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    TVDino reacted to Andrew Reid in Your content will need to be approved by a moderator   
    Yes, to stop the forum turning into a spam bucket of Russian and Chinese viagra offers.
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    TVDino reacted to jgharding in What is the truth about RED's and BLACK's cameras ?   
    Well I made my decision and can't say I'm unhappy.
    Made a little noise torture test with Scarlet X, latest firmware, sensor newly calibrated.
    For those unfamiliar, ISO is set in post with raw, while the exposure meter gives a preview of what your post settings will achive, as well as bars for total noise and clipping so you can see how much lights you're getting into the thing.
    This is at effective ISO 25600 (12800 is max selection in Premiere, with 1-stop of FLUT push), shot at 10:1 compression (!)
    Here you see the noise unprocessed, then with Neat Video, then unprocessed again. watch it in 4K a couple of times to get a good idea. The image is far far brighter than real life, it's a little shadowy corner with a tiny amount of natural light.
    The joy of raw! As I test more I'm working out how best to use ISO to set where your dynamic range lives. In future I'd do all shots intended for high ISO at lowest compression just to get every bit of detail i can. I love that when it pans over to the leaflet you can read it all so clearly. Magic!
    I knew it would be good but this is just... silly.
    Don't worry though, I still love my Canons
    The camera is extremly heavy with an Anton Bauer battery on the back, and with a Redvolt the battery life is abysmal, plus the footage is big and the media are nauseatingly expensive, so it'll never be as convenient as a C100. But god damn, tis pretty. Can't argue with 16-bit colour even when you're attempting to destroy it...
    Neat Video 4.1 is a great update. It makes full use of powerful GPUs and has brilliant temporal settings that assist with low-frequency noise across time. Great stuff!
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    TVDino got a reaction from jgharding in Craft Camera is coming!   
    "How do we change the world ?" someone asked Solomon the wise .  "By creating it everyday !"

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    TVDino reacted to jax_rox in Craft Camera is coming!   
    Except most 'cinema' setups have in-camera scratch-tracks at a minimum, if not Genlock TC as well. Even middling corporate shoots tend to have that these days. Where's the Genlock? 
    I agree. This looks like the modularity that RED wanted, but even RED with their R&D money, and cost of modules couldn't quick get it to work that way.
    And what's the go with the price? The website (unless I'm mistaken) tells you nothing about what the eventual price will be. The previous email said 'somewhere between' x and x. IIRC, the higher end of the number was ~$2800. Is that for a 'fully moduled' camera? Or is that just the sensor/single lens module? If so, how much will the other modules be? What is it going to cost to get a semi-workable camera? How do you power the camera without the battery module? How do you record without the Media module? Via SDI/HDMI? What are they outputting? 8-bit signals? 10-bit? 
    What's the sensitivity? Base ISO? 
    Shooting in a studio won't need an ND?
    The last camera I remember seeing 3D renders of before seeing the actual camera pictures, or any footage, is the AJA CION. Whatever happened to that camera?
    Some nice 3D renders with nothing that really provides confidence that these guys (or girls?) know what they're doing, or can even deliver a product at all, is a big red flag for me.
    Also, by the time this camera comes out (December seems ambitious, based on what we have to go by, not to mention their statement of 'yep, December, totally.. unless it isn't'), we'll be approaching next NAB. You'd want the camera to really deliver, considering what might take place between now and next NAB. 
    Because they don't have a camera yet. Just 3D renders. And most likely, not the money to attend. The whole thing, including the, 'we really wish you didn't ask for your money back, but I guess if you absolutely have to..' stinks of 'we don't really have the capital to do this properly'
    Hence the shifty marketing campaign. Someone with the capital to do it properly isn't deliberately vague and teasey, and releases full camera specs at launch, rather than simply leading with the things that are 100%.
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    TVDino got a reaction from mercer in Craft Camera is coming!   
    I'm posting all that sh.. here so there is an UNCHANGED COPY AT EOSHD.COM if someone at CraftCamera edits the terms ...
    And for people to easier see it and discuus the small print !
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    TVDino reacted to mercer in Craft Camera is coming!   
    It looks cool and could be a winner. Obviously, there are a few issues...
    1. This is just a computer render... Not a big deal, but they probably don't even have a prototype yet, so their deadline is VERY ambitious. 
    2. The modularity helps to keep the cost down, but most are needed and if not needed all the time, who will ever lighten their load since the multitude of electrical contacts create a lot of situations for damage. Basic SD storage should be made available for the S16 sensor model, so the additional module isn't necessary... For smaller budget projects and to compete with the BMPCC/BMMCC. 
    3. The audio module should be an add on for external microphones only. The video and website literature makes no mention of onboard microphone. So, without an onboard microphone you are really forced to buy the audio module even if you intend to synch double sound.
    4. Why aren't they at NAB? It is expensive to attend a trade show, but the amount of press and investment opportunities outweigh the costs. 
    So, I would be very interested in this if they worked out a 4th configuration between the action model and the HD model, or updated their HD module to include basic SD recording and an onboard microphone. But it's still early so who knows what may happen. 
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    TVDino got a reaction from sanveer in Craft Camera is coming!   
    Actually 13 stops is high for Global Shutter; the Terra5K has 13 stops for Global and 15 for Rolling shutter ! 
    And at 120 fps I have to agree that it's cool - and I was against it !   But still a possible scam ... 
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    TVDino reacted to Policar in What is the truth about RED's and BLACK's cameras ?   
    It's not, but just don't take things too personally. I do, and look at what trouble it gets me in.
    I'm dead serious about the best thing I ever shot being on a t2i btw. I was lucky enough to shoot an ad for NBC on an Alexa and MK-V after that (based on showing the t2i video to a client) and it wasn't nearly as good because I didn't have enough time to control. Maybe next time it will be better. But anyone who judges you on your camera has nothing better to be judged by than theirs. And a camera costs money, not talent.
    I still try to recommend certain things to people based on their needs. Unfortunately, money is usually the main one for most people. I remember going to a ramen restaurant where everyone had to speak their dreams, it was a cute place with that theme–and 9/10 they were to get a full time job. Which is to say, to have someone else's approval, financially and in terms of self-worth. But these people lacked the money and approval not to need it, and that's most of us. If you can be true to yourself, and not your client or the internet, more power to you. But at the same time, that's a luxury, and so I feel the only answer is see everyone's point of view.
    As storytellers, the goal we should all have is to worry about hiring the best DP instead of buying the best camera. Or being the DP who can choose any camera. People are always worth more than gear.
    But we have time to get there and until then, our needs are our own.
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    TVDino got a reaction from Zach Goodwin in What is the truth about RED's and BLACK's cameras ?   
    NO ! I'm considering reporting You ...  (Just joking !)  But take a look at my answer to Ebrahim Saadawi :

