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  1. Yes, for grading and getting rid of compression noise in fine patterns and shadows, 180 is worth it. I never noticed any difference above 180 and that seems to be what others have said too.
  2. Have you tried a different brand of SD card? Switching them up seems to solve a lot of weirdo problems that seem like they should have nothing to do with the memory card.
  3. I seem to have better results NOT applying Amdrew's gamma LUT. Premiere is laggy now with the bitrate-hacked footage. It was fine with it a few months ago. Because of the lag, I now render the workspace to preview edits, like pans or zooms added in post. Well, now when I render the workspace, the program window gives me the "media pending" message forever. If I actually export the file it's fine. If I delete the render preview files (or whatever they are called) I get picture back in the program monitor, but the lag also returns. None of this happens if I convert the 4K files to ProRes first. I'm assuming this is a Premiere problem. It wouldn't surprise me if it's an Apple problem that is somehow screwing up thing in Premiere. I reinstalled Premiere and even bought more memory for my computer. No change. It's frustrating because a few months ago, on the same machine, exactly the same footage would play back just fine in Premiere. I have a late 2014 imac 5K maxed out memory, processor and video card.
  4. Thanks! Kinoseed bitrate hack (180mbs), using Andrew's Gamma DR profile. Lenses: Samsung 16-50 S, Rokinon 12mm and 85mm, plus some lensbaby. I used a couple LUTS (8690 and 8181) by luts.iwltbap.com and FilmConvert in post. Filmed in 4K converted to ProRes for editing in Premiere. Yes, I know Premiere supports H.265, but I've had nothing but problems with H.265 files since the last update. Exported to 1080.
  5. My first Shooting forum post! It's all Samsung NX1 (except for a couple of drone shots) with the Kinoseed bitrate hack (180mbs), using Andrew's Gamma DR profile. Lenses: Samsung 16-50 S, Rokinon 12mm and 85mm, plus some lensbaby. I used a couple LUTS by luts.iwltbap.com and FilmConvert in post. Filmed in 4K converted to ProRes for editing in Premiere. Yes, I know Premiere supports H.265, but I've had nothing but problems with H.265 files since the last update. Exported to 1080. What's it about? What do you call a ghost town that still has people living there? This documentary is a peek into the world of some folks that live in what others call a "ghost town." Haunted kewpie doll, boot fence, dream cowboys, custom caskets, and stories of healing are all there in the Dreamworld.
  6. I've had good luck with: https://luts.iwltbap.com I just finished this doc and it's all NX1 with LUTS from the above.
  7. Not just bright, but good color too.
  8. I think the improvement is major in shadow noise and on fine patterns like asphalt or leaves on trees. I also think you can push the image a little more in post. But, in the end, it's all subjective.
  9. I've used that Neewer one and it's junk. More than 2 pounds and those grips start slipping on the rods. Today you may have just the camera, but soon enough you'll have a monitor, a camera cage, maybe a light, a microphone, so plan ahead. A year ago, I was where you are now. It's tempting to get the cheap thing so you can have it now, DON'T DO IT. Look for used ones on craigslist so you can check it out before buying or save up for a good one. I wish I could recommend one, but I'm in the process of looking too. There has to be good shoulder rig that isn't $600 or more.
  10. Outstanding! So much good going on here. Nice job!!
  11. Man do I hate this. Every time you reformat the card, iPhoto forgets and opens itself again. There has to be a hack somewhere to turn this off, but I can't find it.
  12. My bad, I thought they were around $150. HDMI In only. No HDMI out, no SDI at all, but it less than $300. It's a little contrasty, but the focus peaking seems as accurate as the NX1 and the false color sure is handy.
  13. Thanks for sharing your pain! You made the best of a bad situation.
  14. When you add in the cost of a decent HDMI-SDI converter, you should instead consider just buying a monitor with SDI. Aputure now makes one: http://aputure.com/en/VS-5.html
  15. Buried in one of these threads and on test videos from youtube, my recollection is that there wasn't a huge improvement in image quality above 180-200, that's why 180 is the default. Going from the factory 80 to 180, you will notice a huge improvement in what you can do with the image in post. Also, small tight patterns like asphalt or distant tree leaves look much better. Which hack to use depends on what you want. KS has more features, is reliable, but takes a few seconds to load when turning on the camera. Vasile's hack loads immediately, is reliable, but has less features and takes more steps to install initially. If you just want bitrate, Vasile's might be a better choice. Check out KS features though, he's done some amazing work, you may decide his is better for you.
  16. Did you still want night driving footage? I have a clip that I filmed and you can use it. It's the very first clipping this:


    pw: 2016rough

    It's password protected because some these projects aren't released yet.

    Let me know if you want the clip and I'll dropbox it.

    I love your music!

    1. elkanah77



      I'm very sorry that you message wasn't answerd before now. I have not been logged into my accound at EOSHD for a long time now and I guess I've turned of notifications so when I logges in now I saw your message.

      I've been so busy pursuing making music that the forum here has been neglected for some time.

      Anyways, I enjoyed your showreel and you have lots of cool shots in there and the NX1 looks truly great!

      I had my song "midnight drive" done with mostly shots from my studio and some clips I've obtained the rights to, but I have a couple of other songs in the making that require a lot of slow-mo night shots, mainly people walking through crossings in the city, coming down escalators and maybe following a nice looking girl throughout the city at night. prefably on a busy night with lots of other people and cars etc.

      I could go out and shoot it myself, but as I live in Norway the season is not in my favor as winter is fast coming here at the moment.

      Ant other night shots could be of interest as well as either cutaways or similar. The song in mind is a follow up to Midnight Drive but it is a lot slower hence the slow mo footage I have in mind.

      Things have started to pick up for me in regards to my 80s style so I feel I have to step up concerning the quality of footage this time.

      Do you have something like this I'd be very interested to see it!


      Again, I'm sorry for being such a idiot not checking my acocunt and it's not my usual habit.

      Oh, and thank you for liking mu music!


      All the best


      Espen Kraft


  17. I'll give that try. Thanks!
  18. Sensitivity I knew about, but how do you change the S lens focus throw?
  19. I thought I remember reading here (buried in a 1,000 post thread) that there was a critical downside to using SmartRange+. I don't remember what the downside was though.
  20. Buried in one the 80-page threads here is a discussion about exposure change during zooming. Tugela is right, all electronic and some manual lenses do this. My takeaway from that whole discussion was that a lens that doesn't do this is a very expensive cinema lens.
  21. The choices are: Normal Gamma C Gamma DR Normal (cont -4, sat -2) Gamma DR (cont -4, sat -2) Let the arguing begin!
  22. It stopped the hacks for a week or two, then they adjusted.
  23. https://github.com/ottokiksmaler/nx500_nx1_modding/tree/master/video-bitrate-mods/nx-patch Scroll down for the step-by-step instructions.
  24. A couple weeks ago they said they were halfway done working on a profile for the NX1. They ARE working on it.
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