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  1. only NOW they are starting to use the army... to VERIFY why people are outside their homes... NOt for delivering food or goods, or giving away masks ... no way... as usual our politicians are good at blaming someone else, and concentrating on how to punish us instead of helping us.
  2. here in Italy politicians acted late and are still behind... we lack tests , its been 3 weeks with masks and hand lotion are to be found nowhere... trains across the country are still running and no control on who gets aboard, spreding the disease. Then in italy, every death,even if the person had terminal cancer, but if tested positivi for c19, has been accounted for the virus, while in other countries they "hide" their deaths better.. this is going to hurt our economy badly, it was already crap.. I am stunned at how "civilized" countries are being caught off guard even if they have had lots of time to prepare for action,,
  3. Guillotine was a French invention.. unfortunately in italy they wouldn't allow it.. Italian politicians are all idiots that only think about gaining power and keeping their asses on a good chair (last 3 governments were NOT elected by us..) One of the poliical leaders was joking and laughing on tv about the virus at the end of february, saying it was just hype... now he is infected. We still have open borders, boats still arrive from africa with refugees. We have no border control, beacuse we are not racists... Italians DO NOT follow rules, we always think we know better. Even if we are in shutdown there are still trains running from northern part of the country (where it all started) to the south of the country.. where they have even worse health care..... Masks are disappeared from every shop.. even medical staff have them numbered.. Our popoluation is very old.. and the elderly are the most stubborn..there's no way you can keep them at home...
  4. here in italy everything is stopped. I film mainly sporting events and conventions.. so for at least 2 months (if all goes well) all my appointments are cancelled. no income . You can hardly move from home. Just some advice for those of you that aren't in lock down yet: - gather canned and long term foods so you have to go outside least possible. -try to get anti bacteria hand gel before they are sold out. - if you can manage to work from home, prepare for doing so for several weeks. - if you have a house in the middle of nowhere, gather your supplies and get there a.s.ap. anybody around you could be infected.
  5. managed to get resolve 15 on main pc, it goes okwith 4k footage but crashes with 100fps 1080p 10 bit footage... using premiere to convert the files worked. I am impressed by the quality of slomo, codec holds very well with no blocking even on complicated scenes.. sure youtube is going to ruin quality
  6. somehow I managed to edit some footage. As I said, nothing fancy, just trying to understand dynamic range, and how auto functions work. All filmed handheld with stock lens. I do need to buy some NDs , with 640 ISO in daylight you get some seriously high shutter speeds. Sorry for the music, were the only 2 tracks I had in this machine. https://youtu.be/YwFHbfnZpiA
  7. yes, free version. I was waiting to buy because originally I was planning on getting the new Pocket camera, but then as agencies I work with are starting to ask more stills , and I don't have the time and knowledge to grade properly, so I prefer a camera that gives (almost) ready to use images. Speaking of stills, from the first tests it seems that with video with Eterna profile I need to underexpose half a stop to save highlights. Then if I switch to stills, I need to overexpose a bit.. Anyway, for the first time in many years I actually enjoyed taking stills with this camera, and I also shot b/w which I have never done because I am not fond of b/w.
  8. I can't generate optimized media. I keep getting GPU error 11 (Asus i7 with Geforce 840M, win 10). In fact I hardly ever use this machine to edit...
  9. I need some help here.. today I did more filming, on a lake from a boat. now I have 3 days of shooting material but I can't edit it on my laptop. On laptop I have resolve 15 , I am now struggling to make it export complete timeline with all footage in DnX 10 bit 1080p, so at least I can edit something, but I am getting several crashes and GPU error 11 from Resolve. I should use my main editing PC, but I have resolve 14 on that and haven't had time yet to learn how to backup all my 2018 projects before making upgrade, I'm scared of losing everything if I don't do it right. What do you guys use to transcode on windows machines? up to now I never had the necessity cos I always worked with 1080p h264 footage.
