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  1. That's what I did, I used a 72 filter clamp from redstan, then a 72mm to 52 step down ring and at end 52mm to 52mm lens reversing coupler adapter.
  2. I agree with you ! what's the point?
  3. free limited 3 upload per month, pro unlimitited 29$
  4. I bought the Leica elpro achromat 55mm +0.75 and the Tamaron 72mm +0,5 from japan. Is the Tamaron 72mm +0,5 achromat? just wondering. Thank you so much for your advice.
  5. Hello Tony, just in case you would like to reopen the single focus failed projects case with the animex s8/2x, I will be happy to lend you mine for test. It would be nice! think about it please!! Thanks
  6. It's a lovely lens! I managed to use the same clam that I use for the sankor.
  7. At the moment we are 14 on the list, here we are: comurit eeeceegee ( to be confirmed) yannis.zach ( to be confirmed) nahua ( to be confirmed) oznimbus ( to be confirmed) dahlfors silvertonesx24 tonydtv ( to be confirmed) valid anti12 ( to be confirmed) bootsie kristoferman Caleb Genheimer Kerrick ker-Bear Martin At the end of october I would like to send this list to anamorphic shop and see if we can get a discount coupon for all of us on the list. Some of you need to confirm before the end of october please. thank you for your cooperation!!!!
  8. hello guys, could you kindly advice me a good and cheap +0,5 and +1 diopters for this lens? I would love to get the tokina but it's to expensive for me at the moment. Any advice will be great? Thanks I have tried with a hoya +1 but I am not really satisfied with the result
  9. ( but you seem to want to keep it on the topic of Who wants one) I am keeping on the topic of who is interesting on a possible future unknown discount, which is quite different, sorry. You can read it on the first page of this topic, where I thought it was quite clear. I hate facebook, I am using my wife's one to ask questions. I am not buying anything yet till all the questions have been answered, you are not the only person who asks question before buying. You could if you want contact them directly at sales@anamorphicshop.com. They will clear out all your doubts. I hope I helped you out, please don't take it in the wrong way.
  10. 440329a3112903f12437826b0a819cfc
  11. 440329a3112903f12437826b0a819cfc
  12. FM Lens test with Isco Ultra-Star 2x anamorphic
  13. My gold one arrived today, I am ready to put the black condom on :D
  14. For those of you who are still sceptical about focus module, next video test is going to be with the Isco Ultra star coming soon, and later test Kowa B&H later. I have also asked about their website shop, the answer: The webpage is in the building process We are releasing just the second of our product. And we are more concentrated in doing that. However we are developing the idea how it should look Our ambition is after the release of FM Lens make Anamorphic Shop Web live Stay tuned! Thanks!
  15. I understand your point, fair enough! I wouldn't want that too, of course. I have asked them to step in the forum, they don't want get involved into debates, they are concentrated on their products. If you have any questions about their products or their company they will be happy to answer them with a pleasure through FB or email. I hope their site is going to be open soon. I will make sure no one is going to get hurt, included myself. Before we buy we need some assurances of course, and I am sure they will provide them. At the moment they are selling their stuff through ebay, which is already an assurance, I think, with their feedbacks which speak from them self. I hope you understood what I mean. Thanks Andy!
  16. spotted on, thanks richg 101. @ Andy Lee What's wrong to have some discount, all my moneys goes to family's expenses, I have not much left so if I can grab some discount, I'll take it, even if it's a small amount. Simple as that, no other reasons believe it or not.
  17. The discount promise is still available from anamorphic shop, I am still waiting a little bit longer to gather more people, then I will pass the list to them and see what comes out. I will keep you update, thanks for asking.
  18. I swear on my 5 kids, I don't work for anamorphic shop, I have just asked by mail the possibility to have some discount. Anybody else could have done this, I have tried and they said yes it's possible. I am not a selfish person, so I have asked if it was possible to distribute the discount on the community. I have told them that I was going to gather some people with the same interest to have a better discount, that's all I am doing. That's why I have stated that the more we are the better the discount will be. If you are still in doubt, just ask some more. No problem at all. Thanks
  19. I spoke to anamorphic shop about having a video test with FM and the schneider version 1. The answer is: Yes, it's on his way today. Let's see how it looks.
  20. Checkt his out: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/axiom-beta-the-first-open-digital-cinema-camera https://www.apertus.org/2014-NAB-Axiom-Beta
  21. I have asked again to be 100% sure if it will work with the first version of the schneider, and again and again!!! I am going to ask for a video too. the answer from anamorphic shop is YES it will work
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