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  1. I have a few megabytes free on my desktop Don't really use it for 4k much, but it gives me some peace of mind having the option! I appreciate your input guys!
  2. Definitely something I will look further into if the budget allows me to. On the other hand, I see the potential of the mk3 to become a full time production horse, with the 1920x1280 (anamorphic), 3200 ISO and slow motion functions that I (am still struggling with this) can live with
  3. Excuse me for being a hopeless pixel-romantic. This dilemma has kept me awake for a quite some time now and I am hoping your subjective experience, reflection, input, opinions and/or advice potentially could give me some guidance (or potentially more confusion, which I will take full responsibility for). My interest for Raw started when I played with the thought of replacing my a7s for a Digital Bolex D16. While I am usually very trigger happy, I managed to hold my horses when the chance to have a go on it complicated my relationship with it. I realized that, without a second camera (for budget reasons), the 20 minute boot-up and the sacrifice of photography would not make me happy in the long run. While I still want to be a Bolex-owner as I am a sucker for the CCD and its awesome audio features, it is not my time just yet. Nevertheless, the Raw fanboy is still in me and I think the 5D is the (next) best thing (?) and might be a good investment. Maybe I just answered myself, haha. However I specify that I am asking for your subjective experience/opinions. Maybe some of you have been in the same boat or the other way around. I did quick and shamelessly dirty test today, if you find it interesting. The exposure is all over the place (unfair), more info on that in the videos description. Thank you!
  4. Haha, phew Got nerves just by seeing them in the same image! Wow! You definetely hit the jackpot there! Yeah, I mean you have it all there. However, for most of us on this forum, the glass is the only thing with value - the rest are just considered potential resale bonuses. But the right buyer will go mad over this complete kit! I got the mounting system with my 16/32 sample and recently aquired a good old H16, can't wait to use them together. That is something I think would have been impossible to source on its own.
  5. Wow, Omri! Your sample seems to be in immaculate condition. If the optics and mechanics hold the same standards as we see in your pictures, there should be no problem selling it at your estimate in this market. Thank you for posting it! (Just curious, is that wet wipes on the left in the last image? And if so, did you clean the optics with them?)
  6. That is indeed a very nice sample of this lens. May I ask, where did you get it serviced?
  7. If I understand your question correctly, do some research on: SLR Magic Rangefinder, Rectilux CoreDNA or FM Lens (Focus Module). These products allows a focusing range from ≈1 meter to infinity. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.
  8. I dont know if I would have dared to use that! Haha, so so cool. Asked the seller some questions and he got back to me right away: - minimum focus without diopters is 1m, - it is dual-focus, that's why I mention a Rectilux-CoreDNA (or even an SLR Magic rangefinder), - I'm not in office now to tell you exact size of rear element but as I remember is something like 40mm more or less
  9. Loved this man! Softness, character and texture used to its fullest potential. Not to mention great job on lights and cut!
  10. Yes, sorry for not updating the list!
  11. That looks very similar to the Iscorama 42: 49 probably stands for the size of the rear element. I guess its really sharp and veeeeery rare and expensive.
  12. Most likely misaligned. Had an Isco Widescreen 2000 with the same issue. Even though it was not that far of, the image was no where near what one could call in focus. This is something you probably, with some patience and head scratching can figure out yourself. However, If you don't want to take any risks, I would suggest sending it to Bernie at super16 inc. He did magic to mine. At a price though.
