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  1. Am i ever getting this?? Or has a scam been uncovered? Just checking I haven't been keeping up. I actually have no need for it now.
  2. Not a action cam so you really cant compare the two... Just a small camera for tight spaces..... https://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/video/news/sony-unveils-rx0-miniature-camera-big-ambitions
  3. Bingo... Too many Canon lenses.. I had the Metabones for like 2 months and your right. Very hit or miss... Then i had a bag stolen from my truck that included that Metabones... And because it wasn't that great to begin with i dont feel like purchasing another one! Probably dumb rationale... But hey...
  4. Not really a deal breaker for me.. Since I already use a A7sII and A7Rii for video... I am in BAD need of a upgrade in my "photo" side.. Since I am still using a 7dmk1. I will probably rarely touch the video side of the 6dmk2... The 5dmk4 is just too expensive for the amount of use i would get out of it these days.. (might have been different 10 years ago).. But not now... So I am probably the market that this camera is aiming for. Not professionals or "serious hobbyist" who are trying to make a Camry into a Benz.....
  5. Never had the problem editing 4k like others have had with my I7 i built. Now the problem is my PNY QUADRO K2200 isnt supported my Premiere CC anymore...
  6. Im curious to what others have to say on this subject.... I've had some thoughts of archiving some video/photos for viewing by my very young children so they can view when they get older. But my thinking is against putting anything of this nature on DVD or even Blu-Ray... 30-40 years from now who is to say these types of products will be easily accessible.
  7. True... I couldnt remember what i did.. That is possibly what I did also...back in the day...
  8. The answer is a little bit more complicated... Try the link below.. But it also could come down to your video card and/or computer is not powerful enough... https://www.codecguide.com/download_kl.htm or look up codec packs... be sure to download only the latest ones..
  9. Its your computer. NOT the card or the camera. Put the card back in the camera and play the files via the HDMI cord to a tv. I guarantee you wont see any problems. The problem is your computer is not decoding the files correctly. Update your codecs.
  10. Have you updated to the latest Firmware???
  11. Why does the A7RII look so bad.. My A7sII doesnt look that bad..... The 5dM4 does look good though...I will probably pick one up early next year.. And use for 50/50 stills/video..
  12. This is the story of canon. They come out with cameras, people bash the specs. But they are GREAT to use in the REAL world... Just saying....
  13. I love mine and the image and colors it produces... And I have Canon cameras also.... Not sure what you did with yours at your shoot... But probably should have played around with it first...Its a advance piece of equipment (as well it should be for $3000)... Not something you can just grab and go like its from BestBuy or something
  14. If this is true.. Just shareing for info purposes - http://petapixel.com/2016/08/03/canons-crazy-dslr-stockpile-rio-olympics/
  15. I've never had a problem with the auto-focus on the A7sII especially using the 55mm. And currently I am working on a project with a buddy filming BTS of his photo shoots. Which DONT have great light. Not a lot of fast motion. But I think the auto-focus complaints are greatly exaggerated.
  16. Ive never had a problem with my i7 and Cuda. 4k playsback smoothly in every instance in Premier CC.
  17. So the only benefits in it are if your system has trouble playing larger files or types? Which mine never has. Just trying to figure out the benefits in it? Thanks
  18. Is the proxy workflow automatic when you import footage? I updated but I havent even loaded it up yet.
  19. The 55mm lens autofocus works great. never had a issue with it. Although i know its not in your range.
  20. ANybody have a estimated price range?? I wasnt into the the Mk iii when it first came out so I have no idea where the price point started. mk4 $3500???
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