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  1. @RieGo, @tugela - I never said that NX1 can shoot UHD@120. What I sad is that camera can produce a file which is 3840x2160p and 120 fps

    And I said that file is x4 speed timelapse with dublicated frames. Do you read? :grin:

    On 03.06.2016 at 8:26 PM, RieGo said:

    btw take a look at http://***URL removed***/forums/post/57866447 for framerate/resolution/slot tests and sample files

    And here you send me link on my own thread on DPR

    Well, okay than. Do your thing.

    On 05.06.2016 at 7:57 PM, lucabutera said:

    Someone know if with hacks it possible to set manual focus in video mode, without setting it every times?

    It's already hacked like 4 month ago, just not implemented in hack with any key-combo. In telnet you can set up MF mode just like this:

    st cap capdtm setusr AFMODE 0x70003

    That's all, camera now in MF mode, but there is no indication of that, but if you know - you can use it. Tried this just now with NX1 and 16-50S in AF mode, works like a charm, MF ring is focusing, which doesn't happens with this lense in hardware-switch AF mode. MF assist also works okay.

    If anyone need this in hack - you just can use keyscan and bind one of the camera buttons with EV+ combo for that.

  2. On 02.06.2016 at 0:13 PM, sandro said:

    Well at least we know the cpu can handle saving 60p 4K :D

    Well, as I said on dpr, codec can do even 4K @ 120 fps, here it summary of files that I record, camera was able to create a file with this properties:

    Width : 3 840 pixels
    Height : 2 160 pixels
    Frame rate mode : Constant
    Frame rate : 119.880 fps

    So, UHD @ 120 file is exists and it's smooth. With dublicates though (every 11th = every 10th frame). And it's x4 speed timelapse. But in principle it is possible.

  3. 8 hours ago, kidzrevil said:

    My guess is that Samsung got hip to the fact that people are hacking the camera and this....worthless update is to patch whatever exploit was used to hack it. Seen sony do this shit with the PSP when people figured out how to hack it. That app aint worth it. 

    1. You can rollback to old FW and use the hack
    2. You can update to new FW and use most of the hack functions but no bitrate ones yet

    So it can't be about hack at all since you can use almost all other its functions, and for some people this features far more useful than bitrates, Not for me, well I mean I use Focus Pull, but bitrates are in most use for me. Also I personally can't compare things like sony did and samsung ones, since sony always been somekind of selfstated prime leader in this field and sometimes claim more than can acheive at the moment - and samsung is simply underdog there, very good engineering, not so great sales / promo / management department on NX line.

  4. 1 hour ago, LawDude said:

    Just a heads up to everyone - Samsung posted a new firmware update for the NX1.  It's v. 1.41.  So dust off your i-Launcher

    Just real heads up to everyone - Bitrate Mods are not working with this FW update, not on NX1 not on nx500. If you use bitrate hack - doesn't upgrade YET, you are loose this option for good, probably.

  5. 2 minutes ago, kinoseed said:

    however I noticed that @outerbeat's video looks much more NRed, and at least here (on my nx500), the effects of NR are far less noticeable

    That is very true, I think there is a big difference between nx1 and nx500 here in NR section. I can't shoot any video with proper noise, but it's almost two month since we start digging NR in NX. But you know, while I print this, one thought come to mind and I think there is a way to test nx1 about NR I didn't check yet. As always, good talk ))

  6. @Garth Philpot 1.67b is shows "1.67m" message also, so don't worry about that. From all I see you install very correct way. I've also installed another 1.67, and check it out. All works, I can see the menu after loading in any versions. Here it is, hack menu:


    When you press the EV button - is there an exposure compensation little menu on the bottom of the screen? Grey one with +2 or something alike.
    When you press the OK button in menu or function dialog - does OK button work there?
    Which firmware are you using for NX1 body? Need to be 1.40


  7. 1 hour ago, chauncy said:

    outerbeat: can you walk me through the focus pull, how you did it for video. The newest mod has focus buttons which I assume are meant to work as focus points.

