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  1. So my route seems to be first try to do it myself and if it does not work send it to Bernie. I wouldn´t like to spend more money in this lens... Thank you SigurdW!
  2. Hello! A few months ago I bought an Isco Anamorphot 8mm 1.5x with a FD Canon 50mm 1.8 for the GH4. From what I have seen and the seller told I have to focus with the taking lens through the Isco and... there is where de nightmare begun. I found no way to focus anything, all images I see in the viewfinder are out of focus, awfully out of focus. Well, the taking lens is ok, it focuses normally when the Isco is not attached. I have a FD Canon 50mm 1.4, I tried with this, but... the same. I tried handheld to change the position of the Isco to those lenses and others, to put it closer, more separat
  3. Thank you PepperJay! May be I´ll try what you said, for sure when they serviced they didnt do it well. Best!
  4. Hey, months ago I get the same lens with the same problem, unfortunately I didn´t accept the deal with the seller, which was that I had to send it back to him and pay the shipping, and I kept the lens hoping I would be abble to service it myself. Nothing "normal" worked. I can´t get a focused image in the gh4 and I did some experiments. This is not that the image is soft, it is not focused. Now the lens is servicing in a lens specialized, but they called me saying they don´t know how to repair it. Any advice? I can send it to a trusted servicing that you recomend, I can not sell or use
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