    Do yo have a preference to a
    certain company colour sceince?                               Not really, I was a CANON-Cam-fan and discovered the un-ergonomic C100 ...
                                                                                       Then looked at SONY VG900, X70, A7S2, FS5 and then B.M. Ursa Mini 4,6 K
                                                                                       failed the promised global shutter until RED's Raven and now i look at old REDs ...

    And then take a look at my latest post :

    Just a few Movies Filmed with Canon and Nikon DSLR Cameras untill 2014 ...   (by montanafilmmaker)
    Black Swan (2010)   “ Canon 5D Mark II and 7D used in conjunction with 16mm film cameras. ”
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    TVDino got a reaction from Zach Goodwin in What is the truth about RED's and BLACK's cameras ?   
    Just a few Movies Filmed with Canon and Nikon DSLR Cameras untill 2014 ...   (by montanafilmmaker)
    Black Swan (2010)   “ Canon 5D Mark II and 7D used in conjunction with 16mm film cameras. ”

    127 Hours (2010)   “ The Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, and 1D Mark IV were all used, in addition to other cameras. ”
    The Avengers (2012)   “ Canon 5D Mark II and 7D used as additional cameras. ”
    End of Watch (2012)   “ Canon 5D Mark II and 7D used as additional cameras. ”

    Elysium (2013)   “ Canon 5D Mark II used along with the RED Epic. ”
    Drive (2011)   “ Canon 5D Mark II (some shots) ”

    Margin Call (2011)   “ Canon 5D Mark II (driving scenes) ”

    Wilfred (2011 TV Series)   “ Season 2 and onward is filmed entirely with the Nikon D800.
    Cinematographer likes to use the 50mm f/1.2 AIS lens for it's extremely shallow depth of field. ”

    Dexter (2006 TV Series)   “ Nikon D800 used for lots of the show. ”
    Portlandia (2011 TV Series)   “ Canon 5D Mark II used for Season 1 and 2. ”

