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  1. So I give it a try, and uploaded a sample on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/133811275. So indeed with post stabilisation the whole video is no longer shaky, however the output on Vimeo is not smooth (jittery at the beginning) while on my Mac the output is silky smooth, how to fix this? Cheers
  2. Hi Zach, Thanks, I will try with IS and post stabilisation then!
  3. I just received my Konova K2 to go alongside my GH4 and its 12-35. And while I have a lot of progress to smooth up my pan, I realised that even after making sure that everything is tight, my videos are a bit shaky (you really need to pay attention and look on the image corners to see it) and I was wondering if: 1. It is because of my lack of skill and because I am a newbie with the K2 or 2. It is normal and I need to use IS. Any thoughts?
  4. ​Been using these cards since I got the GH4 (6 month) : Transcend 64 GB High Speed 10 UHS-3 Flash Memory Card 95/60 MB/s Could be, but did any other ppl have heard of that before?
  5. ​Next time I will do that (YouTube), but I wanted here to let you see an unaltered version of the video. But no, I never turn on OIS on my lenses since I am shooting on a Tripod, and the problem is ONLY located on part of the image. In my case think about a Forest where only a bunch of trees are jumping while the other trees are standing still.
  6. Hi Everyone, It's been a while. I have a weird problem with a video a shot with my GH4 and 12-35mm. I took this video a long time ago and just realised this today. As you will see on the video below https://mega.nz/#!q5NlzA5S!Z5pnAiCbISlsuaMS-U_MUnICZVZf3lj61Neimt7qSXw (select : Download through your browser) Part of the video is "jumping" and I have NO freaking idea why? (If you look on the right side of the cloud formation you will see part of the forest and trees jumping). No other rush have this problem and I took this video early January and never faced this problem again. But WTF is that? Any ideas? Cheers
  7. ​The final output may look like as if my GH4 have stuck pixel rather than Fireflies ;-)
  8. TSV

    GH4 things

    http://suggestionofmotion.com/blog/panasonic-gh4-memory-file-size-limit/ A nice article that explain the limit. Now what is still unclear is why it does have this limit even if the SDXC Cards on the GH4 formated in ExFAT have this limit.
  9. Thanks everyone, so I will skip this year firefly show and wait for a future update of the A7S with internal 4K...
  10. ​You are right on this indeed. IS on on Olympus Body while Pana lenses comes with IS.
  11. ​I want to shoot in 4K so MKiii out of the equation, the A7S and Sogun will cos me a leg here to hire... I should get one of these F0.95 voigtländer lens sooner than later then, but the 10mm is not available yet. Anyway I will give it a try. ​Most probably.
  12. One more questions for you guys/girls. Hotaru (firefly in Japanese) always offer some pretty nice show for the person willing to stay hours outside in the dark. I want to give it a try and I would like to know how to make this possible? I will shoot these little bugs with my GH4 and the fastest lens I have today a 15mm Leica F1.7. I will not exceed ISO 800 since it will be rubish on the GH4, but is there anything else I should do/consider? Moving away from CineV to CineD for this shoot? Any kind of help (include prayers or sacrifices) are welcome.
  13. I meant to keep it on 8 Bit​ ​Arghhh sorry to hear that. Good luck and let us know.
  14. They are M43 so they will work on any M43 body regardless of the brand. I am curious how good are these lenses, so if you ever get one, would love to see what they can do!
  15. I had the same problem with 2 Monitors I have, the MustHD 7" and a Cheap one I bought here in Japan. Make sure your HDMI out put is in 4.2.2 10Bit instead of 8. Once I switch to 8 both monitors worked just fine.
  16. I am uploading 2 new more video (Skin tone)... It was taken with what JVC recommend for M43 lenses an Olympus 12-50mm 3.5-6.3. ISO was at 640 each times and at F7.1. https://mega.co.nz/#F!vw1D2ThD!Z1sNqpoujmjrng4ePpHFEw I will take some low light videos tonight before I send back the camera. My final thoughts are pretty much the same. This camera will give you great videos if you are fully controlling your environment (Lighting and such) not that good for a "Run and Gun" Camera. The menus and UI is so 1999, the LCD and Viewfinder is really bad, missing so many things that could help you shooting a perfect video like a better EA meter and even an Histogram. Again Sold a 496,800 Yen in Japan (Above 4000 USD) I would definitively buy something else like a pair of GH4 or A7S with a Shogun, or... an URSA Mini 4.6?
  17. Everything is back to normal now, I re-uploaded all the files.
  18. Hold on guys, it seems that the UL on Mega did not worked as planned.
  19. ​Hi You are talking about the VSM, where indeed you can "Crop" to match your M43. But I was not expecting (even with the camera set to M43) that it will give me a wider view. This is actually a good news ;-)
  20. Hi Everyone I just uploaded a few more videos. You have all de details in a TXT file which will give you the details on each files 30 or 24p, shutter speed, ND or not, ISO... https://mega.co.nz/#F!eg1TXKLL!WBv81oNbDStmsc0rYvkPtQ I will try to shoot low light video, skin and rolling shutter soon. Also, you will see a "BAD" tag on two files. This tag mean that despite having on the LCD everything perfectly done (AF, Zebra and so on) the result was disappointing. So far there are a lot of thing that I like on this camera and a lot that I do not like (50/50). I like the fact that you can set a limit on the low and hight aperture range. For example on my 12-35mm I set the lower limit to 2 and the upper limit to 8, since I know that above F8 my lens really sucks (Diffraction). Another thing that I noticed and I will need to test it again is that the LS300 seems to provide a wider zoom (with the same lens) than on my GH4... I will try this more carefully tomorrow, but each time I had to significantly move the LS300 toward the subject in order to achieve the same result as my GH4 was offering. Finally, and I will go on in details soon on this, but the LS300 give an impressive result in closed environment when you have full control on the lighting and so on. Outside and on the go the LS300 is much more difficult to master and the LCD monitor and viewfinder really does not help. Cheers
  21. ​I love the GH4 and use it everyday, but it is just terrible above 800. The best is to get a fast lens.
  22. ​The Ronin (not the M) will not offer you a silky smooth stabilisation with just the GH4 and your lens (12-35??). It will stabilise it yes, but not perfectly smooth like you can see on YouTube or Vimeo. Put a heavier Camera on the Ronin (MKIII and 24-70) and you will have silky smooth video. Believe me I tried for 3 month with different settings and cameras. I ended up selling it to a guy who shoot with RED and he had a flawless experience with my Ronin.
  23. Thanks guys, I learned something more thanks to you! https://vimeo.com/74387127
  24. ​I own the Benro S4. It is an "OKish" tripod in windless conditions. Put some winds (even a tiny bit) and a telephone (35-100) and you can forget about having a stable shot (even OIS Turned on). Same goes for any tiny vibration around = Having your tripod on a wooden bridge of floor with people walking around and you are XXX. Good luck
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