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  1. Ask, they should have standards. Typically it is -6db and I certainly would not go over -3db. Also important is the loudness, you should run a loudness detector to see if you are within broadcast standards.
  2. The G80 is already out for awhile! And no, the GH5 will have a lot more to offer than the G80.
  3. Fredrik, great test but there is a problem with your comparison. You are actually clipping the highlights in the GX85 scenes. The GX85 provides video levels but does use out of range values for overhead. So in your NLE or color grading application you need to bring the out of range values into legal to compare the shots. If you keep out of range values then a lot of setups will clip the highlights because they expand limited to full range. Here is the waveform before and after bringing the highlights into legal range. The 100% values on the left are from the titles but notice there is more highlight information above it. The right side has brought the highlights into legal range and obviously the titles are now too low. For indoor it is not really an issue but if you make a video outside in bright lights the out of range highlights contain valuable information that you should not discard.
  4. The GX85 allows ISO 250 and 320 but only if you setup the ISO 1/3 EV in the photo menu options.
  5. IBIS works fine but obviously the higher the focal length the harder it gets. I have been able to get decent results handheld with a 135mm non OIS manual lens with a Mitakon Zhongi II: (You have to watch it on YouTube instead of using a hotlink because the copyright owner of the audio track is allowing their content to be used in my video only on the YouTube site).
  6. The Panasonic 100-300mm lens OIS does not work together with IBIS, the 100-400mm lens OIS does.
  7. Why not? As long as you order from a reputable company like B&H or Adorama there is no issue, and, you get your camera first instead of waiting after the first batch goes out of stock! Do I take it you are not very ecstatic about the coming GH5?
  8. What is wrong with YouTube? You can upload videos for free and they encode it in various resolutions.
  9. That's why it is a rumor not a fact.
  10. The rumor mill now indicates the GH5 will be available in January. Can't wait to get one! For all GH4, G85 or Gx85 owners, how quickly are you going to upgrade if at all?
  11. You could start with YouTube, which is free or get a Vimeo Plus account for a monthly fee and with Vimeo Pro you can make portfolios and have other options.
  12. You won't regret it! It is a great multi-purpose quality mid range lens, and the resell value is great as well!
  13. Perhaps if you have a 14+ stops of dynamic range on your camera you don't but mere mortals with pro consumer cameras must make compromises all the time. Keeping everything under 90% on a sunny day is bound to underexpose your footage. Some highlights you just have to let go. If you work against the limitations of your camera by underexposing you will get hurt in the low and even the mid ranges.
  14. Finally the 4K version is encoded as well. It sometimes takes YouTube a long to to encode all resolutions.
  15. Yes, IBIS is great, it's like a mini gimbal. Hopefully Panasonic in the future will find a way to distinguish between intentional and unintentional pans to make this work even better. For instance pressure sensitivity of the body might be a way, "squeeze when you want to pan".
  16. Nice recording! Orangenz, out of curiosity why did you not upload this 4k onto YouTube? I think your white balance is fine (but perhaps you corrected it in post?), but I find the footage a little under exposed (which is the source of those strong red and orange tints). If you look at the scope it is mighty crowded in the black and shadows region. I disagree with Vesku that highlights are clipping. Lighting is a bit uneven, some of the reflections are a bit harsh. I don't know how many lights you used but it is sometimes worthwhile to point one towards the ceiling to get a nice diffused base light of the whole scene which allows you to place the main and key lights a bit farther away. And great bokeh balls!
  17. It's the Metabones Speedbooster Ultra for Canon mount.
  18. Very true, I have it mounted on the GX85 with a Speedbooster and I feel sorry for the flimsy body Low light performance at f/1.3 is great though:
  19. San Francisco at Night with lots of bokeh balls. Camera: Panasonic GX85 Lens: Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 Metabones Speedbooster Most scenes recorded with an aperture of f/1.3 using ISO 1000.
  20. It is hard to qualify objectively what is "big" in this case. I think IBIS is great even with lenses that do not have IS. Another great lens is the Panasonic 42.5mm f/1.7, that one works great in conjunction with IBIS.
  21. The 12-35mm Panasonic works great together with IBIS. If only the lens was parfocal. This video was done handheld with the 12-35mm lens and the GX85.
  22. I like to do video mashups where I merge a song with edited film footage to create a story Most of the time the copyright holders have no objection and monetize the video.
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