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  1. Looks maybe I was wrong about the KS2 mod not having bitrate. IT just changed locations in the menu structure. I just downgraded my FW though, so I can't check at the moment.
  2. Thanks a million! Oh, so it just changed location? I'll look again. Thanks.
  3. https://github.com/ottokiksmaler/nx500_nx1_modding I just discovered that the KS2 mod no longer mods bitrate, so if that's what you are interested in, us the vasile mod. Yes, there are two different mods.
  4. Well, I successfully un-installed the vasile mod and installed the KS2 mod. Idiot me, somehow I missed that the KS@ mod doesn't do anything with bitrate! Why did he remove the bitrate part? So now I need to go back to NX1 1.4 (down from 1.41). Anybody have link to a 1.4 download?
  5. I successfully installed and used the KS mod in my NX1. I filmed 4K at 180mbps for 10 days of shooting an indy film. The only glitch was if I left my camera plugged into a monitor and powered the camera off, I would have to remove the HDMI cable whenI powered it back up or the camera would lock up. The only fix was to remove and re-insert the battery. After filming wrapped, I thought I'd try the Vasile mod. I love the quick startup! Unfortunately, there's a problem right now where 1080 footage at any speed doesn't record at the bitrate I set. Depending on the FPS, it records at 40-60mbps. Vasile knows about the issue, but he's on vacation until August. I have some filming to do before then. So, my question is "Is it safe to uninstall the Vasile mod and re-install the KS mod?" I just want to make sure that the "nx-on-wake" thing won't be a problem. I know Vasile says it's okay, but has anyone uninstalled it and installed the KS mod after?
  6. Do you think there is a huge difference in the results you get by having a dedicated camera profile versus using the generic profile?
  7. For me, I start editing, then leave it alone for at least a couple of days. The longer you can ignore it the better, especially if you can film or edit another project in between. When you come back to the footage, you'll see some things to axe or change because you've gotten over the newness of the footage. And, like has already been mentioned, show it to a few people that will give you honest opinions. Tell them "I'm not looking for compliments, I need to know what's working. Please tell me everything good and bad, especially the bad."
  8. Does anybody have any suggestions for matching C100 and Phantom 3 Pro footage? Shooting with each camera's log settings is the obvious starting point, any other tips? I don't have access to both cameras until the day of the shoot, so I can't test it out in advance.
  9. I went to check out the new stats area, and all I keep getting is "No Data Available." So, I'm not happy with the change either. We're not alone. It's a problem for Pro users too: https://vimeo.com/forums/help/topic:283212
  10. I don't have a side-by-side comparison for you. The videos I saw, I didn't see much difference either. But since the hack was free I installed it. I notice much less noise in shadow areas and less or zero compression artifacts in things like movement over asphalt, leaves on trees on a windy day. etc. in other words fine details. The other thing with the NX1 is, like all cameras, it gives you much better results when you light your subjects properly (even when going for the "natural" light look). The NX1, to my eye, has a huge difference in quality between lit and unlit compared to other cameras where I could compare (C100, AF100). ON your subject under the tree, if you had used a reflector or a light, you'd see big jump in quality. Try either of the hacks first though, they're free. Try the bitrate around 160 or 180. I, along with others, haven't noticed a jump in quality above 180. You just get bigger files for your computer to choke on. The hack is reliable too, I've filmed 50 or so hours since installing without problems. If you have problem though, you might need faster SD card.
  11. Have you installed either of the bitrate hacks for the NX1? You can do a lot with the footage in post because of the high bitrate. Check out: https://vimeo.com/kidzrevil He's got a ton of higher bitrate NX1 footage posted. He uses filmconvert which gets rid of that digital look you're talking about. He posts a lot on this forum. I just got film convert myself and it really helps make the NX1 image look more pleasing. (nothing I can share yet though).
  12. I just bought film convert today (student discount!) and asked about the NX1 profile. They said they are about halfway done. No release date yet though.
  13. You might find this (free) process handy when trying to match all those cameras in post: http://www.4kshooters.net/2016/06/29/generate-a-lut-to-match-colours-between-two-different-cameras-with-this-simple-workflow/
  14. Premiere needs to download an HEVC plug in. My copy prompted me and then downloaded it. Try restarting the app and/or your computer maybe.
  15. Ha! That is true. The people that have been looking were all people who shoot daily and have used a lot of different cameras. They could care less about it being a dead system, they want it for what it can do today because that's when they are shooting. They also aren't using any Samsung lenses, so that's not an issue either.
  16. I'm experiencing the opposite. People that are seeing what my NX1 can do (especially after the bitrate hack) are now seeking them out but can't find them.
  17. powering off then on again, re-activates the joystick on mine.
  18. I have the 16-50 S and 16-50 PZ lenses. The S lens stays in manual mode, so it is possible for this to happen. It is very annoying on the PZ to have to keep switching it.
  19. So if I'm shooting Gamma DR, but I've changed the sharpness -10 and green to 0.95, Film Convert can figure that out? Or do I just shoot with Gamma DR as it came from Samsung?
  20. So how will that work? Do they recommend settings for your camera so you get the best result from their product?
  21. They released the A6300 profile today. Could the NX1 be next? http://www.newsshooter.com/2016/06/02/film-convert-release-sony-a6300-camera-profile/
  22. I just want to say how much I appreciate all the testing you do with this camera. You've saved me and others probably hundreds of hours of figuring stuff out. I'll be trying out that -5 instead of -10 sharpness based on this video, so thanks! It was also a cool bonus to (sort of) see the guy behind all this work in the vid.
  23. How much work goes into them creating a camera profile? Any idea?
  24. It also disables the mods that have been done by folks here and another site.
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