  13. Unless you are shooting with a subtle 1.33x stretch, there are sadly not many options for shooting wider than 50mm FF on the a7s in the budget anamorphic market. Helios 44M is in itself not an anamorphic adapter, but is widely used in the anamorphic society as a "taking lens". People tend to pair it with the Mir-1, Jupiter 9 and Tair 11. Contax Zeiss lenses are also known to pair well with anamorphic adapters. A good start would be to read and do your research on this forum. To give you a quick overview Most common stretch factors and scopes/adapters: 1. 1.33x - Slr Magic Anamorphot/Century optics/Optex/LA7200. You can go as wide as 28mm with the Pany LA7200. 2.37:1 aspect ratio 2. 1.5x - Iscorama/Bolex-Möller. 58mm is usually a safe bet, but in some cases you can go wider with pancake lenses. 2.67:1 aspect ratio 3. 2x - Kowa/Schneider/Isco. 75mm+. 3.56:1 aspect ratio
  14. Really nice! Having seen the "promotional" clips with this lens, I was expecting world championship in flaring. So was nice to see someone put it out in the real world and show what potential this lens has, other than flaring
  15. If sharpness is what you are after, you are better of shooting spherical. However, some scopes are indeed sharper than others. The Cinelux and Isco Wide-screen 2000 are commonly considered to be sharp scopes, but imo pretty 'sterile'. I did a quick lens test for a short I am shooting:
  16. Sorry for taking the focus away from a solution a ton of us will be super grateful for, but I personally can't wait hear more about this! :O
  17. I have sold two scopes on this forum, had them both get in touch over Facebook (checked their profiles for red flags, such as short history/very few friends) and used PayPal (Also, good seller-etiquette is to ship tracked, insured and fast once payment is received)
  18. Did a quick and dirty lens test for illustrational purposes. An interesting thing a fellow Bolex-Ana owner discovered is the slight green-cast. Something that is also visible in this test.
  19. Am I understanding this correctly - you have speedboosted a full frame lens on a full frame sensor? Which on paper equals a 40mm 0.9? Is that really a 40mm FOV when you chop of the vignette or is the vignette in the equation? Haha, har to get my head around this
  20. Sorry man, just recently got it! At this point, I think I will bring it to the grave. Good luck finding yours
  21. I appreciate your advice! Have just acquired a Redstan clamp which allows me to get the rear element closer to the taking lens. Waiting for a Nikon E-series pancake, will let you know how it goes. I was just wondering if anyone had (successfully) managed to go closer, i.e. with the Voigtlander 45mm. M mount on i.e an a7s makes for a very short gap from the sensor to the scope, it might just work? Regarding the close focusing, I am aware of the quirks and workarounds. Just found it strange, as the metric scale seem to be pretty darn precise until 1.5m and have not until now heard anyone (except me haha) bitching about it. Maybe thats also a clamp issue, we'll see.
  22. Hi all, Still not recovered from an anamorphic buying spree and therefore have to sell this one. Up for sale is an Isco WIDE-SCREEN 2000 MC 1.5x focus-through anamorphic attachment. I have spent a lot of time and money to bring this one back to life. Bernie from Super16 inc recently saved its life from possibly a terrible destiny. He did some magic, re-aligned, and cleaned it inside and out. First of all, the lens comes with: - DIY front filter thread. Tito Ferradans-method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrzHyks4LNQ - Front cap - Machined clamp-style 52mm rear thread (of course removable) CONDITION Body: 7/10 The housing seems to be in pretty descent condition. It has some scratches here and there, but nothing that would affect any operational aspects. No loose parts. Optics: 7/10 As seen in the pictures the lens suffers from separation on front/rear element, which is very common in this model. Bernie suggested it was not worth re-gluing as it won't affect the performance of the glass' sharpness. Therefore, the 7/10 score. Other than that there are a few micro scratches, some dust particles and faint cleaning marks, which is to be expected. No fungus on this one. All in all, it is a great, easy to use and sharp lens. Not pristine, but does as good of a job. If you are in for the flares you might look elsewhere (or you will need a STRONG light source), but for run and gunning this is a catch. It allows you to go as wide as 40mm (pancake) on full frame. It is very light (240g) and paired with a CoreDNA/Rangefinder its hard to find a more versatile attachment. I am asking H.B.O. 300,- GBP + shipping. Paypal only. I am not responsible for any import charges the buyer might encounter. Do not hesitate to ask any question, I won't bite
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