    House (2004 TV Series)   “ Canon 5D Mark II used for Season 6 finale "Help Me". ”

    ParaNorman (2012)   “ Canon 5D Mark II ”
    Act of Valor (2012)   “ Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, and 1D Mark IV used along with other cameras. ”

    Snitch (2013)   “ Canon 5D Mark II (some shots). ”
    Red Tails (2012)   “ Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, and 1D Mark IV were the primary cameras used on the film, along with a Sony camera. ”

    The Bourne Legacy (2012)   “ Canon 5D Mark II (some shots) ”

    Frankenweenie (2012)   “ Canon 5D Mark II ”

    Limitless (2011)   “ Canon 5D Mark II and 1D Mark IV used for some shots. ”

    Thor: The Dark World (2013)   “ Canon 5D Mark II (second unit: crash camera) ”
    We need to talk about Kevin Costner (2011)   “ Canon 5D Mark II and 35mm cameras used. ”
    Come on Zach; can't You see they made that on purpose ?!?
    To illustrate there's cheap low-quality Mitchell surveilance-Cameras everywhere in the dystopian future of Dredd ...
    Or maybe a parallel to the gloomy, claustrophobic, polluted, rainstained image/feeling of "BladeRunner" ?
    Or the handheld "reality&documentary-style-movies" like "Blair Witch Project", "Cloverfield" etc. ?

    Really - You MUST be joking !  (So am I with the surveilance-Cameras above ...)
    It's like when Pink Floyd did a noisy radiotuning search in the start of "Wish You were here"  So be here, tech-competitors !  ;-)

    PS :   We really need some more happy emoticons in the forums toolbox  !!!
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    TVDino reacted to jgharding in What is the truth about RED's and BLACK's cameras ?   
    It's right that you don't need 4K for delivery at the moment...
    but it's great for stabilisation, compositing, tracking, reframing and so on... And hard to let go of
    absolute need and reasonable desire aren't the same, but the latter can often swing a decision
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    TVDino reacted to kaylee in What is the truth about RED's and BLACK's cameras ?   
    thats honestly awesome i was searching for overtly masculine/aggressive terms but i just kept coming up with pro wrestling moves
    my example might be funnier but yours is more accurate satire lol
    seriously tho, just for the record:
    i supported RED since before day one. im not a hater
    i want them to do better
    hell, id be the first person to (partially) defend a camera called "RAPE-X MYSTERIONGYNY®™" if i was in love with the image. id be like "I kno the name is problematic but...!!!!"
    when i was brand new to filmmaking before the red one even came out and "old people" [translation = cynical assholes] were like 'Whaaat lmao an actual digital movie camera pffttfttt no way impossible" and i was like Uhmm what why...~? Ive been shooting STILLS for years and it seems like things are trending in that direction...? I mean im no scientist but pretty sure that If you think that pure technology is going to be a barrier in the near future then youre an idiot...???
    many ::sigh:: years later here we are with a violence party of specs from red cameras, but how much better are their latest/greatest vs their earlier cameras? to me, in some ways, there may have been a regression...
    p.s. i love "specs", im renting a 5ds soon to shoot some special purpose stills that a d810 couldnt ~quite~ resolve, i did tests. but in cinema, more than any other medium in the arts imo, the whole is more than the sum of its parts
    lmaoooo ?
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    TVDino got a reaction from TheRenaissanceMan in What is the truth about RED's and BLACK's cameras ?   
    Yeah, good Spielberg-quote !  I like his (at least claimed) social attitude to filmmaking as a building-team, but I actually use a Clint Eastwood-like effective production and try to direct the beautifull way he handles actors ... One of my actors told me I was directing the same way Susanne Bier
    did which I don't think is a compliment, so I hope to grow as great as Clint, become as skillfull as Kubrick and balance mainstream with depth !
    Talk about marathon-ambitions ...        NB : A smal notice for Ebrahim Saadawi - Scarlet is just a reference for me !

    -Resolution :    I may have to settle with 2K (if 4K is too much to handle) for the project waiting, but I really look forward to Ratio 2,4:1
    -Frame rate :     Not decided as Europe uses 25, but 24 is said to give a better look; could be due to electricity frequence-difference
                              US 60 Hz/ Europe 50 hz and then I would like to use some Slow Motion frame rates which has to be shot at 2K since
                              Scarlet don't do Slow Motion 4K and it looks like used Epic MX are still way too expensive .

