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  1. 1 hour ago, tugela said:

    General home viewing devices are on an upward tick in terms of size, something that is going to continue going forward, and your "good enough" today is going to look pretty crappy when the average home rocks 80"+ retina screens.

    Oh no! 80 inches??

    Show me a flaw in the image of The Wizard of Oz on a 50 foot screen

    1 hour ago, tugela said:

    Contemporary equipment is all you need for the past, but not enough for the future. We don't live in the past and are heading for the future, so the answer is that todays cameras will NOT be the end camera for anyone.

    On the contrary, sounds like even your future's future is the past of my current present.

  2. 1 hour ago, Anaconda_ said:

    From what I've found on a number of cameras, you can only output 4K to a recorder if you're also shooting 4K internally. If you are shooting 4K internal, you can also send a 1080 signal to the recorder, but sadly 1080 internal and 4K output doesn't seem to be an option. Of course, maybe there are cameras out there that can do it, but I've not come across any.

    I think he just meant like what the a7si can do. Not recording both at once, just an internal option and a better option externally

  3. Be careful if this is tooooo "to get your name out there" and not at all because you think it'll be good. I've heard working on something you don't love isn't just draining, but rarely goes well. Sorry if I'm misreading this, but if you have something you're more passionate about, that you can still do with your resources, do that. If you're good, the thing that's most "you" will be more marketable than the thing you do to fit in. People actually do want something unique. And even then.. keep doing more and more before you should expect to be noticed, really. 

    A webseries would get more of an audience than a short film I think, and not just because they're short episodes. People keep seeing the new episodes pop up and finally decide to stop ignoring it. 

    Why don't you want to do festivals? Youtube is a tough business

  4. I've been curious to get more into improvisation in film, but last time I tried I ended up with pretty much a montage. I figured someone with a documentary background could see a way to create a plot in it better than I had.

    I assume you can use B-roll to hide a seam, cut two conversations together so it feels like one, cross cut between two scenes so that you care less that each part is just a snippet... mess with the order. I don't know, I'd be interested in any input or personal experience, or just pointing me in the direction of where better to learn some of this. I know nothing in this area.

  5. So, for image quality for the most common type of film, I guess, it's very near its peak. We don't need more resolution, nor dynamic range, if you shoot it right. Film was plenty good more than 70 years ago

    I don't know how hdr will change things. I haven't been loving the hdr stuff i've seen, but tech for that will get better in other areas too. And plenty of current cameras work alright for hdr. 360 video and vr will advance quite a bit clearly, but it's something I don't care about.

    Multiple uses is just a different way to interpret the question, but a good point. Fitting in your pocket is a nice feature, but the lens you like most wouldn't fit in your pocket on its own, not including the large sensor camera. So that's 2 cameras

    I'm hoping for a revolution in work flow, I guess. Immediate cloud transfer and teeny files is something that could make us look back and scoff

  6. 26 minutes ago, redimp said:

    I have taken a closer look at the F3 and for some reason I'm struggling to find any good videos with decent sharpness on it except for these two 


    Other videos look really blurry even for HD. 

    I can't judge the sharpness too well on my phone, but I've always liked this video

    And that's not even 444

    If sharpness is the most important thing... you could go back and include 4k in your search ;) since you already might be looking at big files from a real cinema camera, you might as well downscale in the process too

    And since people are listing ef mount cameras, I might as well add the BMCC with speed booster is the perfect s35 crop and an amazing image

  7. 13 minutes ago, Don Kotlos said:

    Apparently the main character is about to die from pixel eating bacteria :) 

    but is your computer dying of something?

    maybe my screen's res is basically denoising it? I feel like something's wrong here


  8. @Neumann Films sure, of course. But...

    3 hours ago, Neumann Films said:

    let's be real, it doesn't take that much time to come up with a skeleton outline that has breaks where the episodes would end, doesn't even have to be cliffhangers.

    ^this sounds a little bit like saying, "It's not that difficult to be a great writer." Which I would think most writers disagree with.

    And if we aren't all amazing writers, we might want to realize it could be a better story without the part where we realize there should be another scare near the end of this 6 minute film and do our best to force an unwarranted one in the 30 seconds we have left, for instance.

    I was just thinking like, make it twelve minutes instead of ten if that's less jumbled. Have 13 episodes, sure. Convenience and standards are nice, but better is better.

  9. I don't know.. I honestly thought 1-5 minutes was more of a youtube standard. And I don't see any problem with infinity episodes (or as many as you need). Even if the end is just perfect, I didn't think people were really bothered by "waiting to see what happens next!!" and "wondering how it's all gonna end!!!" for a loooong time. If the end never came, it might be better than if it was only two episodes.

    But I'M obviously more interested in you making the story right, not caring about the rules. Not that that's the most valuable principle in a webseries.. just maybe keep it in mind, if you start to feel like you're making too many sacrifices

  10. @jonpais thanks, I'll look him up! that link was doing that to me on my phone, but works fine on my computer. But you can search the channel "No Money, No Help", if you're desperate to find it, haha. It's not worth too much effort anyway.

    @IronFilm badasssssss :glasses:

    @kaylee sound is pretty okay for me really.. I gotta just learn the rules on normalizing it. My workflow is such a mess, it could honestly take years to boost it a smidge. 

  11. I used to look down on this a little, or just not really pay any attention to it. But I was kind of forced into it. Now that I've done three films this way, I've learned a lot of course, but also other filmmakers working like this have become my favorite people ever. Jim Lujan, Daniel Robinson, and Shannon Plumb are my heroes. Anyone else I should look into?

    I started collecting whatever ones I could find here: https://vimeo.com/channels/nomoneynohelp

    (not to be too self promotional, but here's the trailer for my latest. pretty excited about it - https://vimeo.com/234085563)

    I'm still hoping I get help soonish, because I'm not good enough at this to do it forever. But I assume I will miss it. And it is sooo satisfying to just put "By <your name here>" at the end. I mean, maybe I'm a narcissist for that... (though if that were really the case I could list every job with my name by it, even casting director) 


    Anyone here doing this? Or even did it once for fun? Wanna share the film or the experience? It's a lot of work.

  12. 4 hours ago, kaylee said:

    no shit

    when i was in school, i remember asking one time Whats going on with the video village? Seems like a bunch of people standing around doing nothing

    now i DREAM of people standing around. smart, talented, informed people... just standing around. standing guard against the chaos of reality

    @Liam congratulations on finishing up your edit! whats the latest piece about?

    Thank ya kindly c:

    In this one I play twins, haha. So I'm probably officially out of live action ideas that won't require any other actors. Possible I can do another animation soon, but if people wanna start offering me stuff before then, I can save it..

  13. I'm just finishing up the edit on my 4th no budget film, made with no help.. money isn't the issue, I need people. The other day I was like, "Ooo, what if I had 20 million dollars??" Well.. nothing would be different career-wise.

    I love that Channel 101 was brought up here. Seems like the opposite of eoshd. I usually get a response of general disinterest and then, "You need better sound." Coolthanks... I should have written it wih better sound. Less of an issue with those guys.

  14. 12 minutes ago, Arikhan said:

    C'mon @BTM_Pix, overheating is a feature...An important innovation, helping shooters to plan their takes carefully. It simply doesn't make sense nowadays to shoot Godfahther IV in a single, continuous take. Overheating warnings are nothing but artistic reminders...

    Weirdly phrased though.. I would respond better to a notification that says "you're playing god again!"

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