log profile.

    I guess i'm already sold, but of course if Nikon nail video AF and get it close to dual pixel goodness, it might even be game over for Canon.


    I'm with you.  A "mirrorless D850" that combines Nikon IQ, ergonomics, and build quality with top of the line mirrorless AF and IBIS would be pretty incredible.

    Canon would need to make some fundamental improvements to a "mirrorless 5DIV" to win me back.

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