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  1. Hi, you can edit H.265 straight on Adobe Premiere and in Davinci Resolve (not optimal for NX1, I've heard). The biggest issue was the lack of hardware acceleration for H.265 encoding/decoding. But if you have 6th generation intel (Kaby Lake) or above there should be no issues. I chose to upgrade my NX1 and NX500 with the BMPCC4K and I don't regret it. Even tough I still love my NX1, it will be confined to the photo department now. Still love the raw photo output. But the BMPCC4K has a stronger set of codecs, 4K 60p, cheaper media (Samsung T5 SSD), good color science, BRAW etc... It comes at the cost to rigging it a little bit (NP-F battery plate needed or else). I prefer the NX1's grip (best I've ever had), but with a cage the BMPCC4K is just fine, it's heavier, I like it like this, easier to shoot handheld. Only downsides I find: - They could include anamorphic de-squeeze in firmware updates - Waveform monitor would be great - A bit tedious to rig on gimbals, fine if you have a cage - Fixed monitor, you'll have to get used of blind shooting if you don't get a monitor - Rubber thingy I/O protection can be annoying, you can pull it off though - Proprietary 2 pin power input - No clip deletion, will force you to shoot efficiently though So there are constraints but they can result in more skills, but price-wise we live in a blessed era for cinematography. My teachers had to get 100k loans 30 years ago to get their whole kit for broadcast. I don't see why a station wouldn't accept PRORES LT in REC 709 or 2020 from the BMPCC4K, they accept Iphones videos sometimes. That was my 2 cents advise. Cheers,
  2. My battery door is a complete mess. a slight bump, opening the sd card and cfast compartment for instance and it pops out. A bit annoying, but I've finally opted for a dummy battery, so I'll take it off anyway. I can see it becoming a problem when I'll switch to Blackmagic official power cables (66eur a pop) and will no longer need the dummy battery. I'll ask a door replacement to Blackmagic as I think mine is probably more flimsy than other people's BMPCC4K. But no big deal, I'm happy for the upgrade. I was using the NX1 before and I love that camera too. But the iso range was just too limiting. Now I have a strong camera for stills and a strong one for video. In some situations, I'll try to match the NX1, NX500 and BMPCC4K to ensure me a multicam setup in well-controlled environments. ND's are definitely a need though, sticking to iso 400 with the viltrox speedbooster and most shots are still overexposed at f/22 when sunny. Need a 3 stops ND I guess.
  3. I won't use any coupler, I'll use their 2 pin (fake lemo) with a NP-F970 plate. So, I'd prefer a battery door that closes. Not huge deal anyway. Gaffa tape will save the day. And yeah I chose ssd over v90 sd for a good reason. 189EUR for 128GO whereas I get 500GO for the same amount. No brainer.
  4. BMPCC4K -1350EUR SAMSUNG T5 (500go) - 139EUR VILTROX 0.71x - 89EUR SMALLRIG Cage - 134EUR 1623EUR total, a bit less than a brand new GH5. I can't see me spending more than 2000EUR total. If I want an extra SSD + rig parts. We can shave off 200EUR for Davinci Resolve as well. The only flaw that pisses me off a little bit is the goddamn battery door. Blackmagic we need a BMPCC4K Battery door MKII, please. That one swings open with 0.2 G force.
  5. Yeah I ordered mine with paypal checkout october the 3rd, I received a paypal invoice but no order confirmation or tracking number yet. Is it a normal process from smallrig?
  6. Cinemartin has a 5 inch for 95 EUR +38EUR shipping. Not sure about the quality though, I couldn't find any review.
  7. I think it's the same on any Viltrox Adpaters.
  8. Did you set infinity focus on the Viltrox, that could be the issue. You need to turn the optical element inside to make sure infinity focus is correct. I have the Nikon Version and no problem on a Pana M43. Still waiting the BMPCC4k to try it on though. Maybe the Viltrox covers the sensor a bit too much. Their factor is wrong it is not 0.72x but a little bit more.
  9. 2 with silent motor would be amazing.
  10. Maybe Vasile is fighting against the kernel. Which would take time.
  11. Hi outerbeat and thanks to you and Kino Seed for your great work, Newbie here, I installed the 1.25 version of the mod recently, Do I have to uninstall 1.25 and install the mod-pack release? Or do I have to replace the scripts folder only? Thanks again
  12. I can't see moire but interlacing in the sample.
  13. I've tried it yesterday and there are not much risks, at first the liveview froze when I selected VGA(2.5k) 25p but a simple reboot and it worked. However, VGA(2.5k) 50p captures 2 times the normal speed and some other options in VGA made the video rip apart. I can't report much on the quality, I'll do tomorrow if enough time with a daytime scene. Great work from Vasile again, we can really see improvements steps by steps. Any chance we could modify the width of the sensor region for anamorphic? Cheers!
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