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  1. Looks like there's another alternative to add to the list, holds up to 1.7kg and has plenty of demo videos: http://www.cnchelicopter.com/beholder-trd-ds1-3-axis-handheld-gimbal-for-canon-5d2-5d3-etc/ Anybody know anything about this gimbal or the company that makes it?
  2. Thanks for that. I'm leaning towards the Pilotfly because of their active presence on Facebook supporting their customers.
  3. Nice work there! I did the 48hr film project with some friends a couple months ago, so I know how challenging that is. What camera and lens set up were you using? How much did it weigh?
  4. Thank you for that information Xavier!
  5. Please do. I've only run mine for 15-20 minutes at a time, but it's never even felt warm.
  6. The more days go by without a video of real test footage, the more skeptical I am about this product. Seriously, the people on this forum know that a demo video could be put together in less than a day. There must be some issue with the gimbal or manufacturing.
  7. I'm don't think one battery would do that. Two would cover that amount of time though. Or if you had one of the cellphone battery extender things, you could plug it into the NX1 USB port to get longer running time.
  8. The only rentals around here are for the larger gimbals, running about $250 a day. Renting one for one day would mean not owning a gimbal for months. It does look interesting. There's one video specifically with the my camera and lens too. I'm just hesitant because of not reading much about the company (bad or good) anywhere. I just can't afford the Ronin-M right now or anytime in the near future unfortunately.
  9. I'm looking to get a sub-$1,000 gimbal for my NX1 with 16-50 S lens. That combo comes in around 1.3kg. Although the Pilotfly H1+ isn't rated for that weight, they put PID settings for that combo on their Facebook page. So, Pilotfly is in the running. The MiniSturdy Flight is rated for 1.3kg but my hesitation with them is I don't see them mentioned on blogs or forums that much. I have no idea if it's a good product and company. Then there's the Nebula 4200. It's rated at 1.6kg and seems to address a lot of complaints people had about the 4000. But, it isn't actually out yet. Their demonstration video (https://youtu.be/GQDN8QGu-y4) seems kind of weird to me. I don't want to see someone jerking the camera around, I want to see what the footage from the camera looks like. I have project coming up in November where I could really use a gimbal. Any info or advice you can offer is much appreciated!
  10. I've had this issue pop up too. What's weird is that it doesn't seem to be consistent. But, as Jacob said, using the presets is a workaround.
  11. I just read it cover-to-cover and highly recommend it to anyone with an NX1. Even if you scour the forum, having all the info in one place is super handy! $20 is worth it for the LUT alone! Andrew, if I don't have EditReady, should I just use your LUT as the input LUT in PremierePro? Also, the automatic switching to autofocus doesn't seem to happen with my Samsung 16-50 S lens, so maybe it's not all the Samsung lenses. Thanks for taking the time to make this great resource for us!!
  12. Samsung just released FW 1.3 with various focus improvements. Update and see what's what.
  13. You can get adapters so you can mount your Canon lenses on the NX1.
  14. If you're on a Mac, try MPlayerX or MPlayer OS X Extended. They will play H.265 if you're hardware can handle it.
  15. Everything I've read is that you can not downgrade. I tried and it didn't work. I didn't try it with launcher though. I doubt it will let you.
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