    Any way, For the focus pull stacking


    • set near,
    • set far, then
    • whatever than cont. thing does 6 second delay 100 frames, which I guess means the pull starts in 6 sec and will run for 100 frames- Then how to start?
    • Do I hit the camera record button,
    • then hit the start, on the monitor display, button

    is that right?

    or are you using the focus pull function. I don't get how than one is supposed to work.

    can't get it to work right nx1 1.67

    Focus Pull test video was recorded with NX-KS mod-pack v1.59m
    I've been busy to check focus pull on newer versions properly with video record, but focus pull itself worked with 1.58 and 1.59 - that I've tested.


    1. Set bitrate to 100 mbps, it's safety thing to check overall workability
    2. Go to MF and focus on any distance
    3. When focused - press EV and while holding it - press half shutter. That will save first focus point
    4. Refocus on new distance, wait for "focus helpers" disappears
    5. Now you can use EV+half-shutter to fly between the two focus distances, you can try to do so
    6. Start the video (with chosen bitrate obviously)
    7. Wait like 3-4 seconds to release codec priority, press EV and hold, wait 1-2 sec and press halfshutter also, Repeat with caution
    8. If you do right - focus starts pulling (there was slow speed on that version of hack due to many inconsistences with that option)

    If you got the "sdcard is slow" message - it's probably because focus pull is working but bitrate is high to do so in you enviroment, so just go to steps 1-8 and lower bitrate.
    I used Sandisk 95MB/s sdcard, NX1 with 16-50 F 2.0/2.8 ED OIS S lense

    I can't run Focus stacking with video with this old NX-KS version, only focus pull which I described. Newer versions are new to me also, I didn't check them yet for this, but I will do that soon. Hope this helps.

    29 minutes ago, Garth Philpot said:

    Yes, i should have mentioned, i do get the message, but its 1.67m, not b ?

    This one, to be precise on my end, they are the same. I've tested that version, it's working

    1 hour ago, chauncy said:

    can't get it to work right nx1 1.67

    I just run test video with aforementioned Focus Pull walkthrough on last NX-KS version 1.67m (aka v1.67b added safety (Mod blocked if Recording)+) and it worked fine like with previous old version of hack.

  8. 42 minutes ago, Garth Philpot said:

    EV + OK does not do anything on my camera... (nx1)

    Yeah, I see that you install the mod of course. You did see the "version number" message, right? If so - than hack-mod is running.

    About buttons. It happens sometimes when new release are tested on nx500 but not on NX1 since that guys who did the hack have only nx500's on their hands, so NX1 test are out part of work, well, community wise :)

    I just checked v1.67b on my nx1 and it works. Just check bluetooth (I see you did this) wait for version number message (checked) and press OK while holding EV. You must see hack-menu on LCD screen, if you using EVF just push the EVF button to LCD ON or use EV+OK - that turn LCD on the same way, and hack-menu appears.

  9. 2 hours ago, Garth Philpot said:

    please could someone point me in the direction of a explainer video for how the mods work once installed. I have Kino mod pack installed (NX -KS) from today, and it comes up with the ver number when the camera boots, but I have no idea how to access the menu to change the bitrates etc ? sorry if its noob, I did try to read all 64 pages of this thread, but I may have dozed off once or twice :D

    Wow you can just read readme file which placed in every NX-KS mod-pack and even here fulltext twice, OK. I can do dirty digging for you, no problem. Here is two first chapters of that file:

    How to install:

          1) start with a clean memory card (no files), turn-on your Bluetooth
          2) unzip the contents of the zip into the root of the sdcard
          3) put the card in the camera, and start the camera
          4) have some patience (there can be 1 or 2 auto-reboots)
          5) when BT-Mod is complete there will be [ Installation Complete ] message, followed by reboot
          6) after boot, you will see [ Mod V1.xx ] (if you don't see it in 15 seconds, turn on the Bluetooth)
          x) to uninstall select: main menu > settings> Uninstall Mod

    Key-combinations EV+*:
          AEL: immediate hibernation
          UP: load UP profile
          DOWN: load DN profile
          RIGHT: Bug-Zapper
          Half-Press-Shutter: focus pull
          mobile: telnet
          EV (double-click EV): Main Menu  (NX500)
          OK: Main Menu (NX1)

    2 hours ago, Garth Philpot said:

    i bought a camera during the week, just because of this thread

    Well, how you can do that because of this thread, if even only in this one particular thread one of the hack authors, Vasile, strongly recommend NOT to do it? Please, there is no problem to find any info about this hack, since it's far from being hidden.

