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  1. Bottom front button is AF default selector .... you can rotate through the choices ... and the i Menu is direct to AF and FX/DX selection ... it remembers your last choice

    as the highlighted select choice. The menu is configurable in stills and in video mode for your most frequently used settings and frame rates and profiles.

    AF in video is best as AF-F wide area ... 

     LCD view gives a great approximation of the exposure ... once you get used to it you will not need a meter for 95% of situations. There is a live histogram in one of the

    display modes  ... in the five percent difficult backlight situations just flip to stills mode ... center weight meter and set your manual exposure ... shutter and aperture ... then back to video mode ... round trip is 5 to 10 seconds max.

    But an external recorder with waveforms is still best ... it gives realtime magnified view and you can use false color zebras and peaking if desired.

    Most of these cameras have peculiarities that seem difficult at first but after one or two days they no longer present much of a problem.


  2. 6 hours ago, Django said:

    BRAW is open source, there is already a plug-in for native windows Premiere support: https://autokroma.com/BRAW_Studio/index.html

    I gave Z6 a try yesterday, lovely ergonomics. But I didn't figure out an easy way to switch from AF-S to AF-C (miss the AF switch/button from Nikon DSLRs)?

    More troublesome, without exposure meter in video, how are people shooting? just winging exposure from LCD view?!

    Seems like an external monitor with exposure tools is a must, but then you got the HDMI lag... Nikon really needs to fix both those issues ASAP.


  3. Exposure is fairly easy with the M6 ... three LED indicators ... under arrow correct dot and over arrow. Even half lit to show close but slight under or over exposure. 

    The meter itself tends to underexpose with wide angle lenses as the predominant area metered is the sky ... so the manual suggests tilting the camera towards the ground to meter then compose normally ... limiting the predominance of the sky's brightness. With practice you will find the sweet spot for most exposures unless a scene is predominantly white or black .... where you need to add a compensation factor. The meter will also be "fooled" by excessive backlight ... so step up to the subject to meter and then step back to compose and shoot.

    Another suggestion is that grass is a close approximation of middle grey ... just point at the grass to meter then accommodate for any offset light that may skew the exposure.

    Thorsten Overgaard ... has a decent writeup that may help with using a M camera ... 

    Great camera ... difficulty for you is you can only focus by guess ... as the R adapter does not couple to the rangefinder. So F2 on a Summicron may give you a lot of unfocused shots.

    With a 24 or 21 at F 5.6 - F 8 you can zone focus and pretty much everything will be acceptable.


  4. Correct

    I have Andrew Reid's ZLog but most of my shoots are controlled on a major tripod and video head ... external recorder ... and again ... AF seems to be acceptable

    for me on the Z 7 with Nikon Z-Log in 10 bit.

    If I am traveling with the camera ... without all the ephemerata of recorder etc then AR ZLog will be great.



  5. 12 hours ago, liork said:

    So the AF issue happens also in 8 bit N-Log? Hopefully looks like a bug.

    N-Log is only 10 bit and only to an external recorder ... you can simultaneously record UHD 8 bit internal but not N-Log.

    Nikon restricted it to 10 bit as most Log is kinda challenged with the limited color space in 8 bit. Canon has a decent 

    8 bit log ... but probably because their color science is good enough people are not pushing it in post.

  6. On 12/21/2018 at 12:33 AM, gethin said:

    does anyone know readout speed of z6 sensor.  I forgot just how this effects my workflow (warp stabilizer is amazing with a fast readout sensor, woeful wobbly jelly nightmare with a slow one). MY gx85 was truly terrible, the z6 is not as bad, and I was spoilt rotten with the gh5.  In fact the gh5 made me forget this could be an issue.

    Got my numbers here, but z6 not on the list:http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?303559-Measuring-rolling-shutter-put-a-number-on-this-issue!




  7. 7 hours ago, tomsemiterrific said:

    Andrew, I just received a Z6, and it looks promising. I've got an FD, M42, and EF to Z mount adapters ordered, but the Chinese, in good form, are taking their time getting them to me.

    Not shocked to see Nikon nomenclaturists to have invented all kinds of new terms NO ONE ELSE uses. Like listing "highlights" when they should list "zebras."

    In that vein, I cannot find where they list "shoot without lens" and where you can inform the camera what focal length you're shooting.

    Can you kindly help me with this?

    P 298 in the manual

  8. 20 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    Show us your grading skills!

    I took a little time with the EOSHD Z-Log L this afternoon ... came up with the following.

    If you would prefer it in another thread please move it ....


    Looks good for the times I am out with the camera and do not want external recorder etc etc etc.


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