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  1. Looks pretty decent to me and is similar to the GX85. I think that some people have unrealistic expectations about image stabilization.
  2. I see what you mean now. Yes it is possible, just treat the Premiere files as proxies, then edit the originals in DaVinci and then tell Premiere that the edited DaVinci files are in fact the originals to be replaced for the proxies. Still I would question the point in coloring first in DaVinci and then editing in Premiere. But everybody has their way of doing things!
  3. I do not understand it either, what do you mean by overwriting the original files and color pallete? Premiere does not edit source files. Instead Premiere allows you to place those source files in a sequence, edit them in memory and render the sequence to a new file.
  4. I would put it somewhere in the middle and start to experiment from there. You should enter the true focal length of the lens, however if you use a booster it should be the focal length changed by the booster.
  5. It works as well with the Mitakon, however in that case you need to set your preferred focal length which must be a compromise unless you won't zoom.
  6. Ran a small test using the GX85, Metabones Speedbooster Ultra with the 2.5 firmware and the Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 Interestingly I cannot set the aperture to f/1.2 f/1.3 is the minimum.
  7. Think about it, suppose you make a video at 30 frames per second and you use a shutter speed longer than 1/30 of a second. You would simply get duplicate frames because there is only time for 1/30 of a second per frame.
  8. Cary Knoop

    Vimeo Export

    It really depends on a lot of things what would be the best setting, but if you want to be very conservative use a few frames. All intra (1 frame) would require a significantly higher bitrate.
  9. Cary Knoop

    Vimeo Export

    Key Frame distance of 1 is not going to help, it will actually make the compression less effective. The only time when you want a key frame distance of 1 is when you want to use H.264 as an editing codec.
  10. Downloaded it and after an initial check it seems to work now! Wonderful! 10 karma points to Metabones and Conurus!
  11. I believe that very soon it will surpass the performance, it is a lot easier to gyro stabilize an ultra light sensor than a whole heavy camera with lens.
  12. Show a few seconds of the video before and after you rendered it in Premiere so we can all take a look. .
  13. I'd say 800 ISO is already high for the GX85. A noise pattern does obviously not look like mud but that is not what I am describing. The problem is the aggressive noise reduction at high ISO. It kills resolution and color accuracy, and, in my opinion, and you may not like this term, but that's what I see, the result is mud.
  14. The only "issue" is the levels used by the GX85. The highlights must be brought into legal, it's not a big deal to do but some people may not realize the GX85 does that and they will get clipped highlights. However high(er) ISO is really bad on the GX85. It seems the noise reduction is dynamic and really kicks in at high ISO, which basically will give you mud.
  15. I think there is definitely a difference between GH4/G7 and GX85. The colors are much better. G85 will give you the added value of a better body, a better viewer and better battery options but I do not expect the image quality to be much different from the GX85.
  16. What bundle are you talking about? A C100 II cost $11,999 which the same price as it is on Adorama and B&H.
  17. I second that. IKAN has zero customer service! However if you still want to buy an IKAN I recommend OwlDolly.com I have gotten great service from them!
  18. Hopefully they acknowledge the problem and provide a fix. I can use the Mitakon on the Sigma 50-100mm but it is physically impossible to manual focus while hand holding this lens.
  19. Yes I did! I have both the Metabones and the Mitakon. With the Sigma on the Mitakon IBIS works fine, but on the Metabones it does not work. It should be easy to fix this with a firmware update. Conceivably Metabones does not understand the varifocal protocol to IBIS but then just have it pass through and have the user ask for a fixed focal length for IBIS to operate on as is the case with a fully manual lens.
  20. The 42.5 f/1.7 is great for head shot interviews. And the OIS works great with IBIS as well.
  21. Presumably the IBIS on the G80/85 is similar to the one on the GX80/85 and there it works great. Here is an example of using a handheld manual 135mm lens (100mm after focal reduction) using IBIS only and no post image stabilization: However the Sigma may be a problem, I tried to use the Sigma 50-100mm F 1.8 but the Metabones Speed Booster seems to disable IBIS.
  22. The Speed Booster seems to turn off IBIS. Using a generic focal reducer IBIS works fine but not through the Speed Booster. Am I doing something wrong or is it a Metabones firmware bug? I am using a Panasonic GX85 with the Canon EF to MF3 ULTRA 0.71 Speed Booster with a Sigma 50-100mm lens.
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