  10. today i did a bit of filming in city, all handheld with the 18-55. Nothing really artistic, just trying out the same scenes in varios modes (8 bit-10 bit , f-log, Eterna,DR200 vs DR400) trouble now is editing the files, I don't have access to my main pc at moment, and my i7 laptop just can't play back files... you'll need to wait till sunday I guess before I can edit footage. Buy the way, I did find out how to set 1/50 shutter speed, with rear dial... but I found it by testing, couldn't find it in the manual.
  11. still no cat & flower videos after 2 weeks on the market? just took first shots with half battery .. h265 files are sure hard on pc power.. just some frame grabs, toolate for any editing i do like eterna profile, but you need to be extra careful with highlights. And the 18-55 lens has very good OIS for video, very natural and doesn't jerk on pans, like my panny gx80 and fz2000 do. I still haven't opened the manual, but i thought by setting 25P as recording format that shutter speed would be in base 25, but I still get 30 / 60 / 120 ...is there a hidden setting somewhere?
  12. I will be receiving my x-t3 wednesday. Regarding battery life, anybody can confirm you can recharge via usb, and camera if camera can actually be powered via usb? I'm used to power my BMPCC and Pana GX80 via usb power bank so it would be cool if I could still use my power bank instead of buying lots of batteries.
  13. yes, I guess I will get the dummy batt as well as 2 extra batteries that I already have on order.
  14. used the gx80 with 12-32 for first time on actual shoot and wanted to share a few thoughts: - ibis works well to keep camera shake and jitter at bay in run n gun situations like the ones I am used to. If you can manage to walk smoothly you can even pull off some "sort of" gimbal shots. - resolution, dynamic range and color has greatly improved from gh1 and gh2 (my previous panny cameras) - the 12-32 lens is a good all rounder for my type of situations, with ETC you get the extra reach when needed. I do really miss a manual focus gear. - single AF defining the area with touch screen and focusing with half shutter is my preferred way of using this lens. I do wish peaking was enabled also for AF just to be sure. I did miss a couple of out of focus shots looking at the lcd, which confirms my personal hate towards filming with lcd, I much prefer looking into an evf. - i missed several recordings, because sometimes you need to press twice the rec button, it seems that after 1 min of inactivity the camera goes into a half standby, removing info from screen. - hdmi ouput is clean and does not impact lcd or evf output as many panny cameras do - battery life is rubbish. I had only 1 battery with me and only lasted around 30mins continuos use. Not being able to recharge in camera with the camera on really sucks. With the Blackmagic pocket I could use an external power pack to recharge internal batt and power the cam at the same time and could go on the whole day. - using standard profile with -5 and shadow +2 I am happy with shadow level and highlight rolloff. I still am not convinced about skin tones, I guess the Blackmagic has spoilt me in this area. - i cannot make timelapse function work. I just don't get it. I also tried reading the manual but all I can do is set starting time, interval and image count ( I presume you need to put 0 to have infinite takes). But then how do you actually start the function? with shutter it only takes 1 pic.... Here is a pic of my handheld rig I have been using since the GH1 ages, it gives me the flexibilty I need to move quickly and adds some mass to smooth out movement. There is an old 8mm camera pistol grip, a chest pad made out of a metal L bracket with foam and vinyl, Fotga rod with baseplate and manfrotto ballhead with quick release. Here is a quick selection of clips from the weekend.
  15. I used a homebuilt chest rig with pistolgrip and manfrotto ball head. I was holding the camera by the ball head, so I did actually have more mass (holding the bare camera with only one hand - the other is needed for the skate throttle - is quite hard). it really was a quick test, have had very bad weather and little time to program shots, I haven't bought adapter rings yet for my 68mm ND filter so I had no nd on, I set the camera in Aperture mode with f11. When I checked quickly in M mode, it gave me a shutter of 1/250 at 200iso 1080P50. I am sure that with the right supporting hardware, a skate with actually round wheels (one of my wheels has become oval giving my body unwanted up-down movement), and trying to avoid pans should give some pretty decent results.
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