    All the tech info here along with all the steps of progress
    Here is all versions of NX-KS
    All the tests and discussions about what work and what doesn't here on EOSHD and mostly on DPR

    Please be advised that using of that hack might violate warranty in case of any troubles with you device, authors in every way do all stuff to exclude such thing, but still - it IS hack and it might be dangerous for camera.

  10. 27 minutes ago, SR said:

    Wasn't macroblocking fixed with higher bitrate hack, regardless of version? (I'm asking because I haven't had the chance (slow card) to try any of the hacks.)

    Latest versions since 1.47 of KS-pack are not only faster with gui, it also seems to be faster with sd-cards due some optimizations in scripts. I can say that with first 1-2-3 versions of vasiles bitrate hack I can reach 140-180 mbps (depends on the card) and with latest versions of NX-KS I can use 190-260 mbps with pretty much the same cards.

    But I really, really recommeng to read all info about this on dpr or github since guys mostly conversate there. it's not about that you can't use the hack without reading, of course not, you can, but there is known issues that not only mentioned but resolved in this threads, and there is unresolved ones, which good to be aware of. But in most cases all NX-KS works very good, bitrates, focus options, overall stability - is fine now

    I can manage to use automatic focus pull with MF-switched lense during the video record with 120 mbps bitrate via Otto's script in NX-KS pack, which is VERY cool option. Same thing via telnet works faster for now, but with new optimisations I think there is a good chance to reach very-very good stability and speed in this. It looks just incredible, you know.

  11. 1 hour ago, Pavel Mašek said:

    stick to original Vasile's BT hack becuase it basically fixed most important issue to me of NX1 (macroblocking) and I am fine with it (except longer booting)

    Yeah, I understand this it's cool, but I must say that latest versions of KS-pack are very, incredible fast compare even to early versions of KS-pack and of course to vasiles bitrate hack. It's because that now KS-pack use internal memory of camera to locate the scripts, now they are not on sd-card, so it works sooooo much faster than sd-card based scripts. Scripts are basically the same with some optimisations.

    1 hour ago, Pavel Mašek said:

    I really appreciate your hard work as tester - it is really great contribution.

    Thanks :) I think there lot of guys do the same, not only me of course, and even little help is help, so big thanks from me to all who seek any errors and inconveniences with this project, suggest new ways and produce other add-ons to the hack.

    1 hour ago, Pavel Mašek said:

    BTW  :-) - my name is Pavel (first name) Masek (surname). MaÅ¡ek corrupted because of unsupported diacritics from FB login

    Oh, sorry about that, I know where I did mistake yesterday. Thanks for clearing it out, now I will use your name properly :)

  12. 7 hours ago, Pavel Mašek said:

    I have not use Kino Seed's version yet but it should be same or better

    Well now is the time :)

    It's stable and pretty much fast. You don't need to follow exact last version, any from 1.47 are OK, but I recommend to use latest one at the moment. I'd say you find it more practical than sd-card scripts. Also there is a little "readme related" problem, since guys work fast and do so much things, there is no way one of them can be proper technical writer for the project and here is the problem (not so much problem but somewhat inconvenience) - early adopters might be in far more vantage point since they follow the progress with developers and there is no need to explain everything between them, and any last adopters need to ask more and more with each version of hack, because proper technical writer is very hard work and obviously not so beneficial in terms of progress.

