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  1. If you are not using Davinci Resolve, then P6K does not make sense at all. May be BM wants FCPX and PP editors to switch to Resolve with this 6K Raw only bait .
  2. Sorry these prices are in Canadian $. P4K $ 1749.00 + 13% tax = $1976.00 https://www.vistek.ca/store/423994/blackmagic-design-pocket-cinema-camera-4k P6K $ 3349.00 + 13% tax. = $3784.00 so the difference is $1808.00. I can buy a Metabones speed booster 0.64X EF to M43 for $700.00
  3. The crop factor will be 1.26 ( 1.9 X 0.64) vs 1.56. So if you have FF EF lenses, P4K with SB could be better choice. $1000.00 cheaper too. As for the image quality, P6K downsample from 6K to 4K for better image quality, but don't you think the speed booster when it concentrates the light/image comes through the lens on the m43 sensor will increase the final image quality closer to 6K downsampling 4K ?
  4. What is the difference between this and a BMPCC 4K with Metabones 0.64X speed booster?
  5. This camera is going to lead the FF hybrid market with the Raw out put to Atomos ninja V this summer . I use GH5 with Leica branded lens but would like to have more flexibility in colour grading. I was going to buy a BMPCC 4k but after hearing the Nikon raw out to Prores RAW, I am seriously considering to buy this camera. The colour science seems better than Lumix S1.
  6. Menu looks certainly illogical. I know many have invested in A mount lenses and i think this body is intended for them. I am sure all these sensor and other advancement will end up in A7R II replacement. Sony need to have better battery tech in Emount cameras, their battery life is pathetic just like their menu system.
  7. The clips shot with this camera look nice though. The Canon cinema lens also provides nice bokeh. i love the image texture something different than the Alexa or Red image we have become accustomed in big productions. Need to see more clips shots with this camera to judge its potential though. https://vimeo.com/canonpro
  8. i think it will be technically difficult task given the clearance between the sensor and the mount. If you go more narrower, the Speedbooster will protrude and hit the sensor. BMPCC 0.58X barely fits and you may also get soft corners and vignetting Yes it does, I shoot pictures and occasional 1080P video. Only issue i am having is with this setup is when a wide angle lens is used, the corners are slightly softer ( out of focus) if you focused in the middle of the frame. No issue with 35mm and up. 4K Crop on GH4 is actually 2.3 not 2.2. The plus side is 2 stops light gain, FF coverage and the FF Bokeh.
  9. Bravo Panasonic. i am already Using a 0.58X BMPCC F mount Speed booster with my GH4. Now it is With GH5, i will have 0.58X 2 = 1.16 FF crop factor which is almost like a FF image and the 10Bit 4.2.2 is a bonus! Ready for preorder
  10. Now this leaves Sony is the only camera maker Gives FF 4K video with a versatile lens mount and hopefully their next iterations would have better video quality. As a video shooter, i Switched to Panasonic from Canon when GH2 realesed and never regretted. My hope is that GH5 would have no crop factor in 4K mode.
  11. GH4 C4K, BMPCC Speedbooster, Nikon 105 2.5 Ai @ F4.
  12. 4K 120 fps in GH5 ? http://www.ibtimes.co.in/panasonic-imaging-head-says-gh4s-replacement-may-shoot-4k-120-fps-685337
  13. Have been the GH system owner since GH2, had GH3 and Using GH4 with BMPCC speedbooster , Nikon prime AIS lenses plus some Leica lumix lenses and now eargarly waiting for the GH5. Bought an A7sII out of hype and sold it after 3 months since it did not do anything better for my shooting needs.
  14. GH5 Would be an awesome camera to me if The sensor is bigger than M43 like the one JVC use. 10bit 4:2:2 internal processing and HDMI out with like the GH4. Better internal codec and colour science with more info for post work. Manual focus Zoom in option while recording. Better slow-motion options. Slightly bigger body than GH4 and Do not make it smaller than GH4. One or two extra stops of light sensitivity over GH4 Panasonic can also add dual base ISOs and IBIS if they feel like giving us more The only thing that is going to make the GH5 popular like GH4 is the sensor size. not 6K.
  15. Hopefully many more iterations to follow such as AF100 replacement with same colour science, Prores and EF mount. Have a GH4 with PCC Speed booster and an A7S II, Still prefer GH4 as main camera, wishing for a GH FF camera with same attributes so that i can get rid of A7S II.
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