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  1. The Sigma Art 18-35mm F1.8 is parfocal. Same glass as its Cinema cousin. Buy a gear set from followfocusgears.com and you're ready to go!



    I just got one a month or so ago and can confirm it's parfocal.

    Here's a short piece with video about it:


    You should know the lens does not have IS though.

  2. If I'm procrastinating on an edit I done of two things:

    1. I don't think about the whole project and just edit the part I know is good. You have to have at least a couple shots in mind where you thought "Wow this is a great shot."  Find those and start building around those clips. That's usually enough to keep me going on a project.

    2. Alternatively, I start with the part I know will be most problematic. Once I have that done and see that it took me less time than I thought, it's easier to keep going on the parts that don't have problems.

  3. Hey folks! I need some lens opinions. I've been using a Samsung NX1 with a 16-50 S lens for client work video. I've upgraded to a Panasonic EVA1 and am looking for a workhorse lens. I've looked at a lot of videos and read reviews. My 16-50 is great, but I'm thinking I'd like a little more reach. I'm looking for a one lens option. For cinema work I use primes. 

    What are your opinions of the Sigma Art 24-105mm and the Tamron 24-70 that has optical stabization?

  4. 21 minutes ago, Charlie said:

    I did not get the job, obviously someone went even cheaper!!....its a small city, I am sure I will find out who ended up doing it. They must be desperate.

    That's too bad... for them. Seriously. I've found, through experience, that clients that lowball like that are also the biggest headaches. They likely would have piled on extra requests, wanted infinite revisions to your edits, etc. that would use up more of your time. If they can't come up with 650 for three days of work, they aren't valuing their own business very highly. I have no doubt they will find someone cheaper, but the end product will look exactly like what they paid for it.

    In other words, don't feel bad and DON'T feel like you should ask for less for you talents!


  5. On 8/15/2017 at 0:56 PM, Ed_David said:

    there's a facebook group called, "Cinematographer Salon" - if you guys want to be invited let me know - it is pretty honest stuff.

    I'd like to check out Cinematographer Salon. You friended me on Facebook, but I didn't get any info about the group.

  6. On 7/26/2017 at 6:00 AM, erre said:

    Hi guys! New user here from Italy. Next week, after many thoughts, I'm going to have the NX1 and I'm pretty excited. This forum was critical to my final decision and I have to thank you for all the opinions and settings that you've posted through all these years about this amazing camera.

    I've just found a short movie from Vimeo filmed with the NX1 and I think it looks great (sadly I don't know the author's settings).


    It does look great! Looks like Gamma DR and they probably used FilmConvert in post with some sort of LUT applied as well.

  7. 20 hours ago, Elliot M said:

    Thanks for these awesome videos. Particularly liked NX1User (Robert's) 'Dreamworld. Not sure how to tag on here to ask: was the sound recorded in camera?

    And slightly off-topic (apologies if it's the wrong place to ask): has anyone here compared the NX1 with Sony's A6500 for documentary video work?

    For 1080p delivery, with interviews and observational b-roll, the NX1 on paper still seems best: light enough to fit on a gimbal, useable touchscreen autofocus, mic input, near-enough flat profile for grading, decent OSS lenses - so like the A6500, but with less rolling shutter, no overheating, longer battery life and headphone input. Or am I missing something?

    Thanks all!


    Thanks! All the sound was recorded separately to a Tascam DR60 mkII.

  8. I've used the NX1 on a 20 hour shoot day where the temps ranged from the mid 80s - mid 90s and had no overheating issues. Also handy is that the NX1 can be powered through USB. On sticks or a good shoulder rig, I velcro on one of those big USB power bricks and I don't have to worry about batteries for a couple of days.

  9. 11 hours ago, Orangenz said:

    "Change to color" in AE would probably work on the green dots? The black dots might be more of a problem. 

    Thanks, I'll give that a try. I tried it in Premiere, but it wouldn't function properly. I forget that AE has those tools too and sometimes they work better there.

