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  1. Thanks. I value your opinion more than cinema5D because you are shooting with the newer firmware and actually out in the world using the camera, not filming static things in a studio. My limited experience so far is the same as yours, not a huge increase in noise between 100-800.
  2. I'm still pretty new to video, so excuse me if I'm missing something obvious. I figured the optimal ISO would be 100. I've learned that isn't necessarily true and that optimal iso for video varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. I'm not talking about best settings in low light, I actually have decent grasp of how the NX1 deals with that. I'm talking about the absolute best picture under properly-lit conditions. What are people finding the least noisy ISO is for the NX1 under good lighting conditions?
  3. You should do all of that. Just don't call it a smear campaign. You're telling the truth, it's not a smear. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smear_campaign
  4. Keep us posted on how they respond.
  5. Geoff, Did you use C-LOG and Gamma DR? IF not, do you remember what settings you used? I've got a C100 and a Atoms Ninja for the day and I'm trying to get the footage to match with my NX1.
  6. That's my experience too, once you hit record, you're locked into the EVF or the screen. You have to decide before you hit record. It can be frustrating when you forget.
  7. If you haven't already, post this to their Facebook account too. If they're like most companies nowadays, a phone call gets you nothing, email gets you nothing, a Facebook post gets your problem solved.
  8. Exactly! This is what the movie accomplishes that the documentary did not. Depending on your point of view on any number of topics, you could draw different conclusions from the movie.
  9. If you haven't seen the movie, don't let this ham-fisted, preachy documentary deter you. The movie isn't that way.
  10. Thanks for the info and the example! That's super helpful. I appreciate it!!
  11. Has anybody here done a shoot with these two cameras? I have an NX1 and will have access to a C100 and am wondering by using C-Log and Gamma DR if it would be possible to match shots. The shots are for a short-film narrative production and the director and I are thinking there's one scene where using two cameras would be better than one, but not if the end result looks like it came out of two vastly different cameras. Any thoughts?
  12. I think you answered your own question there. The bounce happens when you walk normally. The DS-1 lessens bounce but doesn't get rid of it. I haven't looked, but there's probably youtube videos that demonstrate a good stabilizer walk technique. If you were/are in the military or police, the walk is the same as the walk you use for moving and shooting. Keep a gun steady or keep a camera steady, it's the same walk. I think I read that the DS-1 is 2.5 - 3 lbs with the batteries in it (the manual isn't clear). That's the most common complaint I've read is that it's heavy. But if you want to balance a heavy camera, you need heavy weights or big motors which will also be relatively heavy. I've got mild arthritis in my shoulders which I keep at bay by using 5 and 10 pound hand weights a lot. The DS-1 with the NX1 and 16-50 S just became part of that regimen! Or they became another reason for me to use the hand weights even more. I haven't had a long session with the DS-1 because of the non-stop rain here. But once I do have some footage from a good day of use, I'm sure I'll have more to say about the weight issue.
  13. That may be an eternal wait. Good to know it can record internal and external simultaneously. Earlier in this thread, Andrew said the NX1 downscales. He made it sound like you set the HDMI output to 1080 and the Movie mode to 4K. Is it as easy as that? One more question: How accurate is the focus peaking on the VA? On lesser resolution monitors I found that the difference between the monitors and the 4k made the focus peaking on the monitor inaccurate. And just eye-balling it wasn't much better. These were both older 800x600 monitors.
  14. There's a ton of people with A7's and the DS-1 posting videos on youtube and vimeo. And you must have been reading my mind about the Samsung 16-50pz. I'm debating about getting that or the Samsung 16mm prime.
  15. So for my fellow NX1 users enlightenment, I just got the Beholder DS-1. I'm still experimenting, so no test videos yet, but here's a few observations: • The DS-1 is well made, no exposed wires, nothing feels cheap or flimsy. • Spend the time watching videos on balancing. The manual isn't much help. By balancing, I mean balancing the camera on the gimbal before powering on the gimbal. Doing this properly effects the gimbal's performance in a major way. • Balancing the NX1 with 16-50 S lens is tricky. That weighty S lens means the camera has to sit far back close to the roll motor. At a certain level of tilt the NX1 eyecup bumps into that motor housing. Unfortunately, the proper position for this combo places the plate adjustment screw (the only part not toollessly adjustable) right under part of the gimbal main plate. This makes balancing this camera/lens combo more fiddly. Look up Park Enna on youtube for a bunch of DS-1 videos with the NX1 16-50 S combo. I noticed he took his eyecup off his NX1. • The DS-1 handles the NX1 16-50 S combo fine weight-wise. • Balancing the NX1 with a 12mm Rokinon lens was super fast and no issues with the camera bumping parts of the gimbal or the plate screw being in inconvenient spot. • The DS-1 doesn't have a specific invert mode, you just flip the whole thing over and it figures out what you're doing. • The manual is confusing about the various USB ports. Watch a video before plugging anything in. For example, the manual makes it sound like you charge the batteries by plugging into a USB port on the gimbal. NOPE! There's a USB port on the battery cage, but the manual doesn't show it. • Attach the DS-1 to a monopod and you have a pretty sweet portable jib! • So far no gimbal brain freakouts or crashes. I'll post a video once I have some footage that's not me walking around my house. Any questions, comments, requests for testing, or usage tips welcome!
  16. Can you tell if the NX1 is outputting 24 but the VA is recording 60? Or does the camera switch itself to 60 to match the VA? Also, can you record in the camera and to the VA simultaneously, like recording 4k internally and 1080 on the VA? Can you see a big difference between the internal 1080 vs the VA 1080? I know that's a lot of questions, but us NX1 people have to help each other out! I've also got an NX1 and was thinking of getting the VA. I asked Black Magic and they didn't have any answers because they don't have access to an NX1.
  17. Could you post an example of the jerky motion?
  18. That's definitely not normal. Send it in if it's still under warranty. Maybe try a different battery?
  19. On a Mac, on the export popup, under format: select quicktime. Ignore the presets because it's not there. Below, under the Video tab, is Video Codec, ProRes is under there. I think it's the same on Windows but it's been a while since I used a Windows machine.
  20. Me too. I came across someone on Facebook with the same issue. The problem is the SMallHD and not the NX1. Here's what SmallHD wrote to the guy: Unfortunately the 500 series and 700 series is not currently compatible with the nx1 camera. I will see if we can contact that news site and ask them to remove that camera from the article that they wrote. I am sorry for the trouble - did you purchase that from us? Or from a reseller? If you purchased it from us I can set up a return for you. If you purchased it from a reseller you would need to work with them to set up a return.
  21. There might be a setting somewhere on the 501 that you have to change too. I've had my NX1 work with 3-5 year old Ikan and Marshall monitors that I would have thought wouldn't work. But then I've tried plugging it into a few different 1080p TVs and most of the time it worked but not always. Keep trying!
  22. They've been taking pre-orders since August and it was supposed to start shipping in late October. Either it didn't ship or nobody bought them. And like Zach said, look at their Facebook page for an idea of the customer service you'll get. I'm disappointed. I hoped this would be an advance for gimbals. That video in the article also shows the very noticeable sideways jerking that could be seen in the video from a couple days ago.
  23. Another video completely void of any sample stabilized footage.
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