    -Low-light ISO performance you shoot at :                 A few scenes outdoor night, but mostly indoor evening, a little bedroom-darkness
    -Colour grading/push-ability of the images :               I would like to have some post-room if I get extreme or creative ...

    -Dynamic range, super important? :                           The Scarlet range with HDR as an occasional possibility, is very OK
    or do you light your stuff creatively? :                         I use the "normal available light + 2 variable spots for creativity

    -Shoot doc type or narrative/controlled type? :           Next project mainly fiction, so narrative at the moment

    -Need good in-camera audio?  :                                 I hate bad sound in movies, but hope Scarlets inputs wiil be sufficient
    XLR microphones or use external recorders?            I have both jack and XLR-mikes and is newbie at sync, but considering external recorders

    -Need internal NDs, Auto exposure :                          Nah, will use matte ND's ... trying to avoid auto exposure
    -Want Auto focus? :                                                    Auto Focus would be very wellcome, but not so imperative

    -What lens mount lenses will you be using?               EF (at some future-point I will start using PL as there are obvious benefits)

    -Battery requirements, will you be wanting
     an internal small battery that shoots all day              I often use available AC-plugins at indoor-scenes since my old lamps used 230 Volt ....
     or fine with a V-Lock? :                                              "Internal small battery that shoots all day" ?  Has it been invented ?   V-lock is perfect

    -Size/weight? :                                                             A 10 lb RED ONE is for emergency-plan C ... 5 lb and below
     can you use a DSLR to rig or                                     If I wanted 8 bit I'd go for Sony FS5 or even consider Sony A7S2
    want a modular RED/Cube or                                     A 12 lb FS7 is for emergency-plan D ... 13,2 lb ? + I hate C100/300's bad ergonomic grip
    an FS7/C300 camcorder type?  :                                Modula RED used Scarlet MX (or a cheap Epic MX) looks good,
                                                                                        Ursa Mini 4,6 K is changed to emergency-plan B

    -Does the brand of the camera
    affect your clients :                                                     Not the present one, BUT the BM-support seems mediocre and
                                                                                       Kinefinity's Chinese support is unknown ...

    -Do yo have a preference to a
    certain company colour sceince?                               Not really, I was a Canon-Cam-fan and discovered the un-ergonomic C100 ...
                                                                                       Then looked at Sony VG900, X70, A7S2, FS5 and then BM Ursa Mini 4,6 K
                                                                                       failed the promised global shutter until REDS Raven and now i look at old REDs ...
    Some people really hate Sony colours
    and S-LOG and love Canon and                                Sony RAW can be fixed in post, Canon C-XXX should have great colours,
                                                                                        uncertain about BM's, but ARRI was amazing in "Game of Thrones" !
    ARRI colours or REDs?                                              However RED seems to do fine in many movies ...

    -Maximum budget in US dollars                                 Raven basic package in EURO

    AND I cannot agree with You on bit-importance; I have recorded before on 8 bit, but I can see it gives a cartoon-like neon-result,
    I have wellknown danish painters on both parents side and able to see the difference in amount of colours !   I can actually taste
    Umani as well as taste red from white wine blindfolded ... Fortunately .
    8-bit 256 different values, 10-bit 1024 different values, 12-bit 4096 different values,14-bit 16,384 different values, 16-bit 65,536 different values
    Movie Pro's use 16-bit or more and some directors or photographers might have some supersenses making pictures more beautifull for You all ?
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    TVDino got a reaction from Zach Goodwin in What is the truth about RED's and BLACK's cameras ?   
    Right ! "not a frat whereby you need to do time in the ranks"  Thanks HZ, You nailed the pyramid-thinking well-meaning people exhibit and exert on others ... And speak about automatic reactions & recordings :

    A ROBOT-camera that shoots the whole movie for You !  The RED® WARPDRIVE 666 w/ TERMINATOR-X SENSOR™® - 32K (3.000 FPS)
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    TVDino got a reaction from HelsinkiZim in What is the truth about RED's and BLACK's cameras ?   
    Right ! "not a frat whereby you need to do time in the ranks"  Thanks HZ, You nailed the pyramid-thinking well-meaning people exhibit and exert on others ... And speak about automatic reactions & recordings :

