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  1. Lovely! Nice to see some hints of wide angle distortion as well. You had to crop a bit in post, right? If not, I want in on this fun!
  2. @Dick Sweeney I will have to compare it to my 44M - which I love. The Nikon has a more modern "punch" to it, contrasty. If I remember correctly, it had fairly few aperture blades, so when stopped down the bokeh gets some edge. Mechanics-wise I found it very good, smooth focusing and robust build. However, it is a pancake lens, so dont expect a proper grip on the focus ring. Thank you for the compliment! The music was by Sigur Rós.
  3. @Dick Sweeney I bought the 50mm E-series in the hope that it would make out for a very compact and "wide" super couple, unfortunately I got hard corner vignetting on FF.
  4. @funkyou86 I use the Rectilux HCDNA, can not recommend it enough! It has lived on my Bolex since day 1 and will probably never come of. Real good engineering, feels like and behaves like a tank - not a fragile peace of glass
  5. A little film from my latest trip to the home-place of my girlfriend, the Lofoten Islands. Brought along the 5D Mk3, Bolex 16/32 + HCDNA and two new little gems: The Helios 44-2 Silver, which I have to say I did not become too fond of coming from the 44M. Might have just been an unfortunate sample, but way softer than my 44M as well as a blue-ish tint. And the Jupiter 9 Silver, which I absolutely loved. Nicest colours of my assortment, not to mention impressive sharpness wide open (read a lot of hate on that part on-line). Shot in 1748x 618 (or something) stretched to 2160x778
  6. Finally managed to get my head around processing crop_rec material, so did a small test at around 2.7K mastered in 3.4K Anamorphic Setup: 5D3 Helios 44M Bolex-Anamorphot 32/16/1.5x Graded using @hyalinejim Kodak Ektar 100D TWISTED lut (Thanks!!).
  7. Looking really, really good @Liszon !
  8. Have you compared them after highlight recovery and a LOG-curve applied to the raw? Just curious
  9. Interesting! I have also heard something about the Möller 32 having bigger elements, is that true @Dave Reeve?
  10. Sad losing you from this subforum Kees! Lots of great posts I think people looking into the Bolex will appreciate
  11. I am biased, as I have the Bolex myself (and love it), but in terms of usability - I think there is nothing that really can match the Iscorama on that front (looking past the close-focus workarounds). It is smaller, lighter and can go the widest (at 50mm on FF). The Bolex/HardCoreDNA combo vignettes at 58mm, and the Kowa is even "worse" from what I have heard (75mm). I personally shoot widest at 58mm with a 1.2x crop on ML raw, to be safe.
  12. Have been curiously n00bing with the experimental builds the last few days and still trying to get my head around the actual crop factors as RAW video displays 1.00x, no matter what I change in the Crop mode module. Judged by the suffering live view there is a difference, but I might be wrong. Will the crop factor change accordingly to the resolutions or is it constant ≈1.6x from 1920 up to >3k? (Btw, if there is any magic lantern moderators here, I would have loved to get my account approved :D) Can not express how much I look forward to the day its included in the nightly builds! Cheers
  13. WOW! Sold my a7s for a 5D III a couple of months ago... Now I certainly won't ever look back
  14. Posted it on the Anamorphic Shooters on FB a while back, but putting it here for archival purposes;
  15. Had an hour to run around, so did some more testing. All shot wide open, because why not:
  16. (GEAR PORN ALERT!) Could not help myself... Received this great new wooden handle from SmallRig today. Raw anamorphic aaton-style rack focusing all day now.
  17. Some quick and initial tests with my new system: 5D III (ML RAW) - Bolex 16/32/1.5x - Rectilux Hardcore DNA
  18. Took my new "Alexa Micro" for a quick spin when my Rectilux HardCore DNA arrived. Some soft focus, forgot to remove vertical lines and low h.264 compression, but can't say I hate the colors! This is probably something I can figure out on ML forums, but did not achieve more than 26 seconds on a SanDisk 128 160 mb/s card... Wrong formatting? Global draw on? Cheers,
  19. Yup, 12-bit on BMPCC. Actually it is now possible to record both 12- and 10-bit raw on the 5D3. However, its still at an experimental stage, but will potentially be two really nice features!
  20. Its 3.5MB/frame (14-bit 1920x1080), gets you around 6 minutes on a 32 gig card! Yes, they are huge!
  21. Yeah, I will definitely miss the ease of the a7s. The 4k and low light don't concern me much, as I have always found the awkward rigging of the shogun well.. awkward haha! For lowlight, the 5D holds up very well to ISO 3200, maybe even 6400 - which is plenty for my use. There is also an NAB-factor here. Will be interesting to see whats gonna happen to the older generations of the a7-line cameras, if Sony keep outperforming their products Price wise
  22. I actually said goodbye to my a7s yesterday to make space for the 5D3 Looking forward to explore the magic!
  23. Yeah, thats actually more of a concern than storage space. Why I am thinking of switching in the first place, is that I see myself shooting more fictional content in the nearer future than slow-mo required stuff. Therefore, the raw VistaVision is very tempting. But if a day of shooting requires 700 GB worth of card space - then transcoding - backing up twice, etc. I might be stressing my wallet more than necessary as the days add up... Well, just bought a DP4 for anamorphic monitoring, which I have kind of become dependent on! So that definitely needs further investigation!
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