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    Bold got a reaction from livetheshot in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    Just got my new machined parts back from anodizing.  Here's a quick tease:

    The fit & finish on these things is pretty darned good.  I'll post more details once I've had a chance to kick the tires.
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    Bold got a reaction from redimp in For Sale: Isco single-focus ready to shoot setup for m4/3   
    Yikes - I do not know who harry56 is or why he was quoting me.  I looks like the post has been removed so hopefully that avoids any further confusion.
    But I just want to clarify for everyone, I was NOT referring to redimp when I made the original comment.
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    Bold reacted to nickgorey in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    @Bold you're machinist is a lot faster than mine, excited for the pictures.
    I've made a huge (at least I think so) discovery in terms of getting wider with this lens...
    My Helder .45x wide angle adapter arrived and my camera came back from repair and I got right to testing it out. As it turns out (and so I feared) the Helder is not .45x like the Sony is .7x, but more relative to the Sony more like .8x––so the Sony is actually wider. Not too upset with my $20 let down, I took the adapter off and noticed it was two pieces, a macro element and a wide element. In a fit of curiosity, I removed the front focal element of the B&H from my helicoid and replaced it with the wide angle part of the Helder. What do you know, it worked! Not only did it work, it seems to allow better infinity and a serious added wideness to the taking lens, as well as bringing close focus down to around 5 inches. On top of the added wideness of the 2x anamorphic, there seems to be an around .7x wideness added by the Helder element. Even better, it appears to eradicate the infinity focus issue, as well as bring my close focus down to ~4 inches!
    Some test video with a Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 (Take note of how wide it appears) on BMMCC (s16):
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    Bold got a reaction from nickgorey in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    Well that cost more than I had hoped, but the new machined aluminum collars fit great, and have been dropped off for anodizing. Now I just need to order some lock screws.  Once I get everything back, I will post pics of my B&H mod Mk II.  Should be ready by the beginning of June.
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    Bold got a reaction from Tito Ferradans in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    Well that cost more than I had hoped, but the new machined aluminum collars fit great, and have been dropped off for anodizing. Now I just need to order some lock screws.  Once I get everything back, I will post pics of my B&H mod Mk II.  Should be ready by the beginning of June.
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    Bold got a reaction from nickgorey in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    I love the closeup on the eyes!
    In regards to the WA adapter, tests on my modded B&H produced poor results.  I believe this is because the helicoid sets the WA adapter too far from the front element of the B&H.
    I've decided to bite the bullet, and engage a machinist to create an aluminum part to replace my polyurethane.  We reviewed all the pieces my mod to ensure that this new part will fit properly in my custom support bracket. I should have a final product in a few weeks.
    |. . | .|
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    Bold got a reaction from nickgorey in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    I'm contemplating making a short run of these, if enough people are interested.
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    Bold reacted to whoisjsd in Anamorphic at f/0.95   
    Hi all! I just joined, but I am not new to Anamorphic or filmmaking. I know some of you here already (Hi Tito!) and some of you may have known me in a previous online life.
    Recently I have been working with my current equipment setup and building up/mastering skill of what I have. Unfortunately, my current camera is a Panasonic G7 (long story), but because I'm the type that invests in glass before camera, I do have some great stuff.
    On to the topic at hand!
    I have one of those rare unbranded 1.33x adapters from the 90's. I have since modified it, added a filter ring, and cleaned it up nicely. One of the first lenses I tried it on was the Voightlander 17.5mm f/0.95 some time ago. I knew that fast apertures didn't mix well with anamorphics and I didn't think to try it as I didn't even have a +0.5 diopter at the time. I was still shocked at the result the combo gave me and I always wanted to try shooting more with it.
    These are mostly at 200 and 400 ISO. Shutter speed is either 100 or 50. I had weird issues with ficker at shutter speed 100 and 60 fps, so I shot most of this in 4K. The undercranked stuff was shot at shutter speed 2.
    The +0.5 diopter is what makes this video possible. Almost all shots of Yumiko (the girl in the video) were shot with the +0.5 with the exception of one or two with a +1.0.
    I am very happy with the results. All of the lighting conditions I tried were more than acceptable... and this was handheld, run-and-gun style. I can imagine in a controlled shoot enviroment you could do even more magic with it. Very pleased overall. Also, this is my first time trying Speedgrade in my workflow. Please be kind
    I love this little anamorphic. There's something special about it. I have shot with the SLR Magic Anamorphic on the same setup and in most ways I prefer this one. Still have some more practice and testing to do on it, but I'll get there. Also, thanks to this lens I think I was the first person to shoot anamorphic on the iPhone 7 Plus. Peek that video here.
    Thank you for your time! I hope to contribute more here in the future
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    Bold got a reaction from redimp in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    The short answer is, unfortunately, no. 
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    Bold reacted to Hans Punk in Anamorphic for high speed photography (Sankor vs Schneider)   
    Cheers. It was a quick test with Magic Lantern x5 crop mode with diopters on a regular anamorphic setup...I could have gone way closer, if I used a different taking lens (and will do in my next test).
    So to answer the question, it was a bit of both - closeup ability, with an effective sensor crop of the full frame by using ML crop mode. The subject of these stills was a 3inch diameter glass ball with shower gel/glitter and other liquids poured over it - and let to run down the surface to diffract and sparkle at different depths. It was an experiment to see how easy it is to create ambient light / fluid effects.
    Password: macro
    Ive got lots of old enlarger lenses I've put into Chinese helicoids that work really great for macro work...extreamly sharp and extreamly cheap, so I'll probably dig those out soon for a better test.
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    Bold reacted to Zak Forsman in Voigtlander ULTRON 40mm as taking lens?   
    BMMCC, speedbooster, voigtlander 40mm, kowa b&h, rectilux.

