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  1. 1080p looks pretty good in the shots where he nailed focus.
  2. Well if you're wanting to shoot 1080 24p straight out of the camera that's your only option. All I'm saying is it would be nice to have 1080 24p cropped from 4k in camera to achieve better results. I know it's probably a processor limitation or something but we can dream right.
  3. This is an example of the Avchd 30p vs 30p from 4k cropping mode. I think it's even clear through vimeo compression that 30p from 4k cropping clearly has a more detailed,color rich image. If you can't see the difference please do download the video. I'm not saying it's a night and day difference but it reminds me of the image you get when scaling 4k to1080p in post. Why do I even care? I guess because it would be nice to have better 1080p straight out the camera and by all indications it's quite possible. Downscaling 4k to 1080p in post is not a big deal but I found it interesting that the camera puts out better 1080p in some miscellaneous mode. Understand my stance though, I'm one of those guys who thought 1080p never reached its zenith before the bombardment of 4k. Everyone be safe...
  4. Hey everybody! I don't know if anyone would be interested in trying this but I just wanted to make sure I'm not seeing things.Ok I decided to experiment with 4k cropping mode but instead of using it for panning or zooms I used it to shoot 1080 30p video,meaning I set the start and end points of the mode to cover the full area of the lcd screen "images below". As I understand it in this mode 1080 30p is scaled from 4k in camera which gave me the idea to compare it to regular avhd 30p.First of all when shooting in 4k cropping mode you're limited to 20 or 40 secs and of course it's 30p. Long story short I have found the 1080 30p from the 4k crop to be visually superior to regular avhd 30p with the down side of a slight crop. I don't know if this would be of any use to anyone but I found it to be very interesting if someone wanted better 30p sotc. It would have been great if this mode allowed shooting in 24p to give a better 1080 image but considering the modes intent I get why the framerate was left out. Lastly I would be interested in those with 25p cameras to do the same test to see if you get similar results.
  5. Images shot with recommended settings on GX85. 1.Straight out of camera 2.With only lut applied,notice the slight red tint over image. 3.Lut applied,image adjusted to remove red tint.
  6. Well I noticed when I applied the lut it was a little too saturated and had a slight red tint,so in resolve I adjusted the color temperature and lowered saturation. Also to be fair the images above were shot with the natural profile before I got the lut but I noticed the same image effect shooting with the recommended settings as well. It's also a matter of personal taste,I guess I could have just decreased the effect of the lut itself,still working on the best approach. I'm really liking the lut though,a very quick way to get some pop out of your image.
  7. 1.straight out of camera 2.with lut applied 3.lut adjusted lowering rose tint and saturation=geat image indeed.
  8. Yes the sony has better low light and superior auto-focus performance in video.It also has better dynamic range but yet and still I sold my a6300 and kept the GX85.In the end the reliablity and shooting experience won me over.I always felt like I had a broken camera when I had the a6300 even with all its rich features.I really don't miss the image itself but the lowlight and auto-focus was quite nice.
  9. I agree the skin tones in most of the shots do appear a bit orange but if it's a creative choice to each his own.I do like the quality of the images though.
  10. @Fredrik Lyhne colors look good to me,nice work. I was also wondering what lenses were used as well as max ISO?
  11. Yes from my test with the speed booster the image is definitely sharper.
  12. @DevonThanks,exactly the color and contrast rendition.
  13. I had this lens and was quite happy with the performance,actually rather surprised it was sharp at f2. I used it with a mitakon lens turbo focal reducer on the a6000.I returned it not because of performance issues but because I wanted a different focal length at the time. Also the build quality and focus ring were quite good for the price.These are some random test photos I remember getting with the lens at f2 or 1.4 considering the focal reducer. I would also like to add if there was a negative about the lens I would say it would be character. I often felt even though the image was quite sharp it lacked that pop of my vintage nikon lenses.Then again that could be a good thing if you want a more neutral image in the first place.I would definitely get the lens again.
  14. After 4 days of comparisons I decided to let t my a6300 go and keep the GX85.I had the the a6300 since March so I'm aware of its advantages but decided IBS,touch screen and affordable lenses were more important than great CAF,S-log and a microphone input.I simply like the image and colors of the GX85 better,no it's not as detailed as the A6300 but it has a certain magic to it.Also I was rather surprised by the GX85 photo quality which has greatly improved since last time I owned a panasonic camera,the famous GH2. I came to my final decision to keep the Panny after my A6300 kept overheating while at the Museum with my kids.I wasn't doing long takes just 40 sec clips and taking photos smh. I hope Panasonic oneday adds Phase Detection AF and a Mic input to a camera of this form factor and stability,a log profile wouldn't hurt either. @jase Nice footage indeed!
  15. Sorry if this has been discussed but couldn't find any info on the subject. I have a issue when I record in AVCHD FHD 24P or 30p the file info shows it as 720x480 on SD card but in Resolve the Metadata shows as 1920x1080p. I was wondering had anyone else experienced this,I'm a bit confused. I want to make sure I'm actually recording 1080p and furthermore my camera is operating correctly. UPDATE: After further investigation it seems the files actually show as 1080p in Sony Vegas as well as Premiere Pro.I guess it's something with Windows 7 and how it sees the files far as info details,a bit strange but as long as the DAW is reporting correct I can live with it.
  16. So between the A6300 and GX80 which one would you say you're leaning towards?I know more test may be needed but would just like to hear your opinion so far.I also have a GX80 on order to compare to my a6300.
  17. I agree just tried those settings with my a6300 and wow! love what I'm seeing.
  18. It wasn't proved wrong in this video,maybe you can point me to another test.Or are you speaking of still AF?
  19. EyeSoul

