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  1. All the graded examples are fine except for the Sony S-Log2, it is graded outside of video range (top is from the video, bottom is corrected):



    1 hour ago, Vesku said:

    G85 has more NR in high iso than GH4. With good post processing the GH4 high iso video may be close to G85. Here is example of processed GH4 EOSHD review image vs original G85 image.

    Yes, it is similar for the GX85, the noise reduction really kicks in at higher ISO's which makes the video look like a watercolor painting.


  2. 4 minutes ago, jonpais said:

    I'm sure if you asked him, Tom would try to explain. I thought you had the GX80/85? Then why do you seem so gleeful that the G80/85 does (or doesn't) meet your expectations? Why do you keep posting here if you dislike the camera so much? 

    I am not sure why you are so argumentative, I was merely commenting on the test results in an objective way.  What is wrong with that?

    I have the GX85 and I am happy with it but that does not mean I want to turn a blind eye to test results if they show this or any other camera to be performing less than others. 


  3. 5 minutes ago, jonpais said:

    According to Tom's tests, the a6300 has twice the dynamic range of the GH4. Why do you think he didn't reach for the Sony instead of the lowly Panasonic to shoot this episode? Because professionals choose their equipment based on many factors, not just test charts. What lenses you use; your skill as a photographer; and your editing and color grading ability are going to make more of a difference in the end than these test charts. Kendy Ty could do more with a $400.00 Rebel T3i than you or I could do with an Alexa. 

    I am not arguing as to the suitability I was merely commenting on the charts and how they were made.  :)



  4. 8 minutes ago, Vesku said:

    If using iso200, Natural contrast -5 and idynamic low the GH4 dark bars would be much more visible. Iso200 is GH4 native iso! Iso400 is blurred by NR.

    Interesting you mention that because all way non-scientific tests I have done seem to indicate ISO 200 is just better than ISO 400. 

    I do not think contrast and iDynamic will change the charts.  Contrast just rearranges the luminance values it gets from the sensor it does not get any new information.  IDynamic changes the local contrast of the darks which would cause the horizontal lines on the scope to be angled.

    See for instance this article about iDynamic:


    And here is a comparison:








  5. 37 minutes ago, jonpais said:

    Ten stops of light is excellent for a camera that cost me only $725.00 USD, and a result about as good as an Ursa Mini 4K, a camera costing $3,500. The G85 and the GH4 are very close in dynamic range, but other factors, such as usability (stabilizer, ergonomics) and image quality (skin tones, noise, WB, etc..) are also important. Any of the cameras he tested can produce excellent results in the right hands. If I am going to be doing handheld work, I am going to reach for the G85, not the GH4. I won't need a rig, gimbal or tripod to keep the camera from shaking. Each camera has strengths and weaknesses. You choose the camera for a particular job. If you are vlogging or producing content for internet consumption, you aren't going to shoot with an Ursa Mini. 

    How is the G85 inconsistent? 

    While all cameras record different tints they are all consistent with decreasing luminance values, except for the G85 which goes from some yellowish/orange to green


    The Sony looks very impressive especially price/performance wise!

    It would be interesting to find out how well the GH5 is going to compare to the Sony.


  6. 20 minutes ago, jonpais said:

    @Cary Knoop Those are ND filters he uses for the chart. They are not perfect gray or perfect black. Each camera Tom uses reproduces the colors differently. Different lenses also have different color reproduction. That is what color correction is for.

    I realize that but only the G85 color seems completely inconsistent and the last block (or last two blocks) are not visible.

    One thing I noticed is that he recorded with data levels for the Panasonic G85.

    All cameras are recorded with video levels while only the Panasonic G85 cameras is recorded with data levels. 

    When the clips are merged the data levels where not brought into video level range. 


  7. 2 hours ago, Cinegain said:

    Tom Antos just did a video on dynamic range between different cameras including those, perhaps a decent watch:


    Superb test!

    To me the G85 disappoints!  Too bad he did not test Standard or Natural in comparison.

    Look at the image and in particular the color towards the darks, it's green! 

    And while clearly above the noise level on the scope the second lowest block is actually not visible on the image which is a mystery to me:


  8. 30 minutes ago, kidzrevil said:

    If the gh5 does full pixel readout then a speedbooster xl will give us a aps-h crop instead of super 35 with a full frame lens. I don't know about you guys but that sounds pretty damn exciting to me.

    So the XL would cover the sensor 100% without vignetting?

    I guess I was mistaken in thinking the XL should only be used in video mode because until the GH5 there was extra cropping in 4k video mode.




  9. 40 minutes ago, mattpitts74 said:

    I have loads of Canon glass, so I'm wondering which speed booster I would need?

    I would get the Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds T Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x.


    I would stay away from the XL version because future Panasonic cameras (including the GH5) will use more of the MFT sensor for 4k video than before.


  10. 7 minutes ago, mattpitts74 said:

    I've just read the review post about the G85, which was very helpful and looks very promising, and I was considering either a GH4 or G80, as my budget will not stretch to the new GH5.  I have loads of Canon glass, so I'm wondering which speed booster I would need? I'm sure I read somewhere that there was a problem with it fitting?  Would I bet better off putting money into speedbooster rather than native Panasonic lens? Any advice much appreciated 

    The GH4 is an older generation camera, if I had to chose between them I would go for the G85 (or the GX85 if you want to save some money).

    I would be wary of people "recommending" the GH4 as I am sure many current GH4 owners want to sell theirs and buy a GH5!



  11. Got the footage.

    So it's 4:2:2 M-JPEG with Matrix Coefficients of BT.601.  Why Canon would use BT.601 for 4K is beyond  me.   Although the differences are small you would have to convert them to BT.709 to stay color accurate.

    Your levels are strange, your blacks are cut around 25 which is way too high, it is not normal, looking at the footage your blacks should go all the way to zero.

    Did you make some changes in camera?





  12. 14 minutes ago, dantheman said:

    Can you link to some of your work then? Just for me to see what "progress" really means.

    I would be interested to see that "progress" as well because in my mind flash is still king in the photography world!


  13. 2 minutes ago, aldolega said:

    A GH4 in 4K mode with an external recorder would give almost no moire, 10-bit 4:2:2, and a nice big screen for focusing and composing. Add a booster to bring it up to APS-C.

    The GH5 is around the corner why would anyone recommend a GH4 + an external recorder?

    GH4 cameras are going to be offered like hot dogs at lunch time in Manhattan for dump prices once the GH5 ships.



  14. 11 minutes ago, sanveer said:

    I agree about the lens choices too.

    Can't figure Why the M43 makers don't concentrate on Faster Lenses. Like maybe a few f1.8 zooms or f.95 primes

     Even if it means collaborating with Voigtlander or Sigma. Leica is great but their prices aren't.  

    In all fairness though the 5x zoom range of the Leica 12-60 f/2.8-4.0 is great!  


  15. 3 minutes ago, jonpais said:

    A 50mm lens with speed booster XL is 75mm equivalent when shooting 4K with the GH4. Not sure with the G85, it's a slightly different crop factor.

    I think you are mistaken, IBIS is based on the actual focal length of the lens which is smaller in case you use a speed booster.  The crop factor is not relevant.

    But someone from Metabones should probably give the last word on this.




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