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    Bold reacted to victorshoots in Kowa Anamorphic-35 1.75x Inflight :)   
    So i've been waiting for bit for a while and patiently waiting for the Core DNA to come back in stock to finish my setup. Here is how she sits now! The new Rapido system is great. Had some custom step up rings machined by Raf in russia and everything mates together now. Once I get the rectilux i'll do an initial test then send away for cleaning/adjustment at super16 inc.

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    Bold reacted to nahua in $30 anamorphic de-squeeze app for GH4 (iPhone/iPad)   
    I recommend this app too.  Used it on my GH4 and G85.  Works really well and I really like the squeeze options.  Just a few notes:
    - I like to change focus for AF using the touch screen.  However the screen goes into sleep mode after 10 seconds, and if I touch the screen it says "camera is under remote control".  So I have to go into the Panasonic Image App to change focus on the fly.
    - G7 workaround is good for G85 and works well.
    - very little lag
    - for manual focusing especially with 2x anamorphics, using focus punch-in BEFORE recording also punches in the image on the app
    - very good for handheld gimbal use.  So not just for anamorphic squeeze.  I'll take some pics of my setup later.
    Although I thought it was pricey at first, this is a real great app.  Now I can use my iPhone 6s Plus or iPad Mini2 for a monitor and it works really well.  I'm used to my SmallHD DP4 with custom squeeze ratio, but this app is a way better solution.  Plus I can now record 4:3 anamorphic with monitoring and larger internal recording size.  I had to rent an Atomos Shogun before to monitor (and of course external recording) and it's also a hassle for all the wires and rigging.  This is a much simpler solution and easier for run-n-gun or mobile solutions.  Thank you Mjas for this great app!!!
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    Bold got a reaction from tweak in Anamorphic on a Budget.   
    Aaron, if you plan on doing any modding/adapting, it's worth getting yourself an affordable digital caliper off eBay.
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    Bold reacted to Ian Edward Weir in First footage with Aivascope 1.75x Anamorphic - New Baby Hypergonar like lens   
    They claim you can go as wide as 25mm. I have not tried yet. 28mm is fine even in 16:9. Size and weight is great, quality build is great as well as mounting. I think with a variable diopter, a lens hood to cut down on flares and shooting at f4 or f5.6, you can get a very nice image. I think it will do a good job at translating what ever your taking lens is in terms of character. I love that it is 1.75x so you can get the 2.35:1 ratio or 2.76:1. I wish it was multicoated and wish it flared a little less but it's a nice lens that has potential. I took this still with it. More to come. 

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    Bold got a reaction from Ian Edward Weir in First footage with Aivascope 1.75x Anamorphic - New Baby Hypergonar like lens   
    Is the 38mm the widest you can go with the GH4 in 4:3 mode?  So far, how do you like it in terms of size, weight, mounting, and IQ?
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    Bold reacted to Ian Edward Weir in First footage with Aivascope 1.75x Anamorphic - New Baby Hypergonar like lens   
    Here is the first thing I shot with the Aivascope. 
    Filmed on a GH4 in 4k 4:3 for 2.35:1
    Lens used - Aivascope and Olympus Zuiko 38mm f1.8 as taking lens. +1 diopter for a few close up shots. I use a lens hood to minimize flares. I shot at f/5.6 Quick coloring in Film Convert. Super harsh lighting but quick real world look. Flares would also be totally horizontal if I were on a tripod but it's mostly handheld.
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    Bold reacted to mjas in $30 anamorphic de-squeeze app for GH4 (iPhone/iPad)   
    I just wanted to share that I've released an iOS app that is kind of like the pana app, but full screen and with some basic image controls; anamorphic de-squeeze (1.33x, 1.5x, 2x) and brightness / contrast / saturation for working with V-Log.
    Here's the App Store link: http://bit.ly/scopes-ios-app
    Video showing lag is comparable or better than pana app
    Scopes app + GH4 + SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x

    Scopes app + G7 + Möller 2x
    (G7 is not officially supported and needs you to start pana app first)