    A ROBOT-camera that shoots the whole movie for You !  The RED® WARPDRIVE 666 w/ TERMINATOR-X SENSOR™® - 32K (3.000 FPS)
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    TVDino reacted to HelsinkiZim in What is the truth about RED's and BLACK's cameras ?   
    TLDR; Get the RED because making videos these days is not a frat whereby you need to do time in the ranks.
    I respectfully disagree. Not trying to troll, but I think we like to create barriers that don't exist in this profession, as it is a natural response to the commodification of industry that technology advancements are driving. It is the same feeling the taxi drivers had in France when Uber started to be a threat, the natural reaction is to try to protect the many years and hard work you have put into becoming a professional. But the 'technology of things' is allowing the next generation to get to your level of professionalism faster than it used to. Filmmaking went from being a craft to a skill to a hobby in such a short amount of time that my head is still spinning.
    In every profession you start as an amateur and at some point you realise that you are in fact a professional. For doctors, lawyers, scientists and other professions where your blunders can possibly kill people, there are obviously a lot of hurdles you have to jump before you can pop that MD on your business card.
    Film-making is not one of these professions. In fact the whole allure of independent filmmaking is that you grew up hearing stories of people who begged, borrowed or put on credit (or stole, in Werner Herzog's case) the monies to fund their first feature. Did Rodrigeuz or Tarantino know the benefits/ limitations of every single camera on the market before they decided they wanted to play with the big boys? I doubt it.
    They figured it out along the way because they knew they were not trying to build a jet propulsion engine. They were making a movie. Now we cripple ourselves by thinking about the mechanics and science of every last detail that we end up making really 'safe' choices that add up in time and money over the years trying to plug holes in deficiencies (sound capture, monitoring, ergornomics, time in post...), and most would have been better off just taking the big risk to begin with.
    To make an analogy, I feel like we are car enthusiasts, in a sense that, DSLR users are like the guys who buy a Ford Escort hatchback and spend money on souping up the car so it sounds and speeds like a high end sports car... but it is not a Bugatti, no matter how hard it tries. But what is happening is the price of the jacked up Ford Escort is coming closer to a base model BMW, metaphorically, so you might as well get the beamer.
    But in a sense you are right that, due to pure statistics of how many people have failed at making a living in this business, both hollywood and work-from-home/ small office video production... it is wise to advise someone against putting themselves in financial distress over a camera system when something much cheaper essential would satisfy their potential clients/ cinematic needs. Its a fools gamble to take if it affects the well being of you and your family.
    But if you are suggesting that there is a learning curve that takes "months/years/decades" for someone to learn how to get the best out of a camera you own and could afford, that is a bit pessimistic. With Andrews guide, the manual, vimeo project descriptions/ comments, youtube tutorials and a few weeks trial and error - I think you would be very well informed about the GH4. Especially if you have been using prosumer cameras for a few years.
    I just feel that if you feel you can afford it, get the best camera you can buy and spend the years learning how to use it to tell a variety of stories or projects, rather than a camera that is best for niche subjects.
    The idea that training wheels are still needed in the video game is not as true as it used to be when every aspect of a production was a mystery. 12 years ago if you wanted to know how to focus pull, someone would physically have to train you because who the hell could afford a follow focus system. The same with motion graphics, who had a computer powerful enough to learn at home in their underwear. Who could afford anything but a zoom lens for their XL1, if you wanted to understand how lenses worked you had to assist a pro.