    It is what it is, yes. Early adopters are testers, so I can understand you if have no time for this, but here my 2 cents

  13. 59 minutes ago, kidzrevil said:

    I literally have the same card you have. I am using the kino seed version of the hack is that the problem ? @Pavel Mašek

    You can catch some dropped frames with any bitrate, but this number increases with increased bitrates, yes. It's not about sdcard I presume, it's mostly of the camera settings which can affect codec itself and it goes wild. I can tell that even with standart 80 mbps bitrate, before the hack FHD@120 have dropped frames. It's heavily affected by camera settings and enviroment of the record.

    1 hour ago, Pavel Mašek said:

    I have pushed bitrate from 180Mbps (no issues) to 250Mbit and get only 25 fps (it should be 30p) - recording time is more than 2 minutes without any slow card message (no sound)

    Me too with sandisk 95MB\s

    But you need to test your footages, it easy to do in any video editor or player, you just need to find file properties and see is there variable or constant frame rate. It will tell you about dropped frames during the record of this file.

  14. @lucabutera I've posted here screen grab from this footage and drop the link on original NX1 file few days earlier. Youtube version is far from ok for the any test unrelated to youtube itself ))

    Here the link to original 250 mbps file from this session. Author send me this one since he doesn't registred at eoshd and dpr, and give me permission to share

    13 hours ago, iamoui said:

    The motion looks jerky to me. Look at the flags in the first clip. Dropped frames? High shutter speed?

    Yeah, there is dropped frames all right. Also bit windy day so tripod is shaking and it's author's first shooting after he installed bitrate hack ever.

  15. 8 hours ago, Herb said:

    Outerbeat, what are you using to get 250mbps?

    As for now and with latest update of Kino Seed's mod-pack I use SANDISK Extreme Pro SDXC 64GB Class 10 UHS-I U1 (95/90 Mb/s) for 250 mbps but you need to understand that bitrate actually recourse consuming option, and NX1 resourses are limited and other functions rely on them as well. So, with 250 mbps you can do very soft and slow footage without any complex scenes like smoke or fountains close-ups, fast moving objects or fast panning, So, if you intended to shoot, say, field and sky or interior from tripod without any fast pan or tilt - you be able to record like 1-2 good minutes of 250 mbps. I can manage like up to 4 minutes. And this is without sound, because with sound there is a problem with any bitrate more then 190-200, for now. With fast moving picture there is a problem - for encode this type of frame codec needs more resourses that NX1 can manage for this, so record drops with sd-card slow speed message. Presumable there is a memory problem involved and if I understand right - guys tried to manage this, but not yet and there is a big "maybe"

    I think with latest script modifications and optimizations there is no big problem with any sdcard, maybe a little differences like 10 mbps so no big deal. You can use any sdcard with UHS-I or UHS-II specification

  16. 19 minutes ago, Laser Blue said:

    Hi again. I followed the installation intructions for the Mod Pack. My NX1 is unchanged. I formatted the card to ExFat. Copied the .zip file to the card and unzipped. That left the folder "NX-KS" and the "NX-KS.zip" file on the card. I inserted the card into the camera and switched the camera on. No green dots on startup. Camera behaves as it always has. Do I need to drag the contents of the NX-KS folder to the root level so that scripts and the info.tg files are at root, or just leave them in the NX-KS folder? Should I delete the NX-KS.zip file before inserting the card into the camera? Is there a button sequence I need to press after rebooting the camera? Down-OK-up-OK-right-EVplusOK? What am I doing incorectly.

    I had previously installed the NX-DEV.adj file and eliminated the recording limit.

    Can anyone specifically guide me through the process please? Thanks.

    Just put files from zip archive to sdcard root, there are three of them - info.tg, install.sh, nx_cs.adj and "scripts" folder, 4 items overall

    Put sdcard in camera, turn it on, wait to install BT-mod, after that it restarts and now you just turn on the bluetooth in camera, wait the "version 1.XX" message and you good to go, in some cases last step goes very fast so you can operate as soon as camera turns ON. Press EV+OK and the hack menu appears

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