    App Store link: http://bit.ly/scopes-ios-app
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    Bold reacted to Jim Chang in Rapido Anamorphic Lens Clamp V2 with Rail Support   
    Btw, sliding V2 clamp with anamorphic lens on a rail is possible, so changing taking lens can be quickly done.
    People asked about how solid is the V2 clmap.  I tried HIFI-2 (3.48lb), Bauch & Lomb attachment I (3.68lb), Bell & Hewell (6.49lb), See picture of holding them with the clamp on the rail. My tripod mount start titling when mounting the Bell & Hewell, but the clamp is still showing no sign of deflecting.
    When playing with this clamp, I realize it could be also used as a handheld arm for holding the anamorphic lens & the camera together, just like the director view finder, see the picture below of KOWA 35mm anamorphic lens, Rokinon 85mm and GH4 held together by the V2 clamp.

    It is coming, it will be a dedicated variable diopter, which is optimized for the modded lens, but it has standard thread size, not 75mm for sure, you can reuse it for other anamorphic lens, but result is not guaranteed. 
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    Bold reacted to Jim Chang in Rapido Anamorphic Lens Clamp V2 with Rail Support   
    The mod project still going on, I am working on the front variable diopter solution now. The Modded lens will be mounted in the V2 clamp with dedicated variable diopter in the front. :-)
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    Bold reacted to Tito Ferradans in Anamorphic on a Budget.   
    Hey, it's been a while since I last updated this thread! Lots and lots of new videos and a couple articles.

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    Bold reacted to Jim Chang in Rapido Anamorphic Lens Clamp V2 with Rail Support   
    Finally got some new products out by this year. When busy with the Rapido Mod project, realize I would need a real solid clamp for adapting larger anamorphic lenses. Thus, here comes the Clamp V2 with rail support. This clamp is designed based on the original M67-M77 verion of the clamp with additional features:
    1: Anti-slip feature, the front of the clamp has standard 82mm male thread, and a lock ring is screw on to prevent the anamorphic lens from fall off during adjustment
    2: Rail support feature, the external ring is connected to a beam, which can be assembled with standard 15mm rail based lens support bracket, like the one from Neewer, to provide rail support of the anamorphic lens.
    3: Additional mounting options, the external ring has multiple standard M4 screw holes, which can be used for mounting additional accessories, like monitors, and etc.
    4: Fast & easy change of anamorphic lens or taking lens, loosen the lock ring and three screws, the anamorphic lens is ready to be slide off from the clamp. Changing another taking lens is possible without readjusting the front anamorphic lens, just loosing the lens support bracket, and unscrew the taking lens from the camera, then you can screw in another taking lens to the clamp, and carefully locate the lens mount into camera.
    5: Compatible with your existing step down/up rings, you can reuse existing step down/up rings, and pair them with this clamp. Say, you purchased a package before from us for your KOWA B&H lens, all you need is the V2 clamp to work with your KOWA and taking lens. No additional purchase needed.

    Following is the setup process using Rokinon 85mm as taking lens, pair with Hypergonar H.F. 2X anamorphic lens on GH4 camera: 
    Step 1: screw the correct step up ring on the taking lens
    Step 2: screw the external ring onto the taking lens
    Step 3: assemble the rail support onto the external ring, having the beam pointing down
    Step 4: attach the lock ring onto the anamorphic lens
    Step 5: screw the step down ring onto the anamorphic lens
    Step 6: secure the camera on the rail
    Step 7: attach the rail support to the Lens Support Bracket Mount Clamp from Neewer
    Step 8: slide the anamorphic lens from front, and screw the lock ring onto the external ring
    Step 9: adjust the orientation of the anamorphic lens by rotating the anamorphic lens
    Step 10: lock down the anamorphic lens by tighten three M4 screws

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    Bold got a reaction from Justin Bacle in 'This' Look .. (Anamorphic)   
    The Helios I used in the video is just a plain 44 (not 44-2 or 44m) with a 13-blade clickless aperture.  I don't think there are major optical differences, but I don't know enough about them to say with certainty,  Soviet lenses are notorious for manufacture/design variations depending on year and factory of origin,  Early 44 versions have the gold coating, I believe the 44-2 and 44m all have purple coatings?  There is plenty of info out there on the Helios 44 line of lenses, maybe someone reading this knows of a URL that explains all the differences?  
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    Bold reacted to Ian Edward Weir in 4k Baby Hypergonar "The Dark Side of the Aquarium"   
    Here is my new video "The Dark Side of the Aquarium"
    A meditation on our environment and the state of humanity. Also a lens test
    4K Baby Hypergonar 2:35.1 Georgia Aquarium footage cut to Pink Floyd.
    Please watch on big screen with big sound
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    Bold reacted to Dr. Verbel' in 35NAP 2-3M (mod) – precision, light streaks, bokeh   
    test in field after work

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