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  1. I would say it is background compression and depth of field in relation to focal length. e.g. 50 1.2 on ff and going for a upper body shot open wide you'll have fair bG separation still having a 1.8 would be boring. on mf you could have the same depth of field but an even wider frame. This is something you usually don't see or can get easily on a smaller sensor...given subject distance etc...stays the same Mf is lame I want sensors as big as my tablet aka large format
  2. Has anyone seen that ominous list of 200-300 lenses suitable?!?
  3. Am in the same pickle here. Will probably have to switch all my favorite lenses to afs versions. I don't think they'll make a screw drive adapter but would love to be proven wrong. 300 f4 meehhh, 85 f1.4 meehhh, my favorite glass is dead now. Will need to come up with a lens strategy....aka coughing up monies
  4. Heart breaking. I can't wait to see how z6 af is doing. Z7 focus is insane.
  5. No idea if it is really turned off but in the menu of the d750 you have 4 high iso nr thingys....should be the same in the z6.
  6. Has anyone seen a test of ibis in combo with VR of AF-S lenses? I can’t find any...
  7. Stunning execution!!! I have no sound. Looked at it completely still, simply amazing art direction, lighting and shooting... it would be great to know more about the shoots you did.
  8. Btw. I loved lens flairing/wacking the shit out of my nikkor glass on canon ----> that z mount is dangerously close to the sensor do you dare to put your hand close to that glory hole?
  9. Please @blackmagicdesign get one of those sales reps to the fricking midlands and go on a bender with Andrew. Let @Andrew Reid document it all with that forsaken p4k. Make a review from it that will break the internet like Kim's butt. Boom.
  10. I am in the same position. Also want everything in one body. Just for feelings super filmmakerish I would consider the p4k untill i can fondle that z6 in about a years time. I love the z6 from what I have seen so far. It just seems like a no bullshit camera but again other mothers also have beautiful daughters aka a73....
  11. I am Johnny knoxville and I have GAS!
  12. Can't see any divergence on my spiderwebed iphone4s, is all looks great.
  13. ...I can kind of see that AF-D lenses are devalued for me if I am getting a Z6. They are great for hammering nails in and do look fantastic but unless there will be a af screw adapter, mehhhh. I do feel that the startup lens selection is kind of rubbish. I would have much more preferred a bunch of 2.8 or f2s pancake thingys. Also why did they not go with a 24-120 f4, Jesus Christ. Cant wait for someone to properly review it.....
  14. Wow, I think that's pretty amazing. Close to a swiss watch or something.
  15. Yeah, I kind of reserved one two days ago. I thought Video assist is not important if I go the p4k route. But with Z6 in mind it might be quite nice to play with the 10 bit nlog files....hence it might be reasonable to get a recorder. @IronFilmwould you suggest to to kill two flies in one go if I get the BM 4K assist that seems to have reasonable audio recording, phantom power, mini xlr ....as well? ? is there any reason to believe the z6 is not superior to the a7iii? Bridge under the water. Love you all ?
  16. You are right unless all the F lenses also work flawlessly. If that is the case and you might be already a Nikon shooter you have arguably one of the best lens lineup at your disposal...
  17. I am in the market for a 5'ish monitor. In foresight should I go with Atomos rather than BM video assist which is probably due to an update? From what I have seen so far the z6 ticks all my boxes for the end of time. Not sure about their lens strategy though. Hopefully adapted F lenses will video af as nice. Can't wait to fondle it abit....
  18. Thanks ?. So to run resolve full screen you get that ?direkt link? PCI Card? Doing resolve on a 4K screen with hd video you still can see it in full rez no? I am one of those still on CS6 not going nowhere near subscription, hopefully i can install that on win10 and runs as smoothly as on my old dog. So you’d go: - 6core cpu - gpu as big as possible maxed by budget it will be 8gb one 4K screen first cheers
  19. Lucky me it is time to upgrade to a more recent desktop pc after 10 years of drinking coffee while the computer is rendering. I would love to get some insights about what is really necessary. Budget is about 500-1500€ plus maybe a cheeky monitor thrown in. I would love make the switch to resolve completely once p4k is the new king of the castle. Until then it should slice up compressed hd files like hot knife through butter in premiere and resolve. Would you go double screen or wide screen. Maybe a wide hd and added 4K screen? And what does this mean for GPU? Should I keep in mind to go double GPU in the future? Should I go Gtx 1080 or are the 4gb ones ok even for moderate 4K editing? It looks like options are getting a cheap two generations down pc for 450,- which will blow my old machine away but maybe not bulletproof enough to last me through my 4K life? Or do you suggest getting 1080 double gpu Ryzen Threadkiller or biggest 7 and save up a bit longer? I mainly shoot short I image videos up to 5min with transitions, speed ramping, grain, etc.. maybe a title animation grown in there, nothing to fancy. Helpful would probably be something like: “I have this setup and shoot gh5 4K easy.....” so I can get a bit more perspective. Thanks!
  20. When I last looked this thread was about the near "future" aka Nikon full frame mirrorless with one of the sensors being 8k, like in the d850. Same with a7r probably roughly 8k, too? This is for photo obviously but the sensor does not know this when scanning progressive more does the lens. What has super35 to do with it? Good night.
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