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    anti12 reacted to Marcio Kabke Pinheiro in Launch Announcement - PBC Pocket Remote For Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras   
    Amazing job, @BTM_Pix. If I had a Pocket, for sure would be joining the campaign.
    Any plans to make a Panasonic version? (Ideal would be a Olympus one, but judging from the lack of controls of the Oly app, probably the protocol is very bad)
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    anti12 reacted to BTM_Pix in Launch Announcement - PBC Pocket Remote For Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras   
    Yes, a Panasonic one will happen reasonably soon.
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    anti12 reacted to BTM_Pix in LumaFusion users - can you help with a few questions?   
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Here is a sneak peek at what I've just finished developing.
    It is an interface that you plug the Contour Shuttle devices into which then enables you to use them via Bluetooth LE in LumaFusion to control it.
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    anti12 got a reaction from BTM_Pix in LumaFusion users - can you help with a few questions?   
    I only recently connected my keyboard in hope it will somehow enable audio scrubbing. (It doesn’t)
    I can see myself using the J, K, L, I, O,  arrow and space keys a lot.
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    anti12 reacted to BTM_Pix in 3C Cinema Camera Controller App for Pocket 4K - OFFICIAL LAUNCH   
    No, it has morphed slighty into a Leica/Panasonic/Sony controller and will be available soon both as the pocket version here

    But also the larger version with focus wheel as shown here with the Pocket4K

    There will likely be a Wifi version of 3C for them as well.
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    anti12 reacted to Amazeballs in 3C Cinema Camera Controller App for Pocket 4K - OFFICIAL LAUNCH   
    Have you ditched the Panasonic/Sony controller you were previously working on? 
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    anti12 reacted to whoisjsd in I made my own "Anamorphic Shop" Rangefinder.   
    Sure, but I haven't had time to redo them to make it easier. These need sanding to get a good fit. The outside of the rings not so much, the inside where the glass goes need a bit. But I played safe so I didn't have to pay for more prints.
    The lip on the inside of the rings faces out on both rings. The outside shouldn't need much sanding except to get rid of the shiny aspect of the plastic. The inside front element ring needs a lot of sanding. Just be careful and take it slow, you'll be fine.
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    anti12 reacted to brad12d3 in Ronin S Motion Control VFX   
    Got my DJI Ronin S a few weeks ago and while digging through the app realized that I could program tilt and pan moves and repeat them. I paired the Ronin S with a motorized slider creating a small motion control system. This allowed for some interesting VFX in a music video I just shot. I was able to created several versions of the singer interacting with himself while the camera moved around following the action. Check it out:
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    anti12 reacted to BTM_Pix in Has Panasonic Killed Off Cinema Lenses?   
    Hypothetically speaking, would something that did the following be of any interest to Panasonic (both GH5 and non-GH5) owners ?
    8 focus points (pulled from current lens position so can be either using touch AF or manual etc) 4 auto transition speeds between points Manual transition between points Manual focus adjustment All driven from dedicated hardware switches.
    And wirelessly.
    From a handheld device.
    Hypothetically speaking obviously......
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    anti12 reacted to Bold in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    Thanks for the update Nick!  Bummer that the Helder didn't work out, but it opens the door for experimentation with other glass element to perhaps get a sharper, wider field of view.  Keep on tinkering!
    Thanks!  Would love to see pics of your setup once you get your collar back from the machinist!
    I am extremely pleased with my final product, and will be making it available for purchase to those that are interested :-)
    |. . | .|
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    anti12 reacted to BTM_Pix in Would You Perhaps Be Interested In A Different GX80/85 Colour Profile???   
    EDIT >>>>>
    After harvesting commands, I can confirm that as I suspected it is game over for VLOG on the GX80/85.
    You all owe me £3.99 for that discovery 
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    anti12 got a reaction from BTM_Pix in Would You Perhaps Be Interested In A Different GX80/85 Colour Profile???   
    Hello, my GH4 is still on Firmware 2.3
    The Android version of Gmonitor app recently added the feature to change Cinestiles.
    I am now able to select and use V-Log L.