    Sony a6300 4k

    Wow how Sony managed to make the 1080p worse on this camera than the a6000 is beyond me. I've been doing a lot of test and I don't know if it's the new sensor or what but the 1080p image is marginally less quality. It's hard to explain but comparing some face shots it seems the a6300 has some weird noise reduction/softness going on,and no it's not the skin softening bug.The texture of the image is more bland,it reminds me of a 1-inch sensor look but not as sharp.I'm quite aware of the difference in clarity because I have been shooting 1080p on the a6000/a5100 for a while now. Ok at first I thought maybe it was because I was exploring the new Picture Profile settings and detail may be applied different in that equation,so I switched to my favorite Creative Style and sure enough no change in image rendition smh.I really like the idea of this camera but it seems as more reports come in the execution is seeming rather poor.Dam!! do they seriously test these cameras before they release them. PS.But the 4k image is excellent! I'm almost tired of hearing that statement with all the other issues going on lol.
  20. EyeSoul

    Sony a6300 4k

    It obvious this was graded to a certain taste and it also shows that skintones look quite fine in other shots,certainly not the camera's fault. I'm not here to defend the above footage and to be honest I wasn't measuring skin tone accuracy when I posted it but only to show the clarity of the image "the possibilities" so to speak. I will say it again the "Image Quality" of this camera can't be denied,sharpness can always be dialed down. I'm not about to go in about if the a6300 is better than Blackmagic or Panasonic,it's not my fight but if you're telling me the camera's image isn't official you're not dealing in truth. If you want to have a field day on the a6300 there is always the rolling shutter/overheating issues but the image is really quite respectable.Also the colors seem to be greatly improved from my limited testing.
  21. EyeSoul

    Sony a6300 4k

    Underlit and not at all flattering. :/ Definitely underlit and other technical bloopers if we analyze the footage to that degree.My point is the clarity of the image is undeniably nice.
  22. EyeSoul

    Sony a6300 4k

    Pretty nice looking footage..Still testing my camera but I noticed it overheated,well showed the temp icon when I was just setting up picture profiles.I had it plugged up via the usb plug.
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