    Anyways, I conclude that we should not discourage people from punching above their weight because it is never a matter of IF they will ever figure out how to max out the camera, it is only when and we should not underestimate the power a young, hungry individual with time and the power of a google search. I would advise to spend those months and years with a Red rather than a GH4. It makes no difference really.
    I'm playing the name the next RED game. It's fun, you should give it a try! Think of the most macho words you can imagine and up the specs!
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    TVDino reacted to jcs in Commercial Movie Success   
    Getting people to watch and love your movie is easy. Simply make a great movie. This will result in the movie getting shared (word of mouth, link via email, text, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and if the viral coefficient is greater than 1.0, the movie has a chance to become exponentially popular and thus successful ("viral").
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    TVDino reacted to Raafi Rivero in Commercial Movie Success   
    Your motivation for making films, especially independent films, can't be solely about profit. Your passion to tell stories must be at the core of why you do this work. Otherwise go be a dentist. People will always be willing to have their teeth fixed. Willing to pay for art? Not so much.
    As far as making a living as a filmmaker there are several options downstream from big budget Hollywood director. Those options become less and less appealing by the time you get to something like "Briss videographer", but they exist.
    As far as cutting through the clutter and achieving mainstream, critical, and financial success? Those projects are rare birds indeed. It's why filmmakers idolize people like Tarantino, Kevin Smith, and Steven Soderbergh. Because they did it.  As JCS said earlier in the thread, you simply have to make an exceptional film. 
    I can remember seeing Christopher Nolan's Memento in a theater. No big stars, just a phenomenally interesting concept executed at the highest level. The trajectory from there to Inception was not guaranteed, but the promise was certainly there from the beginning. Keep working. Get better. Find your level. I'm pulling for you.
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    TVDino reacted to jax_rox in Craft Camera is coming!   
    I kinda agree, but then Kickstarter always has pitch videos, specs etc. 
    A Kickstarter that came out and said 'we're making a cinema camera' and had perks of $500 selectable between HD and 4k isn't going anywhere. Even a Kickstarter that had a story about the company and the people and why they wanted to make a new camera and what they felt was needed and blah blah blah would still go somewhere, even without specs.
    One page saying 'CRAFT cinema camera: Coming soon. $500 down'
    That Kickstarter campaign ain't gettin off the ground.
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    TVDino reacted to gsenroc in Craft Camera is coming!   
    It looks they will announce the camera first with some specs, and opens the preorder for it, doesn't sound too crazy, but indeed shady.
    I'm curious to see what they will bring out.
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    TVDino reacted to jgharding in What is the truth about RED's and BLACK's cameras ?   
    I'm getting an old Red because every time I look at images it goes Alexa/Amira then Red then the rest. Actually Panasonic Varicam looks to be stunning but it's new and outta price range.
    a 2nd hand scarlet X can be had for half the price of a c300 mkii. Less convenient yes, but the picture is amazing, redcode is a genius raw codec and it's got an EF mount.
    if you can be bothered to deal with a Red One MX it's even cheaper.
    no built in NDs, no XLRs or phantom power (EDIT: both have phantom power, sorry),  expensive accessories and... A world class image.
    then all that's left is to become good enough at lighting/directing/storytelling to justify owning the bastard
    if you want a cheap good image that's easy to use, a second hand C100 with a Ninja 2 is excellent. Only 1080p but absolutely excellent, and very easy to use.
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    TVDino got a reaction from HelsinkiZim in Craft Camera is coming!   
    He, He !   I didn't need to read it all to recognize the "Nigerian-style"    And I can only agree and repeat my arguments :