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    anti12 reacted to Hans Punk in WHAT'S THIS??? (undentified 1.75x anamo lens)   
    I remember this lens doing the rounds a couple of years back on ebay by the original seller - I  did a little research back then.
    It was a part of a small run of lenses configured by Century at the request of Lars Von Trier when he was shooting on DVCAM. To enable a small part of the film to be shot 'native' 2.35:1 (bulk of the film was cropped 16x9) So expect this lens to work best with smaller sensors and when higher resolution is not critical. Can be considered a Century/Optex grade optic, but with a different stretch ratio. Current seller of lens used to be a member of this forum before he got banned. He's probably still here, under a different name. 
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    anti12 reacted to Ian Edward Weir in "Cinemascope Clouds" Baby Hypergonar 4k 2.35:1   
    I wanted to share my new video I shot with the Baby Hypergonar. Olympus Zuiko 38mm f1.9 was taking lens. 60 time lapse over 3 months. Watch with a glass of wine before bed because it's a real sleeper
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    anti12 got a reaction from mjas in $30 anamorphic de-squeeze app for GH4 (iPhone/iPad)   
    @mjas It works without the panasonic app.
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    anti12 got a reaction from mjas in $30 anamorphic de-squeeze app for GH4 (iPhone/iPad)   
    Hello Marcus, thanks a lot for this useful app. I can confirm that it also works with the Panasonic G6.
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    anti12 reacted to mjas in $30 anamorphic de-squeeze app for GH4 (iPhone/iPad)   
    I just wanted to share that I've released an iOS app that is kind of like the pana app, but full screen and with some basic image controls; anamorphic de-squeeze (1.33x, 1.5x, 2x) and brightness / contrast / saturation for working with V-Log.
    Here's the App Store link: http://bit.ly/scopes-ios-app
    Video showing lag is comparable or better than pana app
    Scopes app + GH4 + SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x

    Scopes app + G7 + Möller 2x
    (G7 is not officially supported and needs you to start pana app first)

    App Store link: http://bit.ly/scopes-ios-app
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    anti12 reacted to andrew mcmillan in Interested in auto-focus anamorphic lens   
    so what going on in there 
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    anti12 reacted to rbbayliss in Interested in auto-focus anamorphic lens   
    Very cool stuff, so you merged together a Canon EF 40mm STM and a Cinelux ES 2x and now you have a working FF autofocus setup?
    How did you manage to align all of the elements so precisely, I'm guessing this is more involved than a it seems. Did you need any specialist gear or was it all done by hand?
    Are you going to post instructions or a tear down so that others can try it out too?
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    anti12 got a reaction from Gabriel Copoeru in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    Here is my sub $ 20,-- quick and very dirty push focus mod.
    1. 60mm diameter 2mm thick 8cm long Aluminum Tube
    2. Two step-up rings (49mm-52mm + 52mm-58mm) to hold the Front Lens.
    Just jammed the Front-Lens inside the 49mm Ring with some Tape. (Maybe I will use Silicone to secure the Lens)
    The 58mm End will hold the Lens-Assembly in Front of the Tube and is fixed there with Electrical Insulation Tape.
    To slide and guide the Tube I taped some thin Packaging Foam around the Anamorphic Lens-Body.

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    anti12 reacted to Bold in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    My Antares finderscope clamp arrived today and it fits great:

    Here I reversed the bracket, which puts the base at the end that joins the taking lens.  However, this makes the unit nose-heavy:

    I think it's best to have it clamped the other way around as in the previous pictures - adding stability to the end that gets the most vibration/movement (from focusing).  The top screws can be used to help visually align the anamorphic, too.  As mentioned, I'll have have to do do some modding to flatten the rail base, but I am very encouraged by the results!  All in all, $37 well-spent, I think!
    |. . | .|
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    anti12 reacted to nahua in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    BOLD, I really salute you on this project.  I've been sitting on mine for awhile.  It's the focus and the handling that's just killing me.  And it's harder now that there are other single focus options available.  I hope that you can make something that really works.  I'll definitely buy the adapter, especially if you can 3D print it.
    Here are pics of how I have mine mounted.  It's so hacked I don't know what to say.  It's definitely not stable, and I have a hard time with the follow focus too.  But the images are great as are the amazing flares!

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    anti12 got a reaction from buggz in Anamorphic Rigging Help!   
    You can use those cheap parts to build your Cinelux support:
    I used some of those in my experiments

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    anti12 got a reaction from Flynn in Most affordable cameras that work well for 2x anamorphic?   
    The Panasonic G7 also has 4k Photo Mode which allows 4:3 @ 30 FPS. Don't know if you can change the framerate or record with sound.
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    anti12 reacted to pooli in Meopta anagon2x modified   
    My name is Andrew Kramar
    I'm from Russia (Excuse me for my english)
    I have an anamorphic projection lens - meopta anagon 2Ñ…, and I decided to remake it for my BMPCC))
    original meopta anagon 2Ñ…

    This video was filmed with the original projection lens+MIR1V on BMPCC
    minimum focusing distance - 5 meters
    I decided to disassemble the lens to bring together close to each other

    And now the minimum focusing distance 30cm

    Then I decided to make a new case for the lens as Folding Bellows))


    Video with a modified lens
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