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  1. So my route seems to be first try to do it myself and if it does not work send it to Bernie. I wouldn´t like to spend more money in this lens... Thank you SigurdW!
  2. Hello! A few months ago I bought an Isco Anamorphot 8mm 1.5x with a FD Canon 50mm 1.8 for the GH4. From what I have seen and the seller told I have to focus with the taking lens through the Isco and... there is where de nightmare begun. I found no way to focus anything, all images I see in the viewfinder are out of focus, awfully out of focus. Well, the taking lens is ok, it focuses normally when the Isco is not attached. I have a FD Canon 50mm 1.4, I tried with this, but... the same. I tried handheld to change the position of the Isco to those lenses and others, to put it closer, more separate, but I had no a near focused view, even closing the diafragm to 22. The seller did not accept to refund, he only gave me the option of sending the lens back saying he would bring it to service it and send it back to me. I did not trust him and I kept the lens. With the Isco in my hand I could disassemble it easily because it was a little bit loose, this made me think that it could be serviced and the person who did it didn´t fix it very well. When I mounted it back I saw I didn´t fix it. Then I brought the lens to service to a lens specialized store, but unfortunately they don´t know what to do with it, they told me that I need some diopters to focus... I tried this too when I received the lens but with or without them no focus. I´m afraid the lens is misaligned, or as PepperJay told maybe when servicing they flipped one of the elements or who knows... I saw another thread from PepperJay who had the same problem with the same lens, but fortunately for him he could send it back. So here I am with an Isco that I can not use asking for any advice that could guide me to a solution. Thank you very much in advance for any tip that could help me!
  3. Thank you PepperJay! May be I´ll try what you said, for sure when they serviced they didnt do it well. Best!
  4. Hey, months ago I get the same lens with the same problem, unfortunately I didn´t accept the deal with the seller, which was that I had to send it back to him and pay the shipping, and I kept the lens hoping I would be abble to service it myself. Nothing "normal" worked. I can´t get a focused image in the gh4 and I did some experiments. This is not that the image is soft, it is not focused. Now the lens is servicing in a lens specialized, but they called me saying they don´t know how to repair it. Any advice? I can send it to a trusted servicing that you recomend, I can not sell or use it now so only way is to try to fix it. Thank you very much in advance!
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