    "Hmmm, If I was only mailing to potential buyer-groups, I do not want ANY speculation about my business !
    They surely must know this would happen and COULD have provided some photographs or more specs ...
    OK to keep secretive, but this is an exaggeration and a VERY "shady" sign !  Also I checked jcs' link :
    and it leads to an interesting web-address http://craft-camera.com/ ... much like http://www.craftcamera.com/"

    We want to believe in the CHEAP RED (even RED knows to use this !) & the PROMISED BLACKMAGIC !  (Unintended dirty )
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    TVDino reacted to HelsinkiZim in Craft Camera is coming!   
    For a laugh, i'll break down this email from a salesman's/ executive producer's point of view.
    - denotes all times of day and suggests something festive is entailed.
    Yes, we actually exist and have a voice.
    - you don't know who we are but you did at some point, but you have forgotten.

    We are incredibly grateful and humbled by all the support.
    - OK, even if you don't remember us, everyone else does. (Classic 'humblebrag').
    And because of that, we are only sharing the following email to you—our early adopter email list.
    - FYI, you are special and unique and part of a private club who got in first. Aren't you lucky?

    We have looked forward to sending this email for months. You should know that we will not publish this anywhere else. That means you are the first to know.
    - you owe us your attention because we have invested a lot of time on this product exclusively for your benefit, and you have such a unique opportunity here because we haven't told the world about it yet because you are our favorite person. When we tell everyone, we can't make any promises on your VIP status.
    I bet many of you have wondered, “What’s the deal with Craft?" There has been an outpouring of interest for Craft from all over the world and from all walks of life—from Hollywood, indies, corporate marketing departments, agencies, and amateurs. They have reached out by the thousands trying to figure out what we are working on.
    - (more humblebrag) My lord, have you been missing out!
    For over a year, we have been developing the Craft Camera—a new system that we believe will help users tell better stories.
    - we have developed a system to make you a creative genius, you are a craftsman and we are called Craft, geddit?
    On April 18th around 12pm EST, we will announce Craft Camera on craftcamera.com. This announcement will include initial information, a first glimpse of the Craft Camera, and we will start taking initial reservations.
    - Sshhh, listen, here are some hard facts. We are committing to a time and place for one time only. We will blow you away with a few seconds of footage and allow you to give us your credit card details, BUT only if you are on time and in the right place.
    Since Craft Camera is still in development, we won’t be releasing every single detail because we hope to get feedback from reservation holders before we publish final details.
    - in case you aren't impressed, don't worry, you haven't been given all the information and glimpses yet, be patient and get in line anyways. We will figure this spec stuff out eventually once we receive enough complaints to warrant changes.
    A reservation will require a $500 deposit, your name, email, and phone number. Reservations will only be available on craftcamea.com and will be 100% refundable. Your deposit will be deducted from the total price once you place an order at a later date.
    - (classic close) Absolutely no risk involved. But wait there's more...

    As a reservation holder, you will also receive a 10% discount off your final order along with some additional perks like first looks, priority reservations on future products and a few other surprises.
    - (classic time sensitive bonuses)
    Please note we are offering a limited number of reservations which is why we wanted you to know about this first. This means when we hit our limit we will stop taking reservations. No exceptions. The reservations are first come first serve and when the cameras ship, we will do so in the order that the reservation was placed. 
    - remember, this deal is exclusive to you and time sensitive. This is urgent!
    The Craft Camera comes in 2 models. There are 4K and HD models with a price range between $699 and $2899 depending on the configuration. Initial units will ship late 2016.
    - (actual information, vague, but actual information). Comforting because facts make you feel good, right? But not to many or you will commit from informed deliberation rather than impulse, which is not cool for us.
    I will leave you with this—we believe there is a huge need for Craft Camera. We believe it is a revolutionary product that will give production alums a great tool to do things they couldn’t do before while opening up storytelling through motion pictures to a whole new generation.
    - (rehash of making you a creative genius theme) You will have an advantage amongst your peers. You will be Spielberg, or maybe Jim Jarmusch... at the very least.
    With that said, we understand Craft Camera might not be for you and...we are fine with that! We will still treat you with respect and we hope the same from you.
    - seriously, no pressure.
    I am truly humbled by all the support, and I hope you become a part of the Craft family.
    - (humblebrag,) we have heritage and will be around forever.
    Keep telling beautiful stories.
    - we are on your side, you artist you *pinches cheek*. Monies? What's that?
    Scott Brag(g)
    - Mr. S. Humble...

    Founder of Craft Digital Systems Inc. "
    - the absolute boss and the ducks nuts.
    That was fun (for me). Having sold stuff from Kirby vacuum cleaners to tvc airtime, its a trip down memory lane. I wouldn't touch this kit with a ten foot pole. A bit too sleazy for me.
    If it's a young company then I would ditch the bullet-benefit-close-bonus approach and just talk about the things you are trying to solve for your target demographic. Visuals, ergonomics, mobility, compatibility... etc. (even if its just your intentions, with no hard specs to announce)
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    TVDino got a reaction from Zach Goodwin in What is the truth about RED's and BLACK's cameras ?   
    Erh, is this a compliment or an insult ?!?     

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    TVDino reacted to jcs in Craft Camera is coming!   
    Craft Camera - cardboard and Arduino? http://petapixel.com/2013/02/25/craft-camera-a-diy-digital-camera-made-with-cardboard-and-arduino/
    Cardboard is lighter than magnesium or carbon fiber... Take that BM and Red!
    On a serious note, cameras are now computers with sensors and lens mounts. In the future it will be very easy to buy modular components to build any kind of camera one desires, similar to the way we can build custom PCs today. With computational photography there won't be as much need to change lenses- DOF, 3D etc. can be computed from the multiple sensors.
    Compare to what happened in the audio world. Analog was thought to be never be matchable with digital by many purists (especially tube amps). Now just about everything is available as a plugin, simulating all major amps, preamps, and effects (even microphones to some extent). Some of it needs more work, but a lot of it is good enough to make even die-hard purists happy. Check out the Axe Fx for guitarists: http://www.fractalaudio.com/p-axe-fx-ii-preamp-fx-processor.php amazing sound! 
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