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  1. Does anyone here use the Contax/Yashica Zeiss lenses with a speedbooster? I have been using mine just fine, but I've read about people breaking pins when using them in combination with one another.
  2. Selling like new Sigma lens. Kept in-doors in a moisture free area, with a UV filter during the entire duration of me owning it. Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to email me at jordy808@gmail.com
  3. Hey guys, I was just browsing some Texas craigslist for some nice prime lenses and came upon this: Anyone have experience with this particular lens? Zeiss Planar 50 1.4
  4. Anyone seen this upgrade from the new OS patch? https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208544 Will this be a big boon for the video editing and post-production userbase?
  5. Dang, no EF mount on Veydra? So, if I'm seeking an affordable Cine lens then it's Rokinon whom to look towards?
  6. Selling a Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 Leica DG Summilux Awesome lens, very sharp, gets some wonderful shallow DoF. Have had lens filter on it since purchasing new.
  7. I read the books and the trailer looked pretty shitty to me. Maybe it was just the edit, though.
  8. I bought a Mavic Pro a couple of weeks ago for real estate videography purposes, but I'm considering on returning it to Best Buy and purchasing the Phantom 4. This new Mavic is only adding to this!
  9. So, I guess time to sell the Ronin-M?
  10. Hey guys, I've got a question for you all related to weather proofing and exposing my camera to salt water. I'd appreciate your input. I'm going on a trip for a couple of weeks down to Guatemala and part of that trip will be sailing out on the ocean for a few days. I'm debating whether to take my GH5 because of the weather sealing or my gx85 since it's smaller, and I can just toss it in a drybag quickly. The lens that I was considering taking with both cameras was the Pana/Leica 12-60. Appreciate you reading.
  11. For someone who is going to be dropping their Creative Cloud subscription soon, what do you guys suggest at this point: Resolve or FCP X?
  12. Hey guys, I am curious if anyone might have an idea if this is possible. I have the GH5 preordered for release, but with the SXSW coming a few weeks before its listed release date, I'd love to be able to shoot with it while I'm freelancing over the week. Do you think there is potential in me getting in contact with a Panasonic rep to see about getting an early released model to be used for covering the even with the agreement that I'd provide them with footage?
  13. Hey guys, need to sell some stuff for the ole credit card bill Redrock Micro Mattebox Deluxe Kit with Case. $450.00 LEE 4x4 .9 ND Filter $150.00 15mm 12” Rods $20.00 (SOLD)Lensse S5 Single Follow Focus $130.00 Will ship to the lower 48!
  14. To stay on the topic of gimbals, I was wondering if anyone here has owned or owns the Ronin-M? I was waiting to get the Pilotfly h2 but it never shipped no was ever any indicator given so gotta take what I can get. The problem that I am currently having with the Ronin-M, though, is that no matter what I do to try and get the X axis balanced manually before running the Tuning App, it does not stay in place the way it should. I had my buddy record me as I attempt to illustrate the problem. Any suggestions would be a Godsend.
  15. Hey guys! hope y'all are getting some amount of satiation from NAB. I wanted to get people's opinions between the Osmo coupled with the X5r versus a Pilotfly h2 with a dslr setup. obviously the x5r is at a huge advantage with its ability to shoot raw but is spending 3k on a camera such as this too limiting for its price point? Thanks for your feedback!
  16. Hello guys, looking to buy a Speedbooster for an EF-MFT lens. If anyone has one they'd like to get rid of, please message me with an asking price! Thanks for reading.
  17. On the subject of the A7sii; seems like there are some really experienced people with its use. I wanted to ask; what Picture Profiles would you use if you had a SUPER short turnaround for a project-- talking like the edit is due the day of the shoot (interviewing). Secondly, for those on Macs, do you all convert the XAVC footage to Pro Res for editing use in Premiere? I was editing some of the footage that I shot yesterday, and it took significantly longer to render even despite the fact that I shot in 1080 compared to my GH 3 footage.
  18. I'm sorry about the very nebulous question. I know upcoming cameras like the BM Micro Cinema Camera and probably the next GH will utilize m43, but beyond that, where do you think that m43 stands? I'm wondering if the E-Mount system will, provide a more robust future? Decisions, decisions.
  19. So, I'm having a bit of a conundrum. I own a GH3, but I am currently on the fence about upgrading to an A7rii this week. I JUST bought the Metabones M43 to EF adapter to use with my Sigma 18-35, but I am considering returning it for the E Mount Adapter, instead. Which adapter do you guys foresee as being more future proof? It's a 650 dollar investment, so, I want to make the RIGHT decision.
  20. Hey guys, I'm going to be shooting some South by Southwest stuff here in the next couple of weeks; mostly interview and live music stuff. I have a GH3 rigged with a Zacuto Marauder, but I'm wondering if I should think about renting an Olympus EM-1 for that week. The reason I'm considering that is because while I have a couple of Panny lenses with their OIS (25 and 42.5), I also have a Metabones XL with the Sigma 18-35. I'd prefer to be able to shoot with some sort of zoom lens. I'm wondering if renting the EM-1 so that I can have OIS while using the Speedbooster and the Sigma might be the best option to get nice and smooth shots without having to lug around my tripod. Any input? Thanks guys!
  21. Selling a barely used Atomos Ninja Blade. Will include Sandisk Extreme Pro 240 gig SSD. Also has a Squaretrade 2 year drops and spills warranty which is apparently transferable. $450.00-- Will ship in the lower 48.
  22. Hey guys, I made a post about this issue I am having in the "Lens" thread, but I didn't get an answer, so, I was hoping this being more visible might help me understand what is happening better. I bought the Sigma 18-35 fairly recently (which I am in absolute love with btw) to use with my GH3. I purchased this Fotodiox to mount the lens to. This being my first time using an adapter, I wasn't sure if it was normal that attaching the lens to the mount didn't work as smoothly as attaching a lens into its native mount. I was switching lenses today, and to my dismay, I noticed that there were some TINY scratches on the metal part of the Sigma [see picture below] as well as some metal shavings that had accumulated at the bottom of my lens adapter. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  23. Hey guys! This is more of a tech support issue than anything, but it is related to my new lens-- the sigma 17-35 (which I am just in love with on a side-note..) I am using it on my GH3 with this Fotodiox Adapter. The lens doesn't turn into the adapter as smoothly as attaching a native lens directly to my GH3, but I figured that was just the nature of using an adapter [my first time using one]. I was switching out my lenses yesterday, though, and to my dismay, there were some TINY little scratches on the metal of the lens (I'll take some pictures when I get home) and there were some metal shavings on the inside of the Fotodiox Adapter. Does anyone have a possible clue what the heck is going on here? You're input would be SO appreciated. Sincerely, Jordan
  24. On a GH-3: Would you guys go with this Canon 50mm F/1.8 and the EF speedbooster or the new Panasonic 42.5 ?
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