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  1. On 6/27/2017 at 6:58 AM, Andrew Reid said:

    One lens I'm curious in for Canon APS-C is the good old 17-55mm F2.8

    I know it's sharp for a zoom and convenient, but is it cinematic? How's the rendering? Any samples?

    My issue with this lens is that like many stills zooms, it starts pinching at about 24mm - for me a big part of the cinematic look is mild to wild barrel distortion :)

  2. Was just looking at these two the other day, the Canon is recommended as having great iq and much better built... the sample images I saw looked good, I'm not a big fan of most modern canon lenses, liked what I saw of this one though. The speed of the Sigma is tempting .. what camera are you using? The Sigma definitely seems to have a mojo on some sensors, a not oversharp but mega detailed look.. 

  3. Interested in this myself, one inexpensive solution I am looking at might be something like this https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1265749-REG/ikan_vl35_3_5_4k_support.html with a cheap loupe..

    The $8 loupe I got for my eos-m is alot better than any evf I have used so far..  hopefully we will see even cheaper, hi quality 3.5 & 4 inch monitors, the 5 and ups just seem way too big if you want a really compact rig.

    I would love to see a really nice, small monitor for about us $125... or there is always the Frankenstein option 


  4. 4 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    With no notable benefit over the existing MFT, that *is* open and available (unlike E mount, which is *NOT*).

    It really is that simple. Is stupendous you keep on hammering on about E mount.

    Well, E mount does seem the best supported for aftermarket active adapters, nice short flange distance - who says E mount is not available? EF was, so why not E.. do you know that Sony won't license the mount?

  5. Hi everyone, does anybody know of a good/easy to use software for making music video pitches like these ones?



    Something where its easy to resize and place photos etc, and simple enough to use without having to feel like a pro graphic designer? Drag and drop, or easy to use templates?




  6. 4 hours ago, mercer said:

    You use the Cinema cams as your A & B cams and the original eos-m as your C cam?

    probably means c100, c300 etc


    This camera ticks alot of boxes - 60p, stabilization, better screen, speedboosters, Canon colours, DPAF. Lets hope some efm mount active speedboosters start appearing. Cons for me - 8 bit, low bitrate, no 4k..

    You would think it has the 80d image quality - we will see.

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