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  1. but... but.... but.... We have heard so many stories, that the new Sonys do not overheat directly after them being released and influencer being flown to the presentation, does he really dare to say, that that still might happen?! ? The Panasonic cameras may seem big at the first look, but all of that size serves a purpose
  2. I have had nearly every lens. My favorite two are the 16mm f/1.4 and 35mm f/1.4 But honestly, if it's for photos, you can't go wrong.
  3. while I agree I think it's funny, as the EVF experience with Sony wasn't great until now. Every other manufacturer beat that at that. And the LCD seems to still be sub par as well.
  4. Andrew you must be doing it wrong. Influenza on Youtube tell us, that Sony colors are the best there are ?
  5. It might be a myth that it's due to the camera, but each camera + converter produces a specific color. And some are just easier to work with. Let's not call it color science but camera+converter collaboration. And yes, there are just some camera+converter combinations that gives the user a better starting point, reducing editing time.
  6. If I get this right, it's either a pixel binned full sensor size readout or a 6K readout from sub APS-C area, downsampled to 4K. Both at 30fps maximum. Still 100Mbps max still 8 bit only, even when using an external recorder and still no 4K DCI? I guess that means the A7SIII is still coming this year ?
  7. a 24MP BSI sensor with dual gain and exactly the same characteristics as the Sony sensor?
  8. To be honest, I am happy they didn't. Those are small, light, optically good and still affordable. And stabilization will come with next gen cameras and IBIS. Once IBIS is in most cameras, OIS doesn't make sense with this focal lengths.
  9. Yes, that's probably the best lens to get started on a tight budget. It's cheap, optically good, has a great stabilization system and overall does everything very good.
  10. lens turbo is fine optically (actually the designer of the metabones said so himself), but the old version of the Kipon one wasn't. Never used that one myself, but the pictures you can find aren't really any good. Don't have any speedboosters any more. Dummy adapters for old glass, native af lenses and a few manual once with fuji x mount. over time using adapters becomes a pita. The decision speedbooster vs dummy adapter is a) depending on your budget b) depending on the angle of view you are looking for c) depending on the lenses you are using with it.
  11. SD cards: either get the San Disk Extreme Pro 95MB/s, Sony M (260MB/s, 100MB/s) or buy into the really expansive stuff, like the best UHS-II cards. Usb c cable: do you need one? For Power Delivery most of them work, I wouldn't buy into the really expansive once, unless you use to tether which you don't, since you are into video only Display cover: don't use one, no scratches. Minolta adapter: doesn't matter, it's just a dummy adapter, get the cheapest one you can.
  12. Why poor Sony? All those interesting cameras announced in the last weeks and months, no matter if they are called Sigma FP, Panasonic S1 or Fujifilm GFX100 all use Sony sensors.
  13. To be honest, thinking about it it shows how excellent the GF lenses are. The panasonic not only is a 188MP image, it's a a 188MP RGB image with every pixel having all the information for red, green and blue. That the Fuji is as close as it is, is a statement to it's quality. If the rumors are true and the GFX gets multi shot as well, I can't imagine what the quality will be like. Dpreview probably has to reprint it's target at a higher resolution ?
  14. Hasselblad said, it's the same old sensor in the X1D II 50c as it was in the first version.
  15. You should get a Nikon F --> Canon EF manual adapter. This way you can mount Nikon F mount lenses onto the canon adapter onto the sony adapter onto the Nikon. Probably not the best way to adapt Nikon F glass to a Nikon body but who cares. Adapterception!!!
  16. E for the river. But it's not as much the color, as it is the exposure. I guess it was done in manual exposure with same settings on all cameras thus different brightness? Although it's much more magenta than I normally like, I like G on the dog.
  17. Yeah, 3.76um that's right, had the old 24MP APS-C Pixel in mind, which was 3.91um. I suspected that the IMX455 would make it into either a new Nikon Z (or D850 successor), Pentax K1 or Sony A7RIV camera, but haven't heard any rumors about it. Z Cam E2 F8 is already introduced, that's interesting.
  18. I am not. If pixelsize is the same, bigger sensors have higher pixel amounts. with the 3.91 micron pixels there is the 26MP APS-C sensor, the 100MP 44x33mm medium format sensor and the 150MP bigger medium format sensor. A 60MP full frame sensor seems to be in the pipeline. And if you crop one of those sensors to the size of one other, it has exactly the same pixel count. And yes, crop factor as linear factor is the square root of the area. Anyway, no matter how you calculate it (horrizontal pixel amount, area, pixel size) you end up with a crop factor that is close to 3x. (3x means 9 times the area). But let's do the math. The sensor is 44x33mm. In 16:9 that's 44x25.75mm On that surface there are 11648x6552 pixels out of which 2/3 are actively read out, ending up at 50.9MP (but that number doesn't matter, since we are only interested in the area). So we are downscaling from 76.3MP and 1133mm^2 to whatever size can hold 3840x2160pixels. (8.3MP). That's easy, 76.3/8.3=9.2x So the area from a 4K crop would be 1/9 of the used area. As I said crop factor is the root of the area so we end up at ~3, again, the value I guessed. Looking at wikipedias list of sensor sizes, we can find two listings for 2.4x crop. Why 2.4x? Because the GFX already has a crop of 0.78x and thus we have to multiply. (the crop is smaller in 16:9 aspect ratio, but let's neglect that). One of those is the 1.1" Sony IMX253 Sensor.
  19. I think the GFX100 sensor isn't really designed to handle video as it's highest priority (if it was, it probably wouldn't be 100MP), but stills. And still it seems it's a great option for those looking to go beyond full frame and try something special. That the GFX100 does 10bit internal at bitrates of up to 400Mbit puts it up there with some of the best full frame cameras, while reading over 50MP. That's some crazy stuff. 50MP at 30 frames a second, that's 1500MP read and processed every second (adc drop precision to do it and that decreases processing power needed, it's still immense though.)
  20. no, at APS-C/S35 size it's still an 26MP (3:2 format) X-T3 sensor. To get a 1:1 4K pixel readout it needs to crop past micro four thirds to something close to 1.1" sensor. That's a crop factor of over 3. Would be great for wide angle shots That's probably what canon would do ?
  21. that's what people repeat over and over again. They claim that the very old lcd panel was the only way to get 120fps. To be honest, I couldn't see the difference between 120p and 120i in different cameras. What I could see was that it wasn't resolving anywhere close to the competition, the contrast wasn't great and so on. But that's not the main critic I have about the viewfinder. It's the blackout that's still there when shoot fast pace. And that's where other manufacturers are infront it's not. It's good. It's a 3 year old 20MP FSI 12bit mFT sensor. Again, this is where competition is running away it's good. But again, competition is overall better and is doing it was less than half the price! I wouldn't criticize it, if the camera was <1000€ or even 1500€ due to the formfactor, but at 3000€ it should be best in class. It's not. hopefully. As I said, I think that the E-M1x should either be better at many small things or cost a lot less.
  22. Hopefully a lot more. While it‘s probably one of the best cameras you can get ergonomically and offers some unique feature, some main point such as image quality, autofocus or viewfinder performance have fallen behinde competition. Especially if you consider the price I guess 2019 won‘t be Olympus‘ year of the E-M1x, but the E-M5III
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