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  1. I'm presently invested in an A7Sii, an A6500, and emount lenses. I like what I have an don't want to trade them in; however, I'd also like the form factor and options of a dedicated video camera. So, thinking three months down the line, do you think I should purchase an FS5, an FS7 mark 2 (which means waiting until spring), an EVA1 (which means investing in more glass), a JVC LS300, or some other camera.
  2. I'm going back and forth between which of these two monitors I should buy. The decision comes down to the answer to this question: Is the quality of the Inferno's 8bit 422 image so much better than the A7sii's internal 8bit 420 that it justifies the extra cost and bulk of the Inferno compared with the Focus? What say ye?
  3. I know that the natural inclination is to compare the XC15 with the RX10ii or RX10iii. But it seems to me that the better comparison for video would be the XC15 versus the X70. Which would you use for video work?
  4. Given the update to the A6500 profile, how do the colors match between the A6500 and the A7Sii?
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