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  1. I suppose I do not understand. If you did not get a false copyright claim against that video you can monetize it, why you would need a 5k PC for that I don't understand. Let me get this right you find ads annoying so you want to block them but at the same time you use ads in your videos?
  2. You made 40k without monetization on a 1.2 million viewcount? Sure we believe it..........
  3. When you down scale 2160p 4:2:0 properly you do get 1080p 4:4:4. Whether it is really 10 bit is arguable but it is certainly better than 8 bit. You are not limited to using Cineform you can downscale your source with Avisynth or Vapoursynth and for instance encode it with I-frame only H.264. However I have problems with H.264 10bit 4:4:4 sources in Premiere Pro 2017, but in Resolve they work just fine.
  4. Are you telling me you don't like those beautiful scopes?
  5. A "Motion Newspaper", an innovative idea! For the sound I would put the mic closer next time!
  6. The latest model supports internal 4K recording.
  7. The problem here is that the blacks are more or less clipped, the floor looks like a straight line and it is very dense right above. It seems the shot was underexposed in camera. You could try to expand the dense area towards black using a secondary color correction.
  8. May I suggest you donate it to someone who would appreciate it? Perhaps a film student who can't afford to buy a new camera?
  9. That's not the lens that is your camera's constant auto focus. And if you film at f/1.4 the focus hunting is going to be really bad. For video you can use autofocus to frame the shot but constant focus is generally not a good idea.
  10. I suspect the wide short is a different model/brand camera. The levels do not match.
  11. Great work! One thing though, your black level floor is raised. If you want to get more shadows you should expand your shadows but if you simply raise the floor the only thing you will get is more compression artifacts and washed out dark colors .
  12. LUTs are great for things like converting Log to Rec207 or Rec2020 but I am not a fan at all of LUTs to color grade so I am definitely biased. But nevertheless some of the claims that are made about LUTs on some sites border absurdity, I am surprised some don't claim a LUT can cure the common cold!
  13. That's at least 2 thousand bucks! What is the link to the video and who is making the claim? Did you dispute it?
  14. Interesting, I can't download the 2160p60 version. By the way that video is shot with two cameras the "room" camera is likely a different model/brand as it has different levels.
  15. That camera is a 3.2K camera not a 4K camera. It merely upscales to 4K.
  16. Right! In fact it takes a lot of powerful lights to make a shot look dark!
  17. Whether high or low luma levels are seen or are clipped/crushed in an NLE depends on the recording format (full vs limited video levels) in combination with the NLE settings. While you can define the recording level format in the GH4/G85 you can't in the GX85 which actually records an absurdity. The GX85 records at 16-255 with the codec header marking it limited levels. So in effect you will have whiter than white levels which must be brought down to legal levels before you apply any color grading LUTs. Here is a little tutorial on how to do that:
  18. Please correct me if I am wrong but I thought that most Arri cameras are not capable of 4k resolution. I thought only the Alexa 65 is and only in special mode and that camera can only be rented for, what, 5k a day or up?
  19. Some time ago I was doubting whether to buy the Nocticron f/1.2 or the the Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 to be connected with the Metabones speed booster to give f/1.3. I got the Sigma! The Sigma is a great lens and it is a limited range zoom as well. I love it but there are two issues that the Noctircon solves: 1. It is very big and heavy and manual focus handheld is physically impossible unless you are an acrobat. When recording handheld you get free weight exercises. It is funny with those kind of lenses you don't hold the camera you pretty much hold the lens. 2. The autofocus is slow, not to blame Sigma or the Metabones speed booster, it is simply physics, the lens is very heavy. So now I still want the Nocticron, on top of it! The Sigma together with the Metabones speed booster make a great low light medium tele lens. It is not 5 axes IS but it still works great with IBIS alone:
  20. The Panasonic 42.5mm f/1.7 is a great lens. Of course the 42.5mm f/1.2 is one of the best MFT but it comes with a large price tag!
  21. It seems to me you are looking for a camcorder. If you like comfort and automatic features you should get a camcorder. I don't think cameras like the GH5, Sony A7s II or the likes are made for you. Heck if you don't care about 4K you can get great deals on second hand HD pro camcorders. I don't know what gave you that idea but you are wrong. Both the 42.5mm f/1.7 and the 42.mm f/1.2 Panasonic/Leica lenses support 5 axes IS.
  22. With bad lighting even a million dollar camera will not look good. A good looking video needs good lighting, always! It used to be different but lighting is now easy, cheap, safe and of good quality. And entry level LED panel starts under $100.
  23. Until we find a way to indicate where we want to focus at any time there won't be a perfect auto focus. Video deals with moving things and people, how can a camera know where it needs to focus on at any time?
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