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  1. I presently use a DVX200 most of the time. I use an FZ2500 for really tight shots or if I need a long (>200mm) zoom. I like the camera but its vlog sucks. That said, a few profiles (TDCat's, for example) have fantastic, baked in colors.
  2. I come here for entertainment and for camera information, not to read the political posts of what I consider idiots from both extremes. Subforum, please.
  3. Andrew, I have enjoyed using your EOSHD Pro Color settings for Sony cameras. The colors look great on my A7Sii, A6500, and RX10iv. But I also have a Panasonic DVX200 and am getting an FZ2500. Does your guide offer settings for the DVX200 in a similar manner to how the Sony guide offers settings for the FS5?
  4. To each his own, I guess. I recently sold my A7sii and 25-135 power zoom lens and purchased a DVX200. I'm happy with the change. I missed the form factor and ease of a dedicated camcorder. I no longer worry about whether I have the correct lens for a job or having to purchase more. Besides, many DSLR or mirrorless camera rigs can be pretty bulky. For example, a caged A7sii with the pz lens and an xlr-k2m audio adapter isn't much smaller or lighter than a DVX200.
  5. After reading a few threads on here, I decided to purchase an RX10iv and took it on a small trip this past weekend. My opinion, fwiw: sharp lens, good video, just about any focal length I could want except extra wide, good colors (I chose the Peter Bak profile mentioned on YouTube). In short, the RX10iv is a great travel photo/video hybrid, a good sports hybrid, and possibly a good B or C camera for more intensive work. However, as much of a fan as I've become of the RX10IV as a hybrid camera, a hobby camera and possibly a low-paying gig camera, I'd follow Arizona Sunset's sunset's advice.
  6. With the RX10iv having a 1" sensor, how are the dynamic range and the low light capability? In addition, your thoughts on the camera's hlg results.
  7. A7Sii with EOSHD pro color 3.0 profile and added grain.
  8. Now I feel dumb...or at least very careless.
  9. That's right. Thanks for the correction. MFT mount.
  10. I presently have an A7sii that I use for shooting real estate video, but I'm looking to buy a fixed-lens camcorder to shoot sports and corporate-training videos. I don't want to spend more than $3000. A quick perusal gives me the following choices: 1. Sony Z90: Shoots Slog2 similar to the A7sii and shoots 10bit 422 internally, but it only has a one-inch sensor. (Price: $2800 usd) 2. Panasonic DVX200: 3/4" sensor and similar features to the Z90 but with better macro capabilities. 10bit 422 must be recorded externally (I have a Ninja Flame). (Price: a used camera is under $3000 usd) 3. JVC LS300: Seems similar to the DVX200 (3/4" sensor, 10bit 422 external) but without image stabilization or a fixed lens. (Price: $2500 usd) I'd appreciate your advice on these or other camcorders, along with other factors that I should be considering.
  11. I'm very interested in finding out what it's like to shoot video with the RX10iv. I look forward to a review about its strengths and weaknesses.
  12. Sorry. I shoot with both an A7sii and an A6500. I'm primarily interested in real estate videography and photography.
  13. I'd like to get a wide angle lens, 15mm F/2 Zero Distortion and the 12mm F/2.8 Zero Distortion lenses. I've seen a few reviews about either but not a comparison of both. If you have one or both lenses, what is your opinion? What is a good alternative that costs about the same?
  14. Make sure that I've thoroughly researched each piece of camera gear before I purchase it.
  15. Will recording prores 422 to an external recorder when shooting Slog3 with an A7Sii eliminate banding?
  16. I'm seriously considering buying this one right after Christmas. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1357085-REG/venus_optics_ve1520sfe_15mm_f_2_0_fe_zero_d.html
  17. One of the great things about the Sony cameras is that they are very customizable. Some might call it a curse and say Sony's are too customizable. With that in mind, there are so many ways that a great picture can be found. You might choose the EOSHD Pro Color profiles offered by Andrew Reid on this site. Others have found great success with the GFilm profile. Just do a forum search on this site and you'll find several posts lauding GFilm. Still others praise the Leeming Lut profile. There are dozens of great profiles. Do a web search and find the one that works for you.
  18. I'm kind of eager to see what will be available. I'd like a SmallHD Focus but doubt that it will be on sale.
  19. Which of the profiles is your favorite to shoot with and why? I've been shooting primarily with Pro LOG Cinema. I like the way it looks and the way it grades. But today I tried Deep Warmth and I really like its baked-in look.
  20. The one that hasn't been announced.
  21. Have you tried matching video shot/graded using EOSHD 3.0 with video taken from an XC15? If so, how did they match up. I'm on the fence about buying an XC15; but if the colors match, I could be persuaded.
  22. I decided to take the plunge and purchase 3.0 and my first impression is Wow! I've only tried out the Pro Log Cinema setting with the cinema luts, but what I've seen has been beautiful, gorgeous, and lovely--just like my wife :-). A little background: I've been shooting with an A7sii since July 2016 and with an A6500 since November 2016. I've been on a constant hunt to find a color combination this picturesque since I have purchased the cameras. You name a color setting and I've probably tried it. I was hesitant to buy 3.0 because I bought the original EOSHD settings and didn't think they were anything special. but I admit that the samples by Ethan, Tom, and others piqued my interest and so I decided why not. I'm glad I did. I've got a shoot later this week. I'll try and post examples this weekend.
  23. Looks nice. So I see quite a bit advertised, but what exactly would I receive with the $9.99 price.
  24. Oops, I left out that important piece of info. Thanks for asking. Answer: real estate and promos.
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