  10. Update: The files recorded in the C500 are fine. They're 1080 and compressed, but fine.

    My friend emailed Atomos about the problem. They told him to update the firmware on his Shogun Inferno. That fixed the problem.

    It doesn't fix my footage though. I'm still looking for a solution that doesn't involve spending the next year masking or rotoscoping.


  11. 21 hours ago, Grimor said:

    Dont know then.

    You can check anyway if is faulty sensor, or a bug or just the peaking


    That's what I'm trying to figure out. I was hoping someone here would have seen it before and know the answer.


  12. A friend and I were working on a fun project this past weekend. Canon C500 outputting 4k 10-bit 422 to a Shogun Inferno recording in ProRes 422HQ. Sometimes on the Shogun we could see a little green noise in the highlights, but didn't think it was actually recording it. Well, it was recording it.

    It's not my camera or Shogun, so I can't check anything on it now that the shoot is over.

    What is causing that green noise?

    How can I get rid of it in post?


    Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 8.32.57 PM.png

  13. I have used PNY cards since the hacks came out and they don't give me errors unless I choose 200mbps or above, they handle 180mbps fine. I have five of them and there's one that gives me that error message occasionally if the camera is cold (like 35º F or less), but it's fine once the camera has been on for a minute.

  14. It's all Samsung NX1 (except for a couple of  drone shots) with the Kinoseed bitrate hack (180mbs), using Andrew's Gamma DR profile. Lenses: Samsung 16-50 S, Rokinon 12mm and 85mm, plus some lensbaby. I used a couple LUTS by luts.iwltbap.com and FilmConvert in post. Filmed in 4K converted to ProRes for editing in Premiere. Yes, I know Premiere supports H.265, but I've had nothing but problems with H.265 files since the last update. Exported to 1080.

    What's it about? 

    What do you call a ghost town that still has people living there? This documentary is a peek into the world of some folks that live in what others call a "ghost town." Haunted kewpie doll, boot fence, dream cowboys, custom caskets, and stories of healing are all there in the Dreamworld.

  15. On 12/28/2016 at 5:48 PM, Cary Knoop said:

    Great job, I enjoyed watching it!

    Two questions for you:

    Why did you decide not to upload your documentary in 4k? 

    The black levels for the indoor shots are clipped and raised, I am curious as to why you did that?



    Shot in 4K and delivered in 1080, so pans, zooms, and crops could be added in post (but then they mostly weren't. I wasn't the editor). We had to get a lot of shots in a short time frame, that's why we chose to add the movement in post.

    Clipped blacks: Time crunch again as far as getting the edit done. The doc was for a class and part of the assignment is the quick turnaround. I'm not good enough at color correcting with scopes yet to get everything done in the time frame we had. Thanks for watching though!

  16. 10 hours ago, Drew Veeneman said:

    WARNING! :astonished: WARNING! :astonished: WARNING!

    I noticed one of my footage files from the NX1 dropped frames today. It was a single isolated incident. At first I thought my non-linear editor was crapping out... but I traced it all the back to the original H265 file from my NX1. I'll describe what it looked like for the good of the community.

    It occurred during a 8 minute clip with my camera running at the 180 bit rate. At about 3:45, the white balance jumped in a weird way and then five seconds of frames dropped. I could tell because I had to re-sync the audio and patch the hole with my C camera. Following the glitch, the camera continued recording to the file without anymore issues. The NX1 only did this once during my long shoot with 13 clips and about 100 GB worth of footage.

    My conclusion from this is the 180 bit rate presents some risk with my SD cards... My setup is almost reliable. I think I'll dial it back to the 175 bit rate next time.

    You definitely will get different results with different brands even if they are listed as having the same technical specs. I've had good luck with PNY cards. I had four that were all reliable, recently bought a fifth and it has been giving me periodic problems. So I guess even within a brand there can be variation. Different factories maybe?


    It's old info now, but this illustrates that speed specs and/or price can't always be your guide:


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