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  1. On a side note, would anybody be interested in working on a pdf with stills or an instruction video that we could embed in the post, so as to make this quite clear for new users. ie check firmware, reset camera to defaults, wipe card, place files in root etc, I can edit it in an afternoon, but would like someone to just check that the information is indeed correct. maybe some small points relating to what cards work best, and what speeds you will get out of them (maybe 5 most popular etc) I have 3 lens adapters arriving for EF, OM and M42 if there is any info that can come from those too...
  2. Ok, folks, so my appologies to all. I picked this up from a samsung store as a "shop demo" for well below clear-out retail, but it seems some one may have fiddled with it. the map key reset has solved the issue, thank-you all, I will make a donation tomorrow. thanks again.
  3. I havnt remapped any buttons, but reset them to default just incase. EV = UP for me brings up the spirit level and histogram( i think). but I get the mod loaded etc, what I dont have is the BT icon top of screen, even though it says on in the menu
  4. thanks folks, let me put down what i can see, i appreciate your input. body firmware is at 1.40. if i look at your screen, i see a difference in that I have no BT icon at the top of the screen. reset all defaults in the menu, and re-installed the mod version you linked to... here are the screen shots of how your screen is different, and how my menu says BT is ON Yes, confirmed, press EV (hold) click ok, then release both. the only other thing I can think that different is I dont have a lens to attach yet, I will have that tomorrow.
  5. ok, I have installed 1.67b, after a card format. it installs successfully, and it brings up the version number. still no difference for me (EV+ OK). what should this new menu look like ? perhaps I am just not seeing it and its a small icon or something ? do I have to have completed the dev menu unlock that i read somewhere back in this forum for this to work correctly ? thanks also, it will not install 1.67b, it stays reporting 1.67m, even though it says [lets clean up'...] , now mod free...
  6. Yes, i should have mentioned, i do get the message, but its 1.67m, not b ?
  7. mine is on but I will format the card again and put the fils back to see if that fixes it. also, i am at the latest firmware, just incase anyone is wondering...
  8. I read that, and tried to do the EV + thing. lol. incase you didnt notice< i have hacked the camera successfully, it says mod installed, and I followed the txt file in the folder. I just dont know how to access where to change the bitrate . EV + OK does not do anything on my camera... (nx1)
  9. HI Guys, I would like to thank you all for the incredible work you have done so far. i bought a camera during the week, just because of this thread, and hopefully the great images that this little budget cam can resolve. please could someone point me in the direction of a explainer video for how the mods work once installed. I have Kino mod pack installed (NX -KS) from today, and it comes up with the ver number when the camera boots, but I have no idea how to access the menu to change the bitrates etc ? sorry if its noob, I did try to read all 64 pages of this thread, but I may have